Friday, March 10, 2017

Here's basic philosophy of satanism for basic principles and details--not difficult to grasp, observe, and verify, actually....

The Philosophy Of Satanism, Such As It Is: Culture Of Death
(Apollonian, 10 Mar 17)

(a) Note first of all, satanism, basically, essentially, is simply extreme subjectivism, the idea that all reality proceeds fm mind/consciousness, the subject now being "creator," as it were, of reality, similar to God--satanism.

(b) Of course, the trick to satanism, to making it practical and effective is in making it COLLECTIVE--as in masonry (or "free-masonry") and Judaism (see for expo on Judaism). For satanism and subjectivism practiced merely by the individual goyim is just psychosis and madness.

(c) Remember also, satanism requires social circumstance of OVER-POPULATION of morons, scum, goons, fools, and puke--"the people"--who are result of a previously successful and prosperous culture, made by original heroes and victors in warfare, like the original Romans, for ancient example, or Americans, even, more recently, whose descendents don't have to fight (so much) or even to working too hard for their wealth which is now inherited, the basics of the culture having been provided for them by genuinely admirable, respectable ancestors.

(d) The pinnacle then of satanic/subjectivist achievement is establishment of the central-bank and -banking, legalized counterfeiting, gross criminal enterprise, but which is accepted by the masses of morons, fools, and scum, "the people," easily mis-led by wishful thinking, etc., who don't understand, and are easily mis-guided regarding proper nature of "money," which is actually rather abstract subject-matter. See for expo on central-banking and money.

(e) Note then the HUBRIS which inevitably arises fm this "successful," "victorious," and "prosperous," but evermore degenerate culture, the idea these scum and filth, called "the people," are soooo "good" and "virtuous," especially in way of "morality" (Pharisaism) by which they exercise their pretended, imagined "free will." And observe this inexorable and CYCLIC process of cultural rise and decline is brilliantly discussed in that seminal work by Oswald Spengler, "Decline of the West."

(f) Specifically, note the hubristic "morality" of ALTRUISM and self-sacrifice, the explicit pretext to culture of death, moving then, soon enough, to mass-murder and genocide, as in United Nations Agenda-21 and -30 addendum, explicitly featuring "population-reduction." Thus we have today's poison vaccines, poison GMO foods, poison, fluoridated water, poison prescription drugs, poison "chem-trails," and toxic electromagnetic radiation, not to mention abundant nuclear radiation poisoning, as recently fm Fukushima.

(g) And soon enough, the morality of altruism (self-sacrifice) leads to SOCIALISM, a political collectivist dictatorship, often voluntarily accepted by the masses of goons, scum, fools, and morons by which such "altruism" is applied, pretended, puffed, and extolled on mass scale, then inflicted and enforced upon others as result of imperialism.

CONCLUSION: such then is the basic satanic mentality, philosophy, and culture of DEATH within the satanic society of "Decline of the West," as we plainly and clearly observe in this very day, all the essentials of this philosophy and culture, visible, observable, and active as we see and easily verify.

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  1. Here, this vid, Ajax Jewns explains details of the on-going program for (slow-kill) mass-murder--active even as we speak, going on NOW: