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Here's basic philosophy of satanism for basic principles and details--not difficult to grasp, observe, and verify, actually....

The Philosophy Of Satanism, Such As It Is: Culture Of Death
(Apollonian, 10 Mar 17)

(a) Note first of all, satanism, basically, essentially, is simply extreme subjectivism, the idea that all reality proceeds fm mind/consciousness, the subject now being "creator," as it were, of reality, similar to God--satanism.

(b) Of course, the trick to satanism, to making it practical and effective is in making it COLLECTIVE--as in masonry (or "free-masonry") and Judaism (see for expo on Judaism). For satanism and subjectivism practiced merely by the individual goyim is just psychosis and madness.

(c) Remember also, satanism requires social circumstance of OVER-POPULATION of morons, scum, goons, fools, and puke--"the people"--who are result of a previously successful and prosperous culture, made by original heroes and victors in warfare, like the original Romans, for ancient example, or Americans, even, more recently, whose descendents don't have to fight (so much) or even to working too hard for their wealth which is now inherited, the basics of the culture having been provided for them by genuinely admirable, respectable ancestors.

(d) The pinnacle then of satanic/subjectivist achievement is establishment of the central-bank and -banking, legalized counterfeiting, gross criminal enterprise, but which is accepted by the masses of morons, fools, and scum, "the people," easily mis-led by wishful thinking, etc., who don't understand, and are easily mis-guided regarding proper nature of "money," which is actually rather abstract subject-matter. See for expo on central-banking and money.

(e) Note then the HUBRIS which inevitably arises fm this "successful," "victorious," and "prosperous," but evermore degenerate culture, the idea these scum and filth, called "the people," are soooo "good" and "virtuous," especially in way of "morality" (Pharisaism) by which they exercise their pretended, imagined "free will." And observe this inexorable and CYCLIC process of cultural rise and decline is brilliantly discussed in that seminal work by Oswald Spengler, "Decline of the West."

(f) Specifically, note the hubristic "morality" of ALTRUISM and self-sacrifice, the explicit pretext to culture of death, moving then, soon enough, to mass-murder and genocide, as in United Nations Agenda-21 and -30 addendum, explicitly featuring "population-reduction." Thus we have today's poison vaccines, poison GMO foods, poison, fluoridated water, poison prescription drugs, poison "chem-trails," and toxic electromagnetic radiation, not to mention abundant nuclear radiation poisoning, as recently fm Fukushima.

(g) And soon enough, the morality of altruism (self-sacrifice) leads to SOCIALISM, a political collectivist dictatorship, often voluntarily accepted by the masses of goons, scum, fools, and morons by which such "altruism" is applied, pretended, puffed, and extolled on mass scale, then inflicted and enforced upon others as result of imperialism.

CONCLUSION: such then is the basic satanic mentality, philosophy, and culture of DEATH within the satanic society of "Decline of the West," as we plainly and clearly observe in this very day, all the essentials of this philosophy and culture, visible, observable, and active as we see and easily verify.


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satanism Understood In Simplest, Explicit, Practical Terms
(Apollonian, 5 Apr 18)

I just want to put across the idea that we humans (in general) are up against highly organized satanists, BUT we're not without ability to defend ourselves by means of knowledge and fore-warning. And one of the ways to so defend is by understanding exactly what this satanism is in essence and substance.

Thus satanism isn't really a mystery, nor is it too complex to be understood; actually it's rather easy--perhaps the simplicity of it is why it gets by so many. Satanism thus begins and follows fm the simple philosophic premise of SUBJECTIVISM, the idea that reality is merely what the mind/consciousness makes it out to being. Satanism is then extreme subjectivism, the idea that as reality is created by mind/consciousness, the one w. the mind is God, the creator (by definition).

Practical, most effective satanism then is COLLECTIVISTIC, following an agreed-upon set of ideas, by people integrally organized for most effective "group-think"--much like criminals who act in concert, know what they're doing, and follow through in accord w. a well thought-out plan--including even an entire life-style.

Note then the ultimate criminal enterprise, necessarily dominated by satanists, the foremost criminals, is CENTRAL BANKING, legalized counterfeiting, to give an example.

So now the only question is WHO are the most organized satanists?--and we know it's NOT gentiles who are famously un-organized, dis-organized, and known for their individualism--though there are SOME gentiles who operate along w. the top satanists.

And to know WHO are the top satanists, one merely needs to know who are the foremost SUBJECTIVISTS--and these are un-doubtedly the Jews--it doesn't mean that all Jews are on the same level, or that all Jews CONSCIOUSLY practice this sort of collectivistic subjectivism practiced and organized at the same level in same intensity. Consider MOSSAD, just as example--there are ranks and levels within the organization.

As far as the practice, even worship of subjectivism goes, one merely needs to check into and examine the Talmudic religion, including "Cabala" (Zohar) in which concept of "midrash" is key, "midrash" meaning INTERPRETATION (subjectivism). Ck and for expo on the Talmud.

And again, note not all satanists are Jews; in fact, most satanists (extreme subjectivists) are surely gentiles (like Free-masons, for example), BUT the leading, topmost satanists are surely Jews who then organize all satanists and satanism, including gentiles.

So I thought I'd run this about satanism past u here and suggest it's necessary info to be known and understood by humanity in general, and that ur listeners to ur show would surely be highly interested. Thanks for all ur attn. A.


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One Must Be Most Analytic, Practical For Serious, Genuine Grasp Upon satanism
(Apollonian, 14 Apr 18)

Hello: it's me again. I just now saw ur latest vid, pub. yest., 13 Apr. U talk about "evil" and "satanic," but u don't address the real and basic issues as I presented to u, first email of mine to u, about a week ago. I explained to u satanism is simply, at root, extreme subjectivism, making oneself God, the creator, by means of the simple philosophy of subjectivism, making the mind/consciousness the origin and creator of reality, thus the subject as being God, the creator.

This satanism really comes into effect when it's practiced in collective manner by like-minded people who co-operate in serious group-think to achieving tangible results.

And I further noted for u there's serious difficulty simply DEFINING what is "good-evil," as there's no good premise/criterion that actually works (in all/any situations)--acknowledged by philosophers and ethicists throughout history--"good-evil" is SUBJECTIVE, the very premise to satanism. If there is a real essence and definition to "evil," I simply challenge u to say what it is--u can't.

So, as there's no real "evil," the only real thing about it ("evil") is that it's what we'd call, more accurately, simply insanity. But it's an ironic kind of "insanity"--an insanity that can yet be quite effective and "successful" for certain purposes.

So, instead of indulging in self-righteousness, don't u think it would be more productive to analyze what this real problem of satanism is actually, really all about?--extreme subjectivism, as I noted. And isn't it more productive and useful to analyze the implications and consequences of this genuine sort of satanism/subjectivism?

For as serious satanism is actually insanity, as I note, the question is how/why it's yet so effective, having such a grip upon minds of so many people--how then this satanism works, what it really means, really is--a literal kind of death-worship/death-cult.

And the full analysis of satanism entails how/why it arises--simply the over-population of humanity, satanism then a kind of disease which arises and now works to remove the excess population--as we actually see.

Thus satanism succeeds as enough people support it--quite regardless as to the insanity of it--they don't care, and insane as it may seem to others, it isn't insane to them. Satanism works and succeeds because enough people not only believe in it, but they also work in practical manner to bringing it about in reality, satanism as a collectivistic, group effort, these satanists all co-operating most effectively, much like criminals who co-operate upon a commonly agreed-upon ideal, program, end, and/or outcome.

Ultimately, the (criminal) satanic instrument is achieved, especially CENTRAL-BANKING, which enables these satanists, empowering them--it only requires enough other people, not necessarily overtly satanic themselves, they not knowing entirely what they're about, to going along and allowing the satanists to putting their scheme, like central-banking, into practice.

So once again, I urge u to consider more carefully upon the actual and practical make-up and elements of this very real thing, satanism--it would help other people to understand what it really is and how it works in practical, down-to-earth manner. Thanks for ur consideration of these pt.s I try to make here. A.


Satanism: Supreme Religion Cultivated, Protected, Worshipped, People Kept Un-Aware
(Apollonian, 3 Jul 17)

Observe how Satanism (extreme subjectivism, by which one becomes God, the creator), the greatest killer and destroyer of humanity, is so brilliantly ignored, over-looked, cloaked, masked, covered-up, diverted and distracted fm, HENCE PROTECTED, cultivated, worshipped and practiced to such horrific effect and success. It isn't politically-correct to take seriously the theme of satanism, and observe the mysterious death of the film director, Stanley Kubrick, whose last film rather more seriously explored the satanic subject, in "Eyes Wide Shut."

For people don't really want so much to face-up to the reality of satanism, it's nature, effects, practice, cultivation, worship, and overwhelming success, esp. in this present age of gross termination stage of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Most people just want to pretend they're "good"; they're DESPERATE to pretend and insist they're "good"--even when they NEVER can figure-out there is no good, as there is no definition of good that actually works and makes sense in all situations.

So "evil" then becomes a kind of a joke, as in the great villain of "Austen Powers" (movie) fame, "Dr. Evil." And of course, we know fm the cowboy movies and TV shows how the villains always wear black-hats, and it isn't only the cowboy shows, but nowadays, esp. the cartoon shows aimed at the kids, the villains always being politically-incorrect, nowadays polluting the earth and failing to heed to "climate-change," etc.--"racism" is yet another great "evil" serious pushed by the politically-correct society.

Donald Trump (US President) is hated (by some), therefore it's because he must be racist--why else would he be hated? Observe the "antifa" goons of the liberals and leftists--they just go crazy if they suspect u're "racist"--they practically lose their minds, their reason, and their "cool," like crazed, rabid dogs--such is their "moral" virtue, u see.

Again, observe how satanism, the great bane and nemesis of Christianity is so much protected, covered-up, cultivated--it isn't allowed to be taken into serious consideration, one can't make fun of satanism, though it's always fashionable, even obligatory, to lampoon our dear Christianity, Christians, Christ, the saints, etc. Satanism is seriously the religion of the corrupt society, here in the pits of Spenglerian "Decline of the West"--and that's precisely why one cannot, must not examine it or consider it in any rational manner--it's mystic, so let's not talk about it.

Thus the moronic fiction of "good-evil" both substitutes and especially, COVERS and cloaks the real mass-murderer, satanism which always gets by, hardly without any notice w. only very few exceptions, the general idea of such satanism being kept un-examined and immersed within MYSTICISM, esp. numerology.

And the great irony is that satanism is actually quite easy to understand, define, and grasp, easily associated w. mass-death, getting the people to help in their being killed in great mass numbers, willingly going off to wars in which they're mass-killed on huge scale, as in the world wars of the 20th cent., other wars too, being mere additional replays of those world war productions, e.g., Korea and Vietnam. Nowadays we have Ukraine and Syria. Trump now, and the satanists who pull his strings, are looking for more venues for this mindless warfare, like Korea again, evidently, but Iran seems the intermediate-range target.

So the satanic magicians, so-to-speak, arrange the wars like great impressarios, and these wars and mass kill-events are always accompanied by huge and massive financial and economic events, booms and busts, w. great ballyhoo by the mass-media and religious and education establishments. Observe the amazing shrillness and propaganda presently pushed against Trump, who certainly deserves criticism, but not for colluding w. Russians to hack the 2016 election. But evidently, the satanists want to make sure Trump starts more wars to cover the imminent financial, economic "reset" that's impending, so they keep up this satanic campaign, and the press madness, lies, hype, and propaganda all seems to keep the masses occupied for the satanists as they set up the next false-flags and hoaxes, like Sandy Hook, and the others.

So it's important thing, as I do here, to show the serious and even simple nature of satanism, YET ironically, how this satanism is so easily overlooked, ignored, masked, and covered-up by the powers, the masses so easily diverted and distracted upon idiotic, moronic "good-evil" for children. But satanism is what's working, suckers, and we'd better get hip, quick.

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The satanist Society Founded Upon Subjectivism, Criminality
(Apollonian, 29 July 17)

In reply to "Dakota," I'd pt. out that "survival of fittest" is simply a conclusion made fm scientific observations--it's way God created things, the natural law. Regarding "evolution," it only means biology conforms to prior physical conditions, and it all leaves God as the ultimate creator of everything, including the Darwinian predicates and evolutionary foundations. Remember in strict logic one cannot prove a universal negative, that there is no God.

"[P]ost Christian technocracy" is simply the form which prevailing satanism takes presently, satanism consisting at root of extreme subjectivism, subjectivism the idea that all reality is mere product of mind/consciousness, making oneself creator of reality, thus God. Note the prevailing satanism is simply a collectivized, organized application of this basic extreme subjectivism as I note and describe, the most powerful, culture-wide "group-think." Logically then, the satanists work to establish and thus preserve and enforce their monopoly. After all, "group-think" requires co-operation, and cannot stand dissent as it would negate the group-effort, by definition.

Note further the sociologic conditions: satanism needs only an active minority to intimidate the large mass of society which always consists of a large part of "non-committed" sector who "go-along" w. whatever seems to be fashionable and prevailing, the active opposition, like present-day Christians, itself a mere minority.

So satanism (extreme subjectivism) becomes a death-cult necessarily, all threats to their monopoly/hegemony squelched, removed, eliminated, and/or marginalized as happens in all criminal enterprises the top master-minds always suspicious of any others possibly double-crossing and conspiracies.

Note further, the crux to present satanic hegemony is the central-banking (see for expo) criminal-enterprise and monopoly which is literally legalized counterfeiting, "currency" substituted for real MONEY, commodity-based, hence w. "intrinsic" value, the currency enforced by means of legal-tender laws forcing people to accept their currency, which currency is then proliferated and replicated ("inflation") nearly endlessly by the monopolists at the top, needing only paper and ink, and nowadays computer entries, the currency thereby steadily devaluated as it is proliferated, the people defrauded, despoiled, impoverished, and yet forced to accept it all.

This central-banking is what gives the satanists their seemingly invincible power, owning and paying-off all politicians and judges, evermore able to assassinate all/any opposition, forcing even such as Ron Paul to be careful of what he or she says. Naturally, this corruption of "banking" (but actually just legalized counterfeiting, criminality) first occurs in an otherwise natural sort of society, but then necessarily works to evermore formalized dictatorship to preserve legitimacy of the criminal enterprise--for real MONEY, commodity-based, w. "intrinsic value," immediately resolves and removes the inflationary dictatorship--AS WE HAVE RIGHT NOW, PRESENTLY(!).

The other necessary note is that, following my above exposition, we see that breaking-up the monopolist, hegemonic monster of the absolute state dictatorship, the NULLIFICATION of corrupt federal laws, including the right of SECESSION, in favor of states and family/parental rights is necessary resort of a free people to preserve their lives and liberty.

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Dakota said...

The medical mafia form a "death cult" indeed with their "cut, burn and poison" treatments. They only care about the bottom line. Unborn infants, the disabled, frail aged etc. are all looked upon as a "burden" to society. It's an extension of the Darwinian philosophy of the "survival of the fittest" so central to the theory of evolution, which our secularist and post-Christian technocracy has increasingly adopted and incorporated into every area of "life." This bullying cult-ure thus embedded reveals the real deity it in essence worships one that cheapens life and undermines the rights of parents, children and families for the "greater good" of society as defined by the messianic God-State.
3:00 AM


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Jews, Talmudists Leaders Of Satanic Death Cult
(Apollonian, 12 Aug 17)

Derek, above, at 1:36 am, actually brings-up a serious, genuine, and substantial problem/issue: how in heck did we ever get Jews?--or satanists?--what's their (Jews and satanist) real sociologic, biologic purpose, place, and function? I submit God inflicts Jews upon an over-populated, now corrupt gentile civilization in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Jews (and satanists, in general) function exactly as the great Plague did in Europe in middle of 14th cent. ("Black Plague").

What happens, as we see fm history, is the great Christian, new Renaissance civilization was soooo successful, productive and prosperous that a great, tremendous mass of population was generated, but which became too much for the circumstances of the culture which struggled to accommodate the great new masses of population. Thus God acts so as to "cull the herd," so to speak. Black Plague was one instance of this natural action of de-population. Jews and Satanism is another means of de-population.

Thus the honest Christian human observes the strict OBJECTIVE nature of reality, hence Christian TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), truth then being the simple observation and reflection of the God-given, hence objective reality. But as humanity becomes over-populated by the previously successful civilization, out-running the basic circumstances of actual living conditions, these humans tend to becoming vain, smug, pretentious, and smitten w. HUBRIS, the idea they've attained to Godly powers of creating reality. These over-populated humans lose their OBJECTIVITY, and become evermore subjectivistic, subjectivism being the idea that all reality is mere creation of consciousness/mentality. Satanism then, is extreme form of this subjectivism.

Thus as such widespread, extreme subjectivism is hubris, at first, it progresses to outright SATANISM as it becomes entrenched in the culture, as the culture begins to degenerate and "decline," according to Oswald Spengler, for thematic example. The Old Testament tells us about the great "Tower of Babel" situation and episode for one notable example.

Thus Jews are FOREMOST satanists and subjectivists, being the ultimate COLLECTIVISTIC subjectivists, engaged in most effective "group-think," Jews most cohesive, most highly organized, and best led, collectivistically aiming at total dominance of the corrupt and degenerate culture which is finally attained by means of that ultimate criminal enterprise of "central-banking" by which real money, commodity-based, is replaced by CURRENCY fraud, enforced by government and such as legal-tender laws--literally LEGALIZED COUNTERFEITING.

So Jews then lead the Satanist cultural element, steadily taking control of the entire culture, enslaving the population, as by means of debt, the culture now in precipitous, irreversible "decline," as we see, and by means of nearly endless "inflation" (replication/proliferation of the currency units), so that the people are eventually rendered totally impoverished, only Jews and their elite suck-alongs among gentiles enjoying any sort of wealth.

Hoffman well demonstrates the extreme subjectivism of the Jews, Jews working by means of "midrash" (interpretation) and "Oral Law Tradition," of and against the original Mosaic law (Torah), by which the law of God is made to be of "none effect," according to Christ (see Gosp.s MARK ch. 7, MATT ch. 15), which "interpretation" Christ vehemently repudiated.

So the present Christian/rationalist task is in education, such as it is possible and feasible, for preaching the OBJECTIVE reality and hence, TRUTH of Christ to the people against the regnant Satanist (subjectivistic) establishment of society as we see it's become, w. Jesuit pope, holohoax religion dominating, and "Israeli" Pharisaics leading the over-populated, corrupt, and beguiled people to perdition and suicide of Agenda-21 and, lately, -30 addendum, genocide and "population reduction." For Satanism is a death-cult, never forget, the people in their hubristic misery needing and wanting reduction in population, and constant warfare and in-fighting among the people being satanic political means-to-ends--DEATH and death-worship.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Deep State" Is satanic State, In Death Spiral, Pushing Death Cult, Moralism Of Death
(Apollonian, 16 Aug 17)

Note the present "deep state" is the satanic state, Satanism being extreme subjectivism by which one makes oneself God. Thus "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, moves fm the corrupt and degenerate society, sated upon victory and prosperity, to (a) HUBRIS, and (b) then to outright satanism, this by means of the moralism of death, esp. altruism and Kantian-type "duty."

For as the greatest, most fundamental enemy of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) is the non-existent "good," necessarily built upon subjectivism, the evermore corrupt and hubristic society moves fm ever-greater hubris to outright pervasive satanism, built upon the moralism of death, altruism and Kantian "duty," necessarily and logically.

For observe the satanic empire necessarily deplores "racism," the determinist principle, and preservation of one's people, glorification of ancestors and culture, hence local gov. supremacy and states rights. Thus globalism deplores "racism."

Thus satanism (a) is a death cult, deplores race and "racism," hence humanity, reason, determinism, all in the name of subjective moralism, and (b) necessarily promotes the moralism of death, altruism, Kantian "duty," thus the elevation of mythical "nature" and "environment," or "earth," over humanity, hence individual freedom. Thus humanity and individual freedom are trashed in favor of "moralism" in general, but understood as subjectivistic moralism, satanic and in favor of death, including suicide, altruism, and Kantian "duty." Such then is the obligatory satanic death cult and moralism of death.

Thus note the satanic society is simply the logical continuation of the corruption of the ever-growing, evermore pervasive hubris of the degenerate society in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. The HUBRIS simply becomes evermore established, emphasized, and enforced in way of anti-racism, anti-human "environmentalism," and outright anti-rationalism, always in the name of "good" and moralism.

Thus the satanic society not only pushes the obligatory death cult as means of ever-greater political power among the master-minds at the top of the satanic society, but it pushes a veritable general culture and mentality/"spirit" of death-worship in way of moralism of death, by way of altruism and Kantian "duty," always including, for example, anti-racism. Child sacrifice and child-trafficking then are obligatory and necessarily ancillary functions to this satanic culture, spirit, and moralism of the general satanism, hence death-worship.

Thus we see present Jew S A, formerly USA, is "progressed" (or reduced) now to the satanic empire, not merely the occasionally hubristic empire in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Thus Jew S A is dominated by foremost satanists (subjectivists), especially the Jews and Israel, bombing the enemies of Israel, Jews, and satanism in general, always now in name of "moralism," including especially anti-racism, but also environmentalism, etc.

And the established Christian churches, for example, exalt the Jews and their satanic (subjectivist) principles, including holohoax, above all, pushing this death moralism against the people, as we see. Thus the practical, established "Christianity," dominated by Jews and satanists, always pushes subjectivism and "good" against and above the proper Christian principle of TRUTH (= Christ), even if they don't always admit it.

Such then is the "deep state" and its necessary satanic logic and program, having now gone far beyond mere HUBRIS of Spenglerian Western "decline," capitalizing upon the hubris of the corrupted people who crave only bread and circuses, led by proverbial noses and the "pied-piper" of moralism and "good," "good" a creature of subjectivism and the worst enemy of truth (= Christ).


The Deification Of "Good" And Moralism--AGAINST Truth/Christ And God-Given Reality, Objectivity, Etc.
(Apollonian, 16 Aug 17)

Remember the satanists are subjectivists so they have to have something to DEIFY to use against Truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) and Christianity--something by which to subordinate and discredit truth (= Christ). Satanism itself doesn't work for that deification for the obvious and necessary death cult and death worship, too well known by too many--it's too bloody in coloration.

So the satanists use "good" and moralism, these being the typical, traditional, and foremost enemies of truth (= Christ)--lies can be justified if it's for "good" enough purpose/reason. Thus the satanic (and fascist) state is founded on "good" and "morality"--especially as long as such "good" and moralism is not specified or analyzed.

And of course, it isn't possible or expedient to actually DEFINE what such "good" (or moralism) actually is--it's best, for the satanists/subjectivists, to simply leave it "open" or not talked about and never seriously analyzed--thus the typical and obligatory anti-intellectualism of the "moralists" and satanists. And note "racism" is always condemned in most hysterical terms (see, as globalism naturally abhors nationalism, individual freedom, and local gov. based on states-rights.

For as "good" (and "evil") is subjective, it's perfect pretext for satanism (merely extreme subjectivism), hence pretext for statism and dictatorship. Thus the "moralists" and satanists always seem so "forthright," "committed," fanatical, and actually insane as they push their moralism in their typical, hysterical manner, intimidating so effectively the fools and "non-committed" who find themselves in midst of the clashes of satanists and their enemies, like the (real) Christians who uphold truth, hence objective reality and determinism (absolute cause-effect, no perfectly "free" human will), hence science and rationalism, thus the rule-of-law, etc.


Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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Worst Enemy Of Truth (= Christ) Is "Good"
(Apollonian, 26 Aug 17)

Brian: I sympathize w. u (see below), but u've got to be more adult and grown-up, rather than keeping it at the kid's mentality. CHRIST IS TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and truth is Christ, and only way to the Father is through truth (the "son"). Christians worship truth truth truth truth--get the picture? And HOW can u have any such thing as "truth" without the God-given OBJECTIVE REALITY as the basis/foundation of such truth?

And satanism is idea of the SUBJECTIVIST reality whence the subject is God the creator, all reality created by consciousness/mentality, this then being the foundation of satanic lies and lying (JOHN 8:44). Thus satanists assure whoever that their contrivances are as good as "truth" or any reality--and the satanist is psychotic enough to believe this.

And here's the next, crucial step. Some of these satanists ORGANIZE AND COLLECTIVIZE and contrive further a most effective and practical "GROUP-THINK," upon which they can profitably co-operate, working against the rest of the individuals of the society. These organized satanists soon enough become most powerful, especially when they contrive a practical weapon/instrument consisting of "central-banking" (see for expo), by which they replace real (commodity-based) MONEY w. CURRENCY, this currency now capable of being massively, nearly infinitely replicated for the units, known then as "INFLATION," by which they impoverish and despoil the rest of the citizenry who are required by such as "legal-tender" laws to accept this corrupt currency for payments for goods and svcs.

Such then is the nature of satanism which begins rather randomly, but soon enough becomes ORGANIZED, and proceeds to dominates the society--as we see. People nowadays must most crucially realize (a) this organized satanism is now all-powerful, and (b) that it's really simple for its root essence--extreme SUBJECTIVISM--denying the objective reality and idea of TRUTH (= Christ).

But now here's the hard part: HOW does one become attracted to this satanism/subjectivism in the first place?--by means of that hubristic pretension, insistence, obsession w. "good," distinct fm "evil"--FOR THERE IS NO "GOOD-EVIL," this being mere contrivance for purpose of intimidating obedience fm the very young, and then indoctrinating these poor victims w. a tradition of obedience for mere sake of obedience.

Thus Christ emphasizes there is no "good-evil," that EVERYONE is a sinner, and that ONLY way to salvation is by means of God's grace and mercy. Worst enemy of TRUTH (= Christ) is pretended "good"--which doesn't exist. For no one is perfect in eyes of the Lord, "no not one," says St. Paul.

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Brian Heinz | August 25, 2017 at 12:48 pm |
We have been given a stay for 4 yrs at the moment if this country does not turn back to God and leave satan behind I am afraid we will not know this as America any more.


Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,
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Face Up To Spectre Of Satanism, Now Definitively Ruling
(Apollonian, 24 Aug 17)

Dr. Eowyn: u gotta finally figure-out the satanists have decisively taken-over, so what good Christians who worship truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) must do is (a) to note this fact regarding ascension of satanists, who push Agenda-21 and -30 genocide, and then (b) WHAT EXACTLY satanism is, which is extreme subjectivism, the idea that reality is creation of consciousness, the subject thus making himself God, the creator. (c) The only next step is to organize and make this extreme subjectivism to be COLLECTIVISTIC--"group think," but well-led, achieving such an amazing scam like central-banking, legalized counterfeiting (see for expo), by which these satanists own and control everything and practically everyone, paying them off w. CURRENCY, nearly infinitely proliferated, now substituted for real money.

First step for folks then is to realize and face this simple fact about satanism ascendant and dominant, then WHAT exactly it is--it really isn't difficult. Note Christianity explicitly opposes this satanism and subjectivism, Christ demonstrating the triumphant Resurrection of truth which cannot be killed--why?--because it's founded upon the God-given, objective reality, which cannot be killed or wished-away. And note by means of central-banking, satanists have bought-off all the establishment churches, Cath. and Prot. Thank the Lord for the I-net, instrument of the Holy Spirit


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satanism Is Subjectivism, Besets Culture, Society
(Apollonian, 20 Sep 17)

Hoffman: I suggest to u the program which is being pushed, in general, is satanism. So WHAT is satanism, exactly?--it's basically, at root, extreme subjectivism, the idea all reality is product of consciousness/mentality, thus making oneself God, the creator. Judaism then is just a collectivistic version/variation of this basic Satanism by which Jews cooperate upon practical goals, the Jews being most organized and best led towards ends of this GROUP-THINK process.

Christ (= truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) opposes this subjectivism/Satanism, by means of the implicit, God-given OBJECTIVE reality, the necessary criterion/basis for any "truth."

This basic philosophic/theologic dichotomy, objective vs. subjective, is at root of conflict NOT ONLY btwn Judaism vs. Christian, but the even more general satanism, there being MANY more gentile satanists than Jews, BUT Jews able to organize, direct, manipulate, and manage these Satanists towards particular ends and goals. The satanists then, in general, though still being a minority among all the people, are thus more capable, by means of Jew leadership, of intimidating and manipulating the people in general for political/cultural purposes.

Primary practical instrument for Satanists and Satanism is the CENTRAL-BANK (see for expo) by which CURRENCY, not real money, is forced upon the people, this currency then proliferated/replicated ("inflation") which steadily devalues the currency units previously issued, the people despoiled, defrauded, and steadily enslaved--as we see.


The satanic Conspiracy-Complex: It Isn't That Complicated
(Apollonian, 15 Dec 17)

Well, evermore people are catching-on to the evermore well-known plan for globalist world-gov. to exterminate and genocide the people, but still, it seems hard for some, if not many, to grasping it in sufficiently serious manner, in enough detail. But there are a few details to be known and to be understood together, in relation w. one another. Here's a good, short (5 1/2 min) recent vid by P.J. Watson who well and simply explains one aspect of it for politics:

Thus the great conspiracy to mass-murder the people is clear once the currency and central-banking fraud is understood, as I've made it clear it only needs removal of real money and substitution of currency--which gives the currency-masters all their power, basically, of existential nature--it only lacks a few notes for further explanation. For the practical (currency, etc.) is set-up by the abstract-psychologic condition--see below for Spenglerian "Decline of the West."

(a) Thus the currency scam/conspiracy is necessarily a monopoly--a coercive monopoly--it's attraction is that people are brought to thinking there's plenty of currency (not real money) to doing all that needs be done--as however much currency is just concocted by fiat (command/edict)--as if they have that "Midas" touch. See

(b) Thus the currency monopoly, buying, extorting, and controlling all politicians and judges, begets the "big Pharma" and medical monopoly, pushing the poison pills and treatments, especially the unnecessary surgeries, and especially the poison vaccines, requiring people to be vaccinated, causing medical scares using bio-weapons, etc.

(c) Other poisons are inflicted by means of the monopolized and corporate food industry, by means of the GMOs and food-additives, then there are the poison glyphosate herbicides, the poison "chem-trails," and poisoned water supplies (fluoride and chlorine).

(d) And of course, there is the relatively well-known communications-media monopoly, the "Jews-media." Public "education" is another vector of lies and false information.

(e) These listed above, are all well-known, at least by some, and they're well-documented and easily researched by simple means of the search engines.

Again, KEY to the large conspiracy-complex, for practical purposes is the currency conspiracy/monopoly which makes all the others possible and feasible. The only other aspect to be grasped is the psychologic/cultural--the "satanic" complex of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, and that isn't hard to understand. See

Thus as things economic and political get worse and worse, people will be evermore willing to consider simple things as I've noted above; it really doesn't take "rocket-science."


Sublime satanic CHUTZPAH (Presumption, Effrontery) Of The Jew Demonstrated
(Apollonian, 27 Dec 17)

I was able to watch ur most recent vid, "Compassion is Aggression" (see, and once again u go into most interesting analysis/exposition, heavy-duty, fundamental, and abstract, but still very down-to-earth and poignant, in its way, about this Jew "monk" trying to make use of Buddhism as tool for purposes of Jews, as u well describe in the vid. U actually give a tremendous, outstanding exposition--which u might not suspect u do--a great service for all students of philosophy and theology, not just Buddhism, I submit.

I'd merely remind u that Judaism is essentially SUBJECTIVISM ("midrash") of most thorough-going kind--quite against what u describe as Buddha's objective conception, Jews being consciously, deliberately COLLECTIVIST subjectivists, hence most organized, cohesive, and amazingly effective then for effect upon a satanistic society of gentiles, otherwise, or at least formerly, anti-Semitic, but now quite degenerate, corrupt, and given to hubris, thus subjectivism, hence Jews--but the gentiles not nearly as collectivistic and organized as Jews--WHICH JEWS ARE THEN ENABLED to subtly infiltrate, and literally take over the society by means of their leadership, criminality (they dominate the central-banking of the West, not only USA), ruthless chutzpah, and organization--as we see for a picture-perfect example in establishment Buddhism and Christianity, including the Southern Baptist adoption of the Jew-friendly Scofield (Study) Bible--which preaches "Dual Covenant" by which Jews are immunized for not following the words and preaching of Christ--even absolved for their cursing and rejection of Christ.

Thus people can begin to understanding how a relatively small population of such Jews are made capable of "leveraging" a far greater society and population of gentiles, even if the gentiles were warned against the sublimity of the Jews for their lies and lying. For the Jews are enabled by (a) Satanism (extreme subjectivism by which they make themselves God, the creator), and (b) next and additionally, by means of less well-organized Satanist (subjectivistic) sub-society of gentiles like the free-masons, for example.

Note the Jew "monk" is simply attempting to "consolidate," as it were, Buddhism and its ethics in favor of the Jews even though it goes against the objective nature as noted by Buddha--doing this by means of the Buddha's endorsement of "free will" and "good-evil" which would otherwise present problems for the objective nature and reality. For note a serious problem remains for a viable, consistent premise for what's "good" and "evil"--which has NEVER been solved in the entire history of philosophy--though it has indeed been attempted by such as Immanuel Kand and Jeremy Bentham, for examples.

So u see, Brian, how the Jew operates--he takes advantage of slight and subtle problems for the Buddha's ethical teachings and/or possible/plausible implications, including the "free will," which rather indicates or suggests the subjectivist nature. For note u quite incisively cite the Jew's quotation: "Religion [not merely Buddhism] must affirm, in the clearest terms, that morality and ethical values are not mere decorative frills of personal opinion, not subjective superstructure, but intrinsic facts of the cosmos built into the heart of reality." Consider then the implications. In Christian philosophy, according to St. Augustine, this is known as the "Pelagian Heresy."

So if "morality and ethical values" are "intrinsic facts...built into the heart of reality"--they become positively metaphysical (at the very foundation of the chain of premises) precepts--not merely "ethical/moral" (which are mere consequences and conclusions to the basic metaphysics and premises).

Note additionally the amazing CHUTZPAH, as the Jew explicitly rejects subjectivism (a)--which would only then bring up the question as to how exactly the Jew derives his conclusion to the idea "ethics" are suddenly "intrinsic facts." For note, usually we say "facts" are things verified by sense-perception. (b) Evidently this "ethics" as "intrinsic facts" are that way by simple DECLARATION and insisting--thorough-going chutzpah and question-begging, for sure--chutzpah (presumption and effrontery) as element of metaphysics, all while supposedly rejecting subjectivism--thorough-going chutzpah, upon chutzpah, typical of Jews.

So u see, Brian, once again, how the greatest rival to TRUTH is "good"--this "good" being the way subjectivism always attempts to over-rule, pre-empt, and supersede objectivity, basis of truth. For everything of metaphysics depends, at the outset, upon the basic dichotomy btwn objective or subjective nature, these necessarily being ASSUMPTIONS, there being nothing prior to serve as premise.


Satanism/Subjectivism Essence Of General Cultural "Decline Of West"
(Apollonian, 2 Jan 18)

Ken: to give further back-ground on this extremely useful "satanic" subject of ours, note it sets in within a culture in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, who covered this subject in his great work, which entails the CYCLIC theory of hist. and sociology. Thus a culture matures, reaches a peak, then "declines" as the people become corrupt and the political-legal system becomes dysfunctional. Spengler much uses the Roman example.

Thus, as in the American instance, the original generation(s) are more strictly objective-oriented, brave, courageous, productive, believing straight-forwardly in freedom, individual initiative, etc. BUT the later generations inexorably become corrupt as they have so much given to them by the originals, and they begin to indulge in subjectivism and even mysticism, esp. in the way of moralism, Pharisaism, pretending to "good-evil" and a (perfectly) "free" will (subjectivism) by which they imagine they've now become "virtuous," "progressive," etc.

Thus these later generations of fools indulge in moralistic laws and government, an ever-larger bureaucracy, and such as CURRENCY taking the place of real, commodity-based money, pretending it's some kind of advancement in culture/civilization--when it's actually the satanic opposite, a gross, horrific hoax/fraud, a veritable criminal enterprise which now dominates the entire society.

This "currency" taking place of real money has been the down-fall of USA and West, surely--it was problem at the very beginning of USA w. Alex Hamilton (and Bank of US) who was opposed by Jefferson.

My own theory is the pretext for all this satanism and subjectivism, under which we're suffering so acutely in this day, is the "good-evil" fallacy which is indulged by so many, taught to them when they were/are young, and they cannot let it go. And no one, in entire history of philosophy and human-kind, has ever successfully demonstrated a genuine premise for this child's "good-evil" that stood-up for all criticisms, conditions, and problems.

Thus the pretext of general subjectivism is planted and sprouted in the society by means of this Pharisaism, known in Christian theology as Pelagianism (of St. Augustine), which the thorough-going extreme subjectivists and outright satanists exploit and use to leverage the entire society and population, the classic example being the poor, stupid people not capable of resisting the "currency" fraud, always complaining there isn't enough "money," thus they want and insist upon the "currency" fraud (though most of the fools cannot grasp the nature of the fraud).

And there's no solution to this overwhelming stupidity of the over-populated goons, morons, and suckers--thus the satanists are afforded circumstances for their inexorable, irresistable taking-over the society, bringing inevitable fascism, war, etc., which then kills-off so many of these over-populated scum who insist upon stupidity and such as "currency." It's a CYCLIC phenomenon, I submit--satanists simply carry-out a socio-biologic function/task. Greeks are thus shown as wise for their TRAGIC view of human-kind.

--------------------------above by ap following-up on below first msg sent to "Ken"-----------------------

Dec 31 at 12:27 AM

Hello Ken: listened to ur latest, great int-view, as usual. But I noted at the end, u (rightly) mentioned satanism and what u called the "main ingredients," and I largely agree w. u, BUT I just wanted to make a note for the ESSENCE of this satanism--which is (extreme) SUBJECTIVISM, the idea that all reality is mere product of consciousness and mentality--making oneself God, the creator--denying the OBJECTIVE reality which exists outside consciousness, whereas the proper conscious purpose being the awareness and observance of this objective reality. Satanists/subjectivists say consciousness CREATES reality--satanism, making oneself God, the creator.

And I agree w. u this subjectivism/Satanism is ruling, or at least LEADING element of our degenerate culture. Thus satanists who rule, by practical means of currency, not real money, are COLLECTIVISTIC subjectivists, highly, sublimely organized and co-operating w. fellow subjectivists/satanists for imposition of false reality which serves their purposes--like the central-bank and "currency" super-imposed over and against real, commodity-based money.

And of course, there are other consequences to this satanism/subjectivism too--like Trump who says he's against world-gov., but now complains about China and Russia violating "sanctions" on trade w. N. Korea.

Satanists also want to impose "climate-change" lies, and are behind monopolist corp.s, like "big Pharma," trying to force poison GMO foods, drugs, and poison vaccines on everyone, saying vaccines are all good, etc.

It's often mystery as to how/why people allow themselves to going-along w. this putrid satanism--they too easily give-in and fall for the satanists insisting we need "currency"--as there's not enough "real money" to serve its purpose--the stupid scum too easily just give-in and go-along--and this currency system is what makes satanists soooo powerful, now imposing Agenda-21 and -2030 genocide against the people, w. poison vaccines, GMO foods, and all the other horrific measures.

And note how clever this death-cult works--by means of SLOW-KILL methods, nothing too dramatic, the people dying by deliberately induced diseases, like cancer, HIV, and other deliberately induced methods.

I seriously suspect that after the population of stupid people gets too large, that's how the satanists get into power, exploiting stupidity of the people, their ultimate satanic purpose being to "cull the human herd," removing the excess population.


Cultural Institutionalization Of Criminality, Ruled, Dominated Necessarily By Jews, Foremost Subjectivists/satanists
(Apollonian, 27 Jan 18)

Note in the determinist CYCLE of inexorable history and "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, the successful culture is "victorious," "prosperous," and generates then an over-population of progeny and offspring who didn't have to fight or work as hard as their forebears--as we see fm the Roman and American examples--an over-population of weaklings and inferiors (in so many cases) who wouldn't otherwise have survived on their own.

So these following generations fm original founders, producers, and fighters become evermore HUBRISTIC, corrupt, and degenerate, pretending now they're "good" and virtuous. And note the irony for observing the deterministic following generation inevitably pretending to "good" and a perfectly "free" will, all in spirit of hubris, hubris naturally inevitably arising fm that original victory, achievement and productivity of the founding generation(s).

Thus subjectivism being necessary foundation of "good" and perfectly "free" will, these not existing in verifiable reality as by means of science and sense-perception, subjectivism becomes the obsessionate ruling principle for everything, replacing objectivity and perceptible reality and in despite of all reason--reason being now rejected in favor of "good" and "morality."

And thus, soon enough, criminal fraud removes real money, commodity-based, hence gold-silver, in stead of dictatorship and criminal monopoly of CURRENCY (central-banking--see for expo) which is infinite in amount, nearly infinitely issued which then inexorably defrauds and despoils the citizenry and destroys economy and society--rendering the satanic society. For real MONEY, necessarily limited and finite in amount, unlike "currency," is actually quite abstract subject-matter not too easily understood by gullible following generations obsessed w. being "good."

Thus as satanism is most extreme subjectivism, subjectivism the foundation of satanism, making oneself God by means of consciousness/mentality being foundation for reality, hence perfectly "free" will and otherwise non-existent "good," satanists and most extreme subjectivists, hence Jews, necessarily, dominate and rule by means of their organization and cohesiveness leveraging the less committed and organized subjectivists, as among the goyim who tend to be more individualistic than Jews who are notoriously collectivistic and most organized.

Thus one observes the amazing phenomenon of small minority of Jews, masons, and satanists intimidating, ruling, and dominating much larger population of goyim who are simply dis-organized, corrupt, de-moralized, and infiltrated by cohorts and subjectivistic mignons of Jews and satanists now ruling and dominating the rest of the intimidated population.

Thus CRIMINALITY in way of central-banking inevitably comes to rule the economy, society, and culture, and the war of all against all is instituted, perpetual war for perpetual peace, the reduction-ad-absurdum, the culture of death--as we see presently in UN Agenda-21 and -2030 addendum, "population-reduction"--genocide as official gov. policy.


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"JMoore" Needs To Getting Clue, Face Reality
(Apollonian, 10 Feb 18)

"JMoore" imagines, like Hoffman himself, things are soooo mystical and "miraculous," but it isn't at all a "US empire" or even "Anglo-Zio."

Rather, one should simply observe the empire is SATANIC, pure and simple, all in CYCLIC accord w. Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," by which things cultural arise in simplicity and honesty as in the Roman and American instances, but then inevitably, degenerate in HUBRIS and specifically in subjectivism, evermore extreme as the "decline" gets worse.

For note extreme subjectivism--SATANISM--is idea the world is mere creation of mentality/consciousness, against the Christian ideal of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) which is necessarily founded on objective ("God-given") reality.

So what happens historically and sociologically?--inexorably HUBRIS sets in, esp. for the following generations of an evermore corrupt empire (e.g. Roman, American) by which these over-populated goons, fools, and suckers, living off the original conquests, prosperity, and wealth of the founding generations, pretend to "moral virtue" and hereticalist, non-existent "good-evil" (Pelagian heresy)--as we see in Hoffman's case.

Eventually the corrupt, satanic empire falls as the top powers fall-out as we see lately w. "leftist-globalist" faction having been double-crossed in election of Trump by the Israel-first, "neo-cons" of pretended "right" who, as u will remember, were so completely dominated as back in 1956 when Eisenhower rebuffed the Israeli-Brit.-French capture of Suez Canal. "Never again," vowed the Israel-first Jews who became the "neo-cons" pretending to the "right" w. their hordes of "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo) hereticalist supporters.

And ultimate power of all these Jews, satanists, and "deep-state" is, aside fm general hubris of over-populated scum, the fiat-currency system of the central-bank ("fed"--see for expo) which features nearly, practically INFINITE funds, having superseded real (commodity-based) money by means of dictatorship, "legal-tender" laws, and resultant MONOPOLY of criminal enterprise (literally legalized counterfeiting) dominating the entire economy, society, and culture now fatally in horrific "decline."

So it's this fiat-currency system which is the real "usury" which was first vaguely and indefinitely mentioned and referenced fm the ancient sources--NOT NOT NOT mere charging-of-interest according to lies and diversions of such as Hoffman, Pelagian heretic, who knows NOTHING about economics, "capitalism," or money and banking.

Thus "deep state" of fiat-currency and central-bank is still FIRMLY in power, though their system seems to teeter and totter--there are still HORDES of stupid goons, morons, scum, and fools who believe in child's "good-evil" (like JC supporters of terror-state of Israel) who are easily manipulated, who are still over-populated and liable to an indicated kill-off/die-off by various means, overt and covert.

So "JMoore," u ought to consider things are not so "miraculous" or "mysterious" as u imagine, but rather perfectly in accord w. determinist cause-effect of CYCLIC history and Spenglerian "Decline of the West." There are still some horrendous things which will have to ensue fm present situation, unfortunately as it is.


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The Enormity Of satanism--Truly Mind-Boggling
(Apollonian, 15 Feb 18)

"You obviously know nothing about the Polish provocations meant to cause war.
Alas Hitler took the bait." -"EliteComminc." # 131

U're making BIG, but typical, mistake about dear unc' Adolf "taking any bait," for u must remember the billions and trillions of lies put-out by Jews, satanists, Jews-media and their sycophants, henchmen, tools, and paid liars and flacks. Don't forget "Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion," which so well and perfectly analyzed the sociologic machinations--which was published yrs before unc' Adolf emerged and became famous--and it doesn't matter who was actual author of "Protocols...."

And don't forget or doubt the large satanic movement towards world gov., consolidation, centralization, etc. which ensues fm F. Revolution in general, including the American war of 1860s, based and following upon the ever-tightening of the central-banking (see for expo) network exploited and managed by Rothschilds during and after Napoleonic wars, which hasn't ceased, even to this day of digital currency.

Thus unc' Adolf was serious impediment--though, to be sure, he didn't actually identify and define the larger SATANIC movement (founded upon extreme subjectivism by which reality is made to be mere product of mentality/consciousness, making oneself God, the creator) which Jews merely lead, manipulate, and exploit, Talmudism being merely specific, most practical and successful form of such satanism, Jews foremost satanists as they're sooooo sublimely collectivistic, organized, and cohesive--they thus lead all the gentile satanists and then, together, they leverage the rest of intimidated, demoralized society which lacks anti-satanic leadership, even the Christian establishment now hopelessly co-opted, subverted, and corrupt.

So u see, the "fix was in" even before unc' Adolf, and he and Germans were ALWAYS on defense against this satanic power founded upon the fiat-currency, "central-banking" scam--legalized counterfeiting.

Proper way to seeing it all is probably in accord w. the Russian author, Victor Suvorov (a pseudonym), who wrote the outstanding "Icebreaker" series, detailing Stalin's careful plans for massive aggression and invasion of the West--Hitler merely struck-back in self-defense best he could under difficult circumstances, and as it turned-out, saved W. Europe fm take-over by Russkie bolshevism.

For never forget humanity is ALWAYS on defense against satanism (extreme subjectivism) in general, which always arises and re-arises regardless specific circumstances, satanism working to destroy humanity. Humanity needed simply a healthy revived Christian (anti-satanism, worshipping TRUTH as ideal, in accord w. Gosp. JOHN 14:6) movement which unc' Adolf wasn't equipped for intellectually, he being mere politician who failed to grasp the subjectivist basis of the Jews, for example, subjectivism always using moralism as pretext.


Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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Judaism Is Simply Inevitable CYCLIC Sociologic Function For Reduction Of Over-Population
(Apollonian, 25 Feb 18)

This analysis/exposition by Karlin is beside the pt. as Jews simply have a determinist socio-biologic purpose/function, that being to opposing the original rationalist, hence determinist, objective view, understanding, and grasp of reality (Aristotle) which created the original culture by gentiles, as Jews are, by definition, foremost SUBJECTIVISTS (Platonists, also Kantian) who hold and push the "midrash" (interpretation) of the Torah, thus the Talmudist/Pharisaic--see and

Gentile pretext for subjectivism is moralism and hubris, the presumption one can be "good" or "evil," all this by means of (non-existent) "free" will--which opposes the Christian principle of "original sin" and sinfulness--self-interest founded in willfulness, pretending to hubristic, God-like "free" will.

Note then extreme subjectivism is idea that reality is mere product of mind/consciousness, thus making oneself God, the creator, thus satanism. Of course, many more gentiles are subjectivists and satanists, but Jews are most and best organized, most cohesive, collectivistic, best led for effectiveness of their group-think, Jews co-operating best, most practically, upon the subjectivistic project--ESPECIALLY and ultimately in way of central-banking fiat-currency--legalized counterfeiting. See for expo on central-banking.

Note then Jews don't originate the subjectivist (satanic) stage of a mature, degenerate society--which is done by corrupt and hubristic gentiles themselves, as in Rome and present USA--but Jews are enabled thereupon to organize, lead, and dominate the corrupt and relatively chaotic, dis-organized, and individualistic subjectivists among gentiles who yet out-number Jews (like Christian-Zionists, for example).

Thus organized by Judaic satanism (a redundancy, actually) the large satanic sub-culture soon dominates the whole rotten, corrupt culture/society in general in the great CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Note CYCLIC hist. follows the determinist, objective nature of reality.

So of course all gentiles and Aristotelians are non-"semitic," hence anti-semitic--for Jews are like a disease for their sociologic effect, like typhus, leprosy, and plague, that works necessarily to exterminating and eliminating corrupt, weak, inferior gentiles who've become subjectivist and satanic, mostly on pretext of anti-rational moralism, known in Christian theology as Pelagian heresy.


Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...-on-purim.html

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Jews: Merely Ultimate Liquidators Of Corrupt Culture
(Apollonian, 1 Mar 18)

Mike S., at 5:47pm, above, says, "[w]hat a disgusting "religion"." BUT when u think about it, it actually serves PERFECTLY a distinct socio-biologic purpose for liquidation of excess, over-populated goyim who no longer think they have to pay attn. to anything (of reality, anyway), who want only "bread and circuses"--which, if u observe, they've been steadily served quite brilliantly, Jews masters of the entertainment industry, among all the other strategic necessities, like flack commentary for political-cultural analysis in the mass corp. media, Jews masters of the top criminal enterprise at the economic apex, the central-bank, legalized counterfeiting scam (see for expo)--the real "usury" first mentioned many centuries ago--having NOTHING to do w. charging of "interest," which Hoffman can't figure-out as he knows NOTHING about economics.

What makes Jews SOOOO POWERFUL?--they're most organized, most cohesive, tight-knit and cooperative criminals for their criminal religion, all within the criminal culture, dominated by this crooked central-banking--which such criminal "banking" scam was first begun for serious operations by the corrupt gentiles, like Bank of England in 1694, Bank Of US (BUS) by Alex Hamilton in 1791, opposed by Jefferson, re-instituted then, the second BUS of 1816, finally killed by A. Jackson in 1832, re-instituted again by Lincoln and Republicans during 1860s war, which war of mass-murder needed financing, don't forget.

So one merely sees Jews provide that organization and cohesion for the ALREADY corrupt culture of over-populated gentiles, all this for the running operation of this top fraud of central banking--USURY, properly understood--the means of "financing" for control/manipulation of all politicians, judges and everything and everybody else--they just print-up and digitalize whatever "funding" they need.

So one see Jews are simply that pen-ultimate disease, like typhus, leprosy, and bubonic plague, which strikes the corrupt culture at the end of its life-span--in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, in which the people, formerly Christian and virtuous, worshipping truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence based upon the objective reality (Aristotle), which first built the culture, but now utterly corrupt and worshipping satanic lies, lying, and liars, lies built upon Jew and satanic SUBJECTIVISM ("midrash") by which there's no truth (= Christ) as there's no objective basis/criterion for any such truth, subjectivism the necessary basis for non-existent "good-evil" Pelagianism, which Hoffman worships, for example.

Thus the corrupt and stupid, over-populated goyim are tragically caught-up in the HUBRIS and subjectivism, pretending to all the various lies, lying, and liars which naturally and typically accompany and complement the obsessive, pretended "moralist virtue" of basic Pelagianist delusion and hereticalism within the utterly corrupt culture, the Jews and satanists (extreme subjectivists, making themselves God the creator of their phony "reality" within their demented mind(s))--Jews being the natural leaders of satanism, due to their superior "group-think," collectivism, cohesion, dedication, and organization for lies, lying, fraud, and liars.

So it might indeed be "disgusting religion," for all this Talmudism, etc., but yet it's simply natural and even logical, given the basic premises and conditions of sinful humanity. Jews are the leading satanists (extreme subjectivists) who liquidate things cultural, and including for the over-population of fools--like Hoffman, foremost Pelagian and hereticalist, pretending to "moral virtue."


Brian's Analysis Misses At Least One Huge Element To His Analysis
(Apollonian, 11 Mar 18)

Brian: I just now saw and listened to ur 4 1/2 min vid, "How We are Losing to the Int'l Jews - 2 - Parliamentary Democracy" ( and again, I'm sorry to see u TOTALLY leave out the subjectivist (satanic) premise at the core of Jews' philosophy, mentality, and movement, including the "people" they lead, dominate, intimidate, and manipulate.

Jews are simply the most sublime satanists (extreme subjectivists), most sublimely collectivist, organized, and well-led in accordance therewith such extreme subjectivism.

Thus the world, now OVER-populated w. huge masses of scum, filth, goons, puke, suckers and such-like monstrosities (the other factoid u leave-out), is NATURALLY ruled and dominated by Jews who manipulate these over-populated scum, filth, et al.--done by practical means of fiat-currency, central-banking, and then the monopolized Jews-media, bought-and-paid-for politicians, judges, et al.

So u see, when u have condition(s) of these over-populated puke and masses of filth, called "people," u will have Jews taking advantage, Jews simply the sort of disease, like leprosy, typhus, or plague, that thrives under such corrupt and un-fortunate sociologic conditions.

So u overlook that if there were no Jews, someone else (probably less efficient) would simply take-up the job Jews now fulfill, leading the satanists and that satanic-themed movement, it all founded upon extreme subjectivism, the pretext for most of these suckers being moralism and non-existent "good-evil," and pretended "free" will--HUBRIS.

Note also, it's simply a deterministic process of CYCLIC history ("Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler) we're observing, including the satanic sociology, dominated and manipulated by Jews--the original satanic impulses innate to everyone as sinners. And note historically, the central-banking, etc., was all begun by gentiles, but now things have become so intensified in satanistic mode that Jews simply and naturally take over as they're most organized, inspired, etc.


Emphasis Upon satanism Will Bear Fruit, Surely
(Apollonian, 12 Mar 18)

Thanks for ur note (see below-copied fm Ken). Yes, but regarding Jews, it's ABSOLUTELY pertinent and relevant to associate them (Jews) w. satanism and subjectivism--for it's best and easiest way to understand Jews--by means of satanism and subjectivism--esp. for the Judaic/Talmudic "midrash" (see, etc.). Jews are the specific thing in context of more general satanism/subjectivism--most people don't grasp that. For that's how Jews rule, manipulate, and dominate--by means of satanism/subjectivism.

Don't forget the Jews will always challenge as to HOW such "small minority" as Jews could wield such power as they do--that satanic philosophy (subjectivism) which affects so many gentiles, then, is good clue and key, Jews foremost satanists, most cohesive, collectivist, and organized. Satanism/subjectivism thus provides the ABSTRACT key for sociology and philosophy.

After that abstract/general, u have the specific/practical subject and criminal enterprise of central-banking--all of this necessary for explanation as to how such a minority thus exerts such inordinate, dis-proportionate power and influence over a vast society, so much composed of masses of goons, morons, scum, addicts, suckers, and fools.

And remember "satanism" is actually just a kind of characterization for extreme subjectivism--which subjectivism is otherwise a very technical term without much meaning or significance for laymen--"satanism" makes things lively and dramatic, esp. for our target audience--mostly "Christian," never forget, for whom such "satanism" invokes rather heavy emotion and thought, even if they don't at first understand exactly why and how.

Seriously, Ken: u should consider Jews cannot and should not even be mentioned without ref. to more general satanism--only w. that satanic back-ground should and could Jews be BEST understood, "satanism" again, understood as (extreme) SUBJECTIVISM--it well bears repetition and emphasis. And why not? (for such emphasis)--nothing else has worked for the moron population, as they merrily watch their stupid TV and football games, as the Jew-dominated world goes to heck.

WHY do u say it (satanism or subjectivism) is "too repetitive"?--I submit it well bears repetition; satanism is surely SERIOUS BUSINESS, worship of death--like Agenda-21. "satanism" would be "too repetitive" IF it was mentioned in mere empty, meaningless fashion, like a cliche'--but it should always be understood by us as (a) extreme subjectivism, making oneself God, the creator, and HUBRIS, and then, (b) as the death cult it really is, evermore power for power's sake, hence always looking to eliminate humanity and humans as potential rivals and threats to satanic God-hood.

Finally, remember that our argument(s) always, and should, invoke basic (philosophic) premises/principles regarding the objective nature of reality (or not), so it's most often quite useful to remind folks for the profundity to things. Most--or many--people are half-baked, if not totally ignorant or oblivious, to basic principles, but "satanism" often gets them to perk-up and think, even if for only a split-second--and then when we explain what satanism actually is for practical purposes (subjectivism) and how then it applies in reality to Jews, who so brilliantly take advantage, many will appreciate the understanding and insight, I suspect and hope.

People need to realize history can be understood, even dramatized, esp. when it's presented as the CYCLIC phenomenon ("Decline of the West"), hence there are "end-times" to hist. eras--significant for Christians, don't doubt--our present age being precisely that sort of stage, the US Petro-dollar in its final throes, the economic system of the West tottering.

Ken, we gotta try to DRAMATIZE things for our audience, don't forget--the Christians, if no one else, will surely appreciate it. Some repetition is boring, I agree, BUT some repetition is necessary and will bear fruit. And besides we have little to lose, in any case, long as the petro-dollar remains, the satanist master-minds dominating, able to providing "bread and circuses" to the goons, suckers, scum, and fools. So take good care and continue hanging-in as u've done so well, so far. A.

--------------------above by ap in response to "Ken," below---------------------

Hi A,

That video was just on that topic,so short. Right or wrong, you're only one I know who has to relate satanism to every topic. But it sounds too repetitive.

I do appreciate you taking the time to watch and write.


Why/How satanists (Led By Jews) Win, Continue Dominance--Christianity Is Made Mystic
(Apollonian, 22 Mar 18)

With so many Christians and those who pretend to Christianity, one might think Christians enjoy a certain advantage, even in present times, in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--and this is surely true to an extent. But note the dis-advantages.

For in present circumstances of "victory" and "prosperity," the "people" have become over-populated, so many of these infected w. the disease of HUBRIS, by which they imagine they're possessed of Godly powers, capable of creating what didn't already exist, etc. Especially, these over-populated scum imagine they've achieved "good" and "moral virtue." Thus satanism rules and dominates, built upon HUBRIS, "prosperity," and "victory"--the natural, CYCLIC, determinist, "Decline of the West."

So what is, was, and always has been the great attraction for dear Christianity?--it was ETHICS, the understanding and practical application--what people so urgently seek to know most, ethics. Such practical demonstration and simple commentary upon ethics was, and still is, the great glory of Christian New Test. literature, and it's hero, Christ--St. Paul and others thereupon commenting further.

Thus Christianity and it's ethics is RATIONALISTIC, understandable, and most easily applied as practically possible to the human condition--Christian ethics is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT about (a) non-existent "good," or (b) guilt--in fact, it was for purpose of removing such guilt. And it (Christian ethics) was NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT about (c) self-sacrifice or (d) pacifism.

Christian ethics thus was not only rationalist, hence understandable, but it was effective and practical--the great thing about Christ was he so well demonstrated--such was (and still is) the great service and achievement of New Test. literature.

But what happened, throughout hist.?--Christianity was turned into mysticism and mystified, effected by satanists, Jews and their lies, and esp. then by their satanic instrument of central-banking and fiat-currency by which ALL present establishment Churches have been bought, captured, and controlled by Jews, satanists, and the fiat-currency systems. See,, and for expo on Talmudic subjectivism by which "Torah" only means what rabbis say it means--subjectivism, their greatest ideal and instrument--their (satanic) God.

Thus the people must now merely be informed of the real "good news" that Christianity is SUPPOSED and DESIGNED to be rational, rationalistic, and founded in reason and hence within the objective reality. For it has been forgotten by tooooo many of these fools, morons, scum, and presently over-populated goons that CHRIST = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and the Holy Spirit is mostly reason, reason integrated throughout the spirit, conscious and sub-conscious, along w. HONESTY--necessary means by which to apprehend such truth (= Christ).

Thus the significance of Christ = truth is that such "truth" cannot exist without the OBJECTIVE, God-given, reality which is opposed to satanic subjectivism in which extreme subjectivism one makes oneself God, the creator of reality, further bolstered by the COLLECTIVE subjectivism of organized, strategically-led satanism--which satanic (extreme) subjectivism is nearly always led by and dominated by most sublime subjectivists and satanists, the Jews. Gentile subjectivists are typically not nearly as organized or collectivistic as Jews.

So the practical, political problem is the broad people and citizenry are mis-led, traduced, and subverted by the satanist-affected churches and related organizations, un-aware Christianity is supposed and designed to be RATIONALIST, not mystic, and that such rationalist ethics is not supposed or designed for "good," guilt, self-sacrifice, or pacifism

And thus as Christianity is about TRUTH (= Christ), above all, it is anti-satanist and hence, anti-semitic, Jews being foremost satanists/subjectivists (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44).


"Plan" For White Liberation Necessarily Founded In Cultural Analysis, Observations
(Apollonian, 6 Apr 18)

I'll just go into my cultural/social analysis, since our old vids now seem to have disappeared, upon which any PLAN may be based, featuring the satanic society, what satanism is, how it arises, and who benefits, etc.

Thus as long as the economy continues providing "bread and circuses," the goons, suckers, and scum, who make up so much of the over-populated people, are not likely to complain. Our (patriot) only chances for serious effectiveness will come when the economy eventually goes sour, "petro-dollar" now beginning to fail, for example, the constant INFLATION of the currency now at the end of its own effectiveness, now beginning hyper-inflation.

So then what is the vulnerability of the satanists?--it would surely be the hordes of "Judeo-Christian" (JCs--see and for expo on JCs) morons, fools, and suckers who support Israeli terror-state, imagine Christ was "Jew," etc., and these can well be affected by the REAL Christianity, Christ properly understood as TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), founded necessarily upon the OBJECTIVE, God-created world, Christianity being meant and designed as anti-semitic (anti-satanic) for the obvious reasons (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

But Ken, we must, therefore, also be properly aware of the necessary consequences and implications of the objective reality, which includes determinist cause-effect, human will not being perfectly "free," humans being "sinners," according to Christian philosophy, not capable of "good"--and it's this pretended "good" which leads the weak-minded virtue-signalers, always so numerous (and over-populated) in a mature society of "prosperity" into HUBRIS, thus satanism--which is extreme subjectivism as I've noted.


Map Of Satanic Network In Accord W. Cyclic Theory And Nature
(Apollonian, 19 Apr 18)

The irony of present political-cultural situation regarding satanic assault upon humanity, reason, etc., is there really is a huge move for civil war in Jew S A, the "left" "liberals" being simply satanists, pure and simple. But don't forget or doubt the "right" "conservatives" are no less controlled by satanists at the very top, the mass of "conservatives" being more dupes of satanists than outright advocates for such satanism--esp. in way of the brain-dead "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo on JCs) morons, scum, fools, and suckers.

And Trump will be readily sold-out and served-up by the Israel-first satanists for assassination if and when it's deemed to be opportune because the top satanists overall, who run the central-banking (see for expo, use the search-engine) will find it necessary sooner or later as they're steadily found-out for all their conspiracies and machinations, the central-bank the ultimate weapon for financing of everything. These very same top satanists were responsible for 9/11 false-flag, don't forget--see Chris Bollyn ( on his many Jew-tube expositions.

Thus note these satanists run the overall game for political/cultural purposes of "good Jew" vs. "bad-Jew" btwn the "left" and "right"--everyone else is thus forced to taking a position btwn these two main, large factions in the large charade.

Presently, the "left" "liberals" have been pretty much exposed for the evermore blatant 2016 US Pres. election frauds, but the people, many of them, evermore made informed, aren't fooled for the gross false-flag in Syria used by Trump in the recent bombings and missile-strikes over alleged "chem" attack hoax blamed upon Israel's enemy, Assad, the leader of Syrian gov.

So thus we see the great vulnerability of satanists, as always led by Jews, esp. for the "right" "conservatives" who lead the moronic JCs, for it's relatively simple to educate and inform these JC dummies as to who/what "Jews" are, that "Jews" are NOT same as Judeans, "Jews" by definition followers of Pharisees who led only about 5% of pop. of Judea at time of Christ, "Jews" following Talmud, NOT Torah, Talmud the interpretation ("midrash") of Torah--see and, also for definitive expo.

Thus we see Christianity is truly anti-semitic, anti-lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), and meant to be so, Christ = truth (JOHN 14:6), truth being dependent and based upon the OBJECTIVE reality, hence Aristotle, against Jew subjectivism ("midrash"-interpretation).

So the advantage of rationalist Christianity, the real thing, is it makes one immune to false "left-right paradigm," "good-Jew vs. bad Jew," exposing the large game being played by satanists at top, dependent upon subjectivism and "good-evil" delusion, founded upon perfectly "free" human will delusion. For if reality is OBJECTIVE, then it MUST be determined in accord w. absolute cause-effect, human will not capable of ignoring or forgetting necessity of self-preservation (self-interest), upon penalty of extinction. Thus humanity obligated to LOYALTY to race in accord w. 5th of original Ten Commandments, "honor thy parentage (race)," etc.

Such then are benefits and virtues of Christian honesty, integrity, philosophy, and ethics contained within the Christian literature. But the horror and tribulations of cultural-historical end-times, esp. in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler are necessary dramatization and verification of Christian Holy Spirit, philosophy, and ethics. Life sucks, never forget, and humans are sinners, always trying to cut corners and looking for short-cuts--and always, ultimately, paying the price. Thus w. help of Holy Spirit and history we try to predict and foresee the future.


Practical, Actual satanism/Subjectivism, Done By The Morons ("The People"), Even If Un-Wittingly
(Apollonian, 25 Apr 18)

Remember: basically, satanism is simply subjectivism pushed to extreme, reality then become product of consciousness/mentality. So then observe how such moronic subjectivism is actually practiced and expressed as by the scummy puke among "the people"--even by avowed "Christians"--as in guise of pretended virtue of "beleeeeeeeeevin'.

(a) Thus these stupid puke ("the people") imagine it's virtue to beleeeeeeeeeeev crap is true, that beleeeeeeeeevin' then actually making it really true. Thus the "beleeeeeeeeeeevin'" making, in effect, one to be God. To be sure, most of the morons probably don't seriously think they're God--they don't have the intelligence or honesty to admit it. BUT they DO pretend it's true, whatever it is they "beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeev," the stupid puke. So u see how these dumb scum, even if they don't realize it, actually practice satanism, pretending their "beleeeeeeeeeeeving" creates reality and/or truth/facts.

Note the word, "believe," is prominent and featured as specific virtue in Gosp. JOHN, mentioned about a hundred times in that Gosp. But observe in the sense used and meant in that Gosp., it really means PRACTICED--as in practitioner of what one genuinely KNOWS and understands fm Christ and the Gospel. So if one accepts Christian philosophy, truth (= Christ, JOHN 14:6) necessarily founded in objective reality, all proper ethics follow, and a true and proper "believer" so understands, practices, and observes, all in LOYALTY ("faith," properly understood) to the proper, basic ideal.

(b) The other actual form and version of relatively wide-spread satanism/subjectivism pushed within this stinking, filthy satanic culture is anti-racism, "racism" then properly understood as LOYALTY and pride. "Pride" then, is relatively minor, but necessary virtue within larger circumstances of warfare among humans, but the real virtue of LOYALTY to one's people is no less than the 5th of original Ten Commandments, "honor thy parentage (race)."

And all honest, realistic people understand racism is virtue, and the pushing of anti-racism is simply moronic expression of a false, actually suicidal morality. Thus we always observe Jews, for foremost example, always denigrating "racism" to the gentiles, but ALWAYS practicing it in obvious loyalty to fellow Jew monsters, ALWAYS--the standing joke of all time.

And of course, as racism, racial loyalty, is AXIOMATIC--cannot not be practiced or expressed, one way or the other--loyalty either for one's own race or for the mixed-race, even if only for practical purposes, even if the moronic puke doesn't realize it.

CONCLUSION: so we see how actual subjectivism/satanism is practiced and fomented within the society as an everyday occurance--it's product of HUBRIS and stupidity, most dangerous when society is over-loaded and over-populated w. stupid scum, esp. "liberals" and "homosexuals," et al., scummy puke pushing their filthy, cheap, putrid "moralism"--all in CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.


Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As Usual, Dan Fails To Follow-Out Implications Of Observations
(Apollonian, 26 May 18)

Dan tells us, "...truth is pretty elastic in America lately." And one cannot but agree and acknowledge the accuracy of such observation. But don't forget Oswald Spengler's great work, now about 100 yrs old, "Decline of the West." Folks, we're looking at the very break-down of Western civilization, so well described in New Test. "Book of Revelations," no less.

So what, historically, is happening? For note, Spengler describes a CYCLIC process and phenomenon which is similar to the great Roman example. Thus the culture is born of honest farmers who are fairly ignorant, but yet brave, these good people holding to the OBJECTIVE reality. Thus w. some luck, along w. their basic honesty and courage, these agrarian soldiers build their culture along w. military victories, and eventually they find themselves at the top of a thriving civilization--but this is merely the first part of the CYCLE--it isn't over.

Eventually, the "prosperity" becomes corrupted, as by means of central-banking (see for expo; use their search engine) along w. the people, and as the culture ages, we see these corrupted people, the effete descendents of the original brave and honest heroes and founders, pretending to "moral virtue," esp. false, hereticalist "good-evil," and hence the SUBJECTIVIST view of reality--upon which such "moral virtue," esp. the false "good-evil," is sooo dependent.

And thus we see pretending to such false moral virtue and "good-evil" is actually, ironic as it may seem, the evermore intruding premise/pretext of subjectivism and satanism, the most extreme form of subjectivism, this satanism and subjectivism steadily eroding the culture. And just this very sort of subjectivism/satanism is precisely what has so much destroyed the USA, now the corrupted Jew S A, controlled and manipulated by Israeli terror-state. Trump is a liar, folks--it ain't "America first" at all--it's rather Israel first, and observe how Trump is sucking along w. Israel, and setting-up for a big hit against Iran.

Dan additionally tells us, "...Satanism is illusion, in emotional terms if nothing else. And that’s why it works." Well, yeah Dan, but even more pointedly, satanism is (extreme) subjectivism, the assumption reality is created by consciousness/mentality--it's actually simple and well-known metaphysical precept which rejects (Aristotelian) objectivity and makes us Gods, creators of our own reality. But there's more to this (satanism and subjectivism).

Imagine now we have a COLLECTIVE satanism/subjectivism by which a large group co-operates in a clever, well-hatched, and brilliantly-led "group-think"--or conspiracy. Isn't this sort of a group-think what criminals typically do?--of course some criminals are more successful than others.

So it is the whole world now, not only the West and Jew S A, has fallen victim to this criminality and satanism, esp. in form of central-banking like the US Federal Reserve bank (the "fed") which is literally legalized counterfeiting, the putting-out of ENDLESS "currency" (not real money which must be commodity-based, gold/silver being best) by which these criminals at the top rule and dictate, now owning everything and practically everybody.

So Dan, I merely submit u're actually quite accurate in much that u say, esp. at the beginning, BUT it's such a pity u don't bother to taking ur observations and analysis to the necessary end and conclusions. Do u think it's mere co-incidence ZOG has poisoned the food w. GMOs (genetically modified) and glyphosates?--poisoned the water w. fluoride, in so many cases, is engaged in poisoning the atmosphere w. "chem-trails" and geo-engineering, poisoned the air-waves w. electro-magnetic radiation, not to mention well-known nuclear poisoning, and determined upon Agenda-21 and -2030 GENOCIDE?--this is the real, practical satanism, Dan.

And it's interesting u don't consider the fruits of this putrid, but very real satanism which has been taking place under our very noses over the yrs now, esp. since the definitive domination of central-banking as of the Rothschilds' fm the Napoleonic wars and the "fed," since 1913.


Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dan Jokes About satanic "Principles"
(Apollonian, 26 May 18)

Dan says, "Whereas most Satanists spend half our lives disavowing stereotypes about violence,...." But Dan, remember: u're SUBJECTIVISTS, holding reality is what u want it to be, u being the God-like creators of ur own reality (thorough-going subjectivists), eh?--but correct me if I'm wrong.

Then u tell us about, "Satanic principles like compassion, wisdom, and justice...." But Dan, as subjectivists, u HAVE NO "PRINCIPLES," at all, whatsoever, aside fm the founding, basic subjectivism--anything goes, as u're God, the creator of ur own universe, right?--but enlighten us if I'm wrong here.

Regarding the "Nazi" heroes, remember they are saints who dared to fight the satanists and Jews who imposed bolshevism and which Jews along w. their satanist cohorts continue to push "globalist" world dictatorship, featuring Agenda-21 and -2030 genocide. The "Nazis" only failed to see the larger program of Jews/Talmudists and (extreme) subjectivists, which is the real, most practical, collectivist, organized, and well-led satanism which presently threatens and oppresses the world, led by terror-state of Israel.

Unfortunately for Nazism and the world, the Nazis featured mostly a political program, nazis not nearly as adept for metaphysical and other abstract principles which are extremely important for fullest integrity of the large social purpose and effect--which requires a complete cultural system, not only political.

Note the "Nazis" attempted to make-up for the previous Christian culture and anti-semitism which had held together and built the glorious (and anti-semitic) Western civilization previous to the late modern era which ensued fm French Rev. and dominance of Jew-led central-banking, as of the Rothschilds. Now we struggle against the satanic/Jew world order and dictatorship as the struggle against Jew-led satanism continues.


Below essay by ap first submitted at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Corrupt, Hubristic, satanified Culture, Dominated By Ultimate Subjectivists, Jews
(Apollonian, 2 Jun 18)

Ok, so Israel terror state, run by foremost mass-murderers, wants to rule world, but then who doesn't? But Israel is SUCCESSFUL in this bid for rulership, and the rest of us are jealous, eh? Well, regardless, it's still important to analyze things fm historic/sociologic pt. of view.

Why are Jews, including esp. Israeli murderers, so successful?--well, they run the central-banking of the world (see for expo; use their search engine), which is actually legalized counterfeiting, they just printing-up paper currency--not real money which must be commodity-based, hence FINITE in amount. Currency is infinite; u just add zeroes to the number printed on the bills, see.

So having all the currency at their disposal, they naturally rule, owning and buying everything and everybody--just observe reality, and observe history which confirms--is it really that difficult to grasp?

But note further: Jews couldn't succeed without millions of willing cohorts, co-conspirators, and collaborators among the corrupt, over-populated goyim. So then what is it about Jews that lends to their "success"?

Well, note that in a corrupt environment, the murderer will always beat the pick-pocket. And the larger gangs of murderers will beat the isolated psychos who can't work w. others in co-ordinated effort. Jews are most outstanding, best organized collectivists who naturally dominate the more individualistic goyim, given more to in-fighting and quarrelsome rivalry.

So what's the core of Jew "philosophy" or mentality, as contained in the Talmud, the Talmud being their basic document?--it is "midrash"--the INTERPRETATION (subjectivism) of the Torah (see, and for best expo). Thus reality is SUBJECTIVE and is only what rabbis say it is--most thorough-going SUBJECTIVISM. Thus we have freedom of speech, esp. for Jews--except when any speech threatens the Jew hegemony.

Obviously then, this Judaic subjectivism only works when there's enough corrupt gentiles to help Jews ENFORCE their regime. And u only get enough of these corrupt goyim AFTER the gentile culture has been sooooo "successful" that they've produced all these now over-populated gentiles, as we see. HOW did this corruption and over-populated stage of history occur?--what happened?

Simple: in CYCLIC history, according to Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," the successful culture has now become decadent, the people now consumed in HUBRIS, the idea that they can achieve "good," which "good" doesn't actually exist, there being no criterion for definition of (non-existent) "good" that works in all cases. "Good" is SUBJECTIVE. And it's this gross, pervading subjectivism and HUBRIS which takes over the evermore corrupt culture.

Thus the culture originally arose based upon honest farmers, as in the Roman example, who were also brave and successful warriors--they upheld the OBJECTIVE view and understanding of reality--hence Aristotle, though of course, most people don't grasp actual philosophy in specific terms, most folks never having even hrd of Aristotle.

But once the culture takes on this corruption and hubris, ever-greater subjectivism, the Jews, most sublimely organized, begin to dominate evermore--as we see, USA now the Jew S A, dominated and commanded by Jews, as we plainly see.

Note further the rise of the general SATANISM--what is this satanism? Satanism then is extreme subjectivism, the idea consciousness/mentality is creator of reality--making oneself God, the creator--satanism, by definition. And note this "satanism" isn't really anything either mystic or even "religious," in all truth--actually quite easy to observe.

Pt. then is this general satanism/subjectivism increases for the now corrupt general culture, the Jews/Talmudists naturally dominate, the Jews leveraging the less well organized goyim satanists, the satanists, led by Jews now dominating the general, corrupt culture and population (over-populated now w. these satanists), the satanists in general dominating and intimidating the rest of the dis-organized and demoralized population, the satanists in general more organized and well-led by the Jews, Jews foremost satanists of all time.


Below-copied by ap in response to blog of "Kriminalgeschichte, 68" , of 2 Jun 18,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Cesar Tort Emulates Jew satanists For Pretending To "Good," Defending Pelagian Heresy
(Apollonian, 3 Jun 18)

Cesar: u're very poor philosopher, very poor w. simplest logic, and this is easily demonstrated:

(a) The very basic dialectic in New Test. is Christian truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Jew lies (JOHN 8:44). Don't forget Christ is mere symbol for TRUTH. Jews hate Christ as they hate truth--and the joke is Jews imagine they can kill truth, like they killed Christ (the man).

Jews imagine they're God (or co-equal therewith), collectively, they being the creators of any truth they please. Truth is what rabbis say it is, according to "midrash" (interpretation). See also exposition on their Talmud, Talmud being their basic statement of their religion/philosophy,,, and

(b) Thus u see, Jews are SUBJECTIVISTS, such subjectivism basis of their constant, incessant lies and lying, making use of highly organized "group-think," by which they manipulate gentiles and their culture, esp. after gentiles have built and developed a sophisticated civilization. In the CYCLE of hist., then, gentiles become corrupt and HUBRISTIC (subjectivistic) as the culture becomes evermore corrupt and decadent, according to Oswald Spengler, "Decline of the West."

(c) Thus Christian ethics, which is the great attraction for Christianity among all the world's peoples, not just whites, necessarily follows fm basic metaphysics of such TRUTH premise, necessarily based upon OBJECTIVE reality (Aristotle).

(d) Thus Christian truth exists because of the OBJECTIVE (God-created) reality which gives truth substance, truth mere reflection of such objective reality, verified by sense-perception. Any abstracts then, like ethics, are built and dependent upon these basic truths founded and verified by sense-perception.

(e) Remember also that "faith" only properly means LOYALTY, not beleeeeeeving, this Judaic-style beleeeeeeving used by Jews to pretending to a contrived, made-up, false reality. Reality is NOT NOT NOT created by "beleeeeeeeeeeeving" or such understanding of "faith."

(f) "Good-evil" doesn't and couldn't exist (except by subjective definition) as humans are creatures of will, hence self-interested, of necessity and by definition. Humans always follow their interest, best they can, necessarily--even though they're not always most logical. Thus humans are held to be "sinners" (self-interested) in accord w. this inherent, necessary willful nature--and this "sinful" nature goes back to Old Test., Christ merely restating and clarifying the Old Test. theology given by Moses, defending against the heretical Pharisees, Talmud, and Jews who rejected Moses in favor of their midrash.

(g) Thus reality is necessarily "determined" and "deterministic" in accord w. absolute cause-effect, following fm the objective reality. Augustine is simply being strictly logical in accord w. basic premise(s) and the objective reality--strict determinism, no "good-evil" which is mere metaphor, mainly for children, most of the common people hardly literate, or even logical, esp. in Christ's time.

(h) So sinful humans can ONLY rely upon and pray for God's mercy and grace for salvation, the logical necessity being that humans, in proper gratitude and inspiration, emulating Christ and his ethics of compassion for fellow humans, treating them fairly, etc.--but it doesn't mean one has to sacrifice oneself and commit suicide, however, and esp. in case of race--which treason to race is forbidden by the 5th Commandment, "honor thy parentage (race)."

CONCLUSION: So note St. Augustine was pt-ing out the Jew-like SUBJECTIVISM, hence HERESY, of Pelagius who was aping the Jew subjectivism, pretending to non-existent "good," impossible in an absolutely deterministic world, in accord w. Christian objectivity, thus truth, and absolute determinism (cause-effect).

So just as the Christian vs. Jew dichotomy is TRUTH vs. lies, and objective vs. subjective (Aristotle vs. Plato and Talmud), so it is for determinism vs. the subjectivist, perfectly "free" God-like human will which such pretended perfect freedom of human will is hubristic, pretending to Godliness, hence SATANIC.

Ur hero, Immanuel Kant, is mere rehash of original Platonism, pretending to "good" and false morality of "duty" which such "dutiful" ethics EVERY philosopher has admitted in nonsense. Get a clue, sucker. Cesar, u really are most pathetic, moronic joke for ur idiot mis-understanding, mis-construal of Christianity--which Christianity is most successful anti-Semitism which ever existed, u poor fool, ho ho ho ho


Below-copied by ap first submitted at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Devilish, Clever satanic System, And "Deep State" Operating Like Clock-Work In Culture Of Death
(Apollonian, 3 Jun 18)

So u see how the scam of central-banking works--legalized counterfeiting (literally)--it's not only a criminal enterprise, but it's a MONOPOLY--only this one entity, a privately-owned corp., the central-bank, the US Federal Reserve (also the Bank of Int. Settlements, the IMF, etc.), can legally do this, effectively issuing the "currency" (NOT real money, commodity-based, like gold/silver, which is necessarily limited in quantity and finite).

(a) For every new wave of currency now that is issued by this criminal enterprise devalues that currency already existing, hence effectively TAXES the wealth of the entire economy.

(b) Thus it's the "gift" that keeps on giving as "currency" is theoretically INFINITE in amount, and one can issue more and evermore, taxing more and evermore--till the people behind it all own EVERYTHING and everybody--including esp. all the assassins and enforcers who necessarily grow evermore oppressive.

(c) Thus these criminal monopolists at the top own and control the mass corp. "media" (the "Jews-media") who keep the lies about central-banking going, telling the people they're so lucky to have such central-bank and an "elastic currency," etc. (d) They own and control the "edjumacation" system, the "teachers" all belonging to a union which eliminates and agitates against any rival system, like home-schooling.

(e) They own and monopolize the medical and "big-Pharma" corp.s who kill and sicken the people, the people encouraged then to buying more and other poison drugs.

(f) They own and control the agricultural corp.s which use the glyphosates and other poisons to keeping the people sick, including the GMO (genetically-modified) food substitutes which they force upon the people as it's all one gigantic monopolistic system, u see.

(g) And by means of such infinite funding and "currency" they're able to buy, own, and control all the politicians, lawyers, and judges who all work for the powers around the central-bank--anyone who dissents is eliminated one way or another.

Thus the central-bank is the KEY to the utterly corrupt society, run by criminals at the top who own all the monopolies, controlling the entire society.

And they maintain control by further means of constant warfare for the sake of warfare btwn and among contrived enemies, as we see now btwn "Muslims" and "Christians," whose "leaders" are controlled, bought, and paid-for by these powers at the top.

So now we see who's the "deep-state"--the powers behind and around this basic institution of central-banking, everything else dependent, feeding, and serving this basic, central, monopolist criminal enterprise issuing that secret weapon and instrument, the "currency."

To cap it all, the gov. follows an explicit program of GENOCIDE as in form of "Agenda-21" and -2030 addendum.

Thus the people are impoverished, sickened, mis-informed, and busy fighting one another so that there's no possible solution as long as the masterminds play their cards right.

And it's all absolutely fool-proof, this utterly corrupt society, as "money" is an abstract subject, don't forget, and far too many cannot figure out what such money properly is and must be--the small minority that can understand what money really is and must be is easily dealt-with, truth-tellers like Ron Paul neatly marginalized.

The entire scam and criminal enterprise then will continue until practically all the people are DEAD, dying fm sickness and disease, having killed one another, the only ones to possibly survive being those master-minds at the top who are left unto themselves, ultimately, and now must suspect one another--for "THERE'S NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES," and that's only thing that eventually brings the system down, people being the stupid scum ("sinners") they naturally are.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Corrupt, Over-Populated Gentiles Suffer Inexorable Hubris In satanic Society
(Apollonian, 15 Jun 18)

My theory about Jews and the cultures they infest and actually commandeer is that (a) Jews can't do what they do BY THEMSELVES. (b) What happens is Jews are actually a disease which can only affect a culture ALREADY essentially corrupt, decadent, and degenerate, as we see USA is.

(c) Thus Jews can be understood according to CYCLIC theory, as of Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West" whence gentiles, in perfect accord w. the ROMAN pattern, begin w. truly heroic and brave origin generations, but eventually give-in to decadence, the following generations never having to fight for their lives like the founders and originals.

Thus the corrupted generations indulge in idea they're "good," suffering HUBRIS, despite Christian philosophy (embedded within the literature and religion) teaching humans are inherently and incorrigibly "sinful"--as they're given to necessary self-interest as creatures of will.

Humans only possible redemption is keeping to honesty, realizing they're sinners, incapable of "good"--which "good" doesn't really exist, philosophy demonstrating there's no solid premise that works in all situations for any real, meaningful, actual "good."

But even more fundamentally, the corrupted humans begin to indulge in un-reason and even ANTI-reason, consistent w. hubris, pretending they're co-equal w. God, capable of a perfectly "free" will, w. power of creating reality, like "good" and "moral virtue."

Thus "Christians" begin to pretending that "beleeeeeeeeeeeeevin" can actually change reality--simply by means of "beleeeeeeeeeeeving"--which now they call "faith" but which "faith" only properly means LOYALTY, NOT NOT NOT mere "beleeeeeeeeeeevin" which is cheap and changes nothing in the real, OBJECTIVE reality of Aristotle.

Thus in the cultural and psychologic HUBRIS and evermore corrupt society, the erstwhile Christians become SATANISTIC by means of this corruption and cheap, hereticalist "beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevin"--as we see now the corrupt Christian churches, along w. everyone else, esp. politicians, supporting gross murderous terror state of Israel, these fools of (false and phony) "Christians" now pretending, for example, Christ was "Jew"--when "Jew" properly means only followers of Pharisees and Talmud, "Jews" NOT NOT NOT same as Judeans. See and

Remember "Satanism" is, at root, simply EXTREME subjectivism, idea that mind/consciousness is creator of reality, making oneself God, capable then of creating "good" and "virtue"--and note this was explicit "philosophy" of Immanuel Kant whom present Jews and establishment "edjumacation" now trumpet as foremost "philosophy," Kant the great "hero" of modern and now post-modern (anti-) philosophy.

Jews naturally dominate this cultural corruption as they're (a) foremost satanists, (b) making use of most effective collectivistic subjectivism, most effective "group-think," (c) most organized and well-led, thus over-awing and intimidating the more isolated and stupid gentile subjectivists and satanists who indulge same basic subjectivism, BUT not nearly as well-organized.

To confirm Jew subjectivism, just ck on Jew "midrash" (interpretation)--subjectivism ("midrash") is essence of their "religion."

Thus Jews make sure to controlling the central-banking establishment (see for best expo on central-banking; use site search-engine) which gives them their practical, existential power, keeping gentiles fighting one another, allowing Jews to continuing to dominate the general culture even though Jews seem vastly out-numbered--they're still the, by far, best organized, never forget or doubt--and that's enough to dominate, lead, and manipulate as they do so successfully and effectively, verified by hist.

Natural, logical plan of satanism is to getting gentiles to killing-off one another so as to ease Jews' dictatorship--worked brilliantly in WWI and II.

And the tragic problem for gentiles is it's hard and nearly impossible to resist this satanistic culture of death especially once Jews have firm control of central-banking, promoting false morality of non-existent "good" and perfectly "free" will.

Gentiles seem then doomed to necessary "removal" and reduction of excess population so otherwise susceptible and subject to Jew "leadership" and domination within such corrupt, satanic, degenerate culture.

But gentiles' (only) "hope" is there's "no honor among thieves," and Jews at top will themselves begin to falling-out among themselves, esp. as they see gentiles being steadily "bumped-off," the population steadily reduced, Jew masterminds now suspecting evermore they will be double-crossed--as we see is perhaps happening presently btwn the "atheistic," "globalist" Jews of the "left" vs. more "religious," "neo-con" Jews of the "right."

People must begin to realize and see that healthy society/economy necessarily needs "sound money," NOT NOT NOT mere "currency" and legalized counterfeiting of practically infinite currency which steadily devaluates the currency unit to benefit only of top bankers and their satellites. Real commodity money must be FINITE and limited in amount against this pernicious, un-limited in quantity, nearly infinite "currency."

Meantime, gentiles excess population will continue to dying-off and being killed--only this sort of tragedy seems to motivate the remainder population to thinking and realizing necessity of such as "sound" money over corrupt currency and central-banking. Amen.


Below-copied essay by ap in response to below-copied note at comments,

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Patriots Must Grasp satanic Sociology, Circumstances In CYCLIC History
(Apollonian, 22 Jun 18)

"Unknown": u just gotta keep ur head, buddy--like a good soldier who's used to being under enemy fire. Remember MOST people, sociologically, are half-baked weaklings and FOLLOWERS who do little thinking for themselves; they need and want LEADERSHIP--and all they really want, immediately, is "bread and circuses." Long as they have this cheap "prosperity," and football games on TV they really don't care too much about ANYTHING else.

It's only when actual disaster begins and gets (economic collapse) going that the fools begin to be concerned, and even then they can't think for themselves, needing leadership--the way it's ALWAYS been since beginning of time.

Regarding "Rt 91"--I wasn't even sure what u were talking about--had to go to search engine to see u're talking about "Las Vegas shootings" fm last yr. See, we're under "tower of babel" circumstances--"info and propaganda OVERLOAD"--all DELIBERATELY fomented by top satanists and Jews.

Note "satanism" is basically extreme subjectivism--idea reality is created by consciousness/mentality, making themselves God. Lots of gentiles fall victim to this subjectivist fallacy, pretending and yearning for non-existent "good-evil," lacking organization--Jews provide leadership for these satanists as Jews are COLLECTIVISTIC subjectivists who co-operate and collude most effectively.

So my advice is to keep things SIMPLE for the morons--simple but still TRUE, accurate, and informative. Thus we're up against truly SATANIC circumstances, u must grasp. Thus Jews (obviously) DOMINATE as (a) Judaism is satanism--see (b) Jews are MOST ORGANIZED satanists, capable of leveraging, manipulating, and then leading the masses of gentile satanists and "liberal" ("useful") idiots who actually, don't forget, greatly out-number Jews.

For Jew satanists (a redundancy, actually) are most effective COLLECTIVISTS who agree upon basic premises and goals for their satanic goals, and don't forget they've ALREADY WON for establishment of their main, invincible weapon, CENTRAL-BANKING (US Federal Reserve Bank), literally legalized counterfeiting by which they simply print and nowadays digitalize otherwise worthless CURRENCY (not real commodity-based) money--see for best expo. Thus top satanist masterminds literally OWN and control all establishment politicians, judges, and everyone and everything w. masses of printed-up (and digitalized) currency--literally legalized counterfeiting which the morons (the "people") just can't understand w. their pea-sized brains, addicted to watching TV as they are.

Thus history is CYCLIC, in accord w. Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," and we Christian patriots can only hope to affect things when the serious economic ("hyper-inflation" of the currency) catastrophe begins--even then it won't be easy as satanists dominate for ability of dis-info. Life sucks, don't forget, and no one guarantees it was ever going to be easy thing contending against this satanic subjectivism by which people imagine they're "good" (which child's "good" doesn't exist) and that, collectivistically, they can be God.

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Below-copied essay by ap in response to below-copied note at comments,

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Patriots Must Grasp satanic Sociology, Circumstances In CYCLIC History
(Apollonian, 22 Jun 18)

"Unknown": u just gotta keep ur head, buddy--like a good soldier who's used to being under enemy fire. Remember MOST people, sociologically, are half-baked weaklings and FOLLOWERS who do little thinking for themselves; they need and want LEADERSHIP--and all they really want, immediately, is "bread and circuses." Long as they have this cheap "prosperity," and football games on TV they really don't care too much about ANYTHING else.

It's only when actual disaster begins and gets (economic collapse) going that the fools begin to be concerned, and even then they can't think for themselves, needing leadership--the way it's ALWAYS been since beginning of time.

Regarding "Rt 91"--I wasn't even sure what u were talking about--had to go to search engine to see u're talking about "Las Vegas shootings" fm last yr. See, we're under "tower of babel" circumstances--"info and propaganda OVERLOAD"--all DELIBERATELY fomented by top satanists and Jews.

Note "satanism" is basically extreme subjectivism--idea reality is created by consciousness/mentality, making themselves God. Lots of gentiles fall victim to this subjectivist fallacy, pretending and yearning for non-existent "good-evil," lacking organization--Jews provide leadership for these satanists as Jews are COLLECTIVISTIC subjectivists who co-operate and collude most effectively.

So my advice is to keep things SIMPLE for the morons--simple but still TRUE, accurate, and informative. Thus we're up against truly SATANIC circumstances, u must grasp. Thus Jews (obviously) DOMINATE as (a) Judaism is satanism--see (b) Jews are MOST ORGANIZED satanists, capable of leveraging, manipulating, and then leading the masses of gentile satanists and "liberal" ("useful") idiots who actually, don't forget, greatly out-number Jews.

For Jew satanists (a redundancy, actually) are most effective COLLECTIVISTS who agree upon basic premises and goals for their satanic goals, and don't forget they've ALREADY WON for establishment of their main, invincible weapon, CENTRAL-BANKING (US Federal Reserve Bank), literally legalized counterfeiting by which they simply print and nowadays digitalize otherwise worthless CURRENCY (not real commodity-based) money--see for best expo. Thus top satanist masterminds literally OWN and control all establishment politicians, judges, and everyone and everything w. masses of printed-up (and digitalized) currency--literally legalized counterfeiting which the morons (the "people") just can't understand w. their pea-sized brains, addicted to watching TV as they are.

Thus history is CYCLIC, in accord w. Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," and we Christian patriots can only hope to affect things when the serious economic ("hyper-inflation" of the currency) catastrophe begins--even then it won't be easy as satanists dominate for ability of dis-info. Life sucks, don't forget, and no one guarantees it was ever going to be easy thing contending against this satanic subjectivism by which people imagine they're "good" (which child's "good" doesn't exist) and that, collectivistically, they can be God.

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Below-copied essay by ap in response to below-copied note at comments,

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Patriots Must Grasp satanic Sociology, Circumstances In CYCLIC History
(Apollonian, 22 Jun 18)

"Unknown": u just gotta keep ur head, buddy--like a good soldier who's used to being under enemy fire. Remember MOST people, sociologically, are half-baked weaklings and FOLLOWERS who do little thinking for themselves; they need and want LEADERSHIP--and all they really want, immediately, is "bread and circuses." Long as they have this cheap "prosperity," and football games on TV they really don't care too much about ANYTHING else.

It's only when actual disaster begins and gets (economic collapse) going that the fools begin to be concerned, and even then they can't think for themselves, needing leadership--the way it's ALWAYS been since beginning of time.

Regarding "Rt 91"--I wasn't even sure what u were talking about--had to go to search engine to see u're talking about "Las Vegas shootings" fm last yr. See, we're under "tower of babel" circumstances--"info and propaganda OVERLOAD"--all DELIBERATELY fomented by top satanists and Jews.

Note "satanism" is basically extreme subjectivism--idea reality is created by consciousness/mentality, making themselves God. Lots of gentiles fall victim to this subjectivist fallacy, pretending and yearning for non-existent "good-evil," lacking organization--Jews provide leadership for these satanists as Jews are COLLECTIVISTIC subjectivists who co-operate and collude most effectively.

So my advice is to keep things SIMPLE for the morons--simple but still TRUE, accurate, and informative. Thus we're up against truly SATANIC circumstances, u must grasp. Thus Jews (obviously) DOMINATE as (a) Judaism is satanism--see (b) Jews are MOST ORGANIZED satanists, capable of leveraging, manipulating, and then leading the masses of gentile satanists and "liberal" ("useful") idiots who actually, don't forget, greatly out-number Jews.

For Jew satanists (a redundancy, actually) are most effective COLLECTIVISTS who agree upon basic premises and goals for their satanic goals, and don't forget they've ALREADY WON for establishment of their main, invincible weapon, CENTRAL-BANKING (US Federal Reserve Bank), literally legalized counterfeiting by which they simply print and nowadays digitalize otherwise worthless CURRENCY (not real commodity-based) money--see for best expo. Thus top satanist masterminds literally OWN and control all establishment politicians, judges, and everyone and everything w. masses of printed-up (and digitalized) currency--literally legalized counterfeiting which the morons (the "people") just can't understand w. their pea-sized brains, addicted to watching TV as they are.

Thus history is CYCLIC, in accord w. Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," and we Christian patriots can only hope to affect things when the serious economic ("hyper-inflation" of the currency) catastrophe begins--even then it won't be easy as satanists dominate for ability of dis-info. Life sucks, don't forget, and no one guarantees it was ever going to be easy thing contending against this satanic subjectivism by which people imagine they're "good" (which child's "good" doesn't exist) and that, collectivistically, they can be God.

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Below-copied essay by ap in response to below-copied note at comments,

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Patriots Must Grasp satanic Sociology, Circumstances In CYCLIC History
(Apollonian, 22 Jun 18)

"Unknown": u just gotta keep ur head, buddy--like a good soldier who's used to being under enemy fire. Remember MOST people, sociologically, are half-baked weaklings and FOLLOWERS who do little thinking for themselves; they need and want LEADERSHIP--and all they really want, immediately, is "bread and circuses." Long as they have this cheap "prosperity," and football games on TV they really don't care too much about ANYTHING else.

It's only when actual disaster begins and gets (economic collapse) going that the fools begin to be concerned, and even then they can't think for themselves, needing leadership--the way it's ALWAYS been since beginning of time.

Regarding "Rt 91"--I wasn't even sure what u were talking about--had to go to search engine to see u're talking about "Las Vegas shootings" fm last yr. See, we're under "tower of babel" circumstances--"info and propaganda OVERLOAD"--all DELIBERATELY fomented by top satanists and Jews.

Note "satanism" is basically extreme subjectivism--idea reality is created by consciousness/mentality, making themselves God. Lots of gentiles fall victim to this subjectivist fallacy, pretending and yearning for non-existent "good-evil," lacking organization--Jews provide leadership for these satanists as Jews are COLLECTIVISTIC subjectivists who co-operate and collude most effectively.

So my advice is to keep things SIMPLE for the morons--simple but still TRUE, accurate, and informative. Thus we're up against truly SATANIC circumstances, u must grasp. Thus Jews (obviously) DOMINATE as (a) Judaism is satanism--see (b) Jews are MOST ORGANIZED satanists, capable of leveraging, manipulating, and then leading the masses of gentile satanists and "liberal" ("useful") idiots who actually, don't forget, greatly out-number Jews.

For Jew satanists (a redundancy, actually) are most effective COLLECTIVISTS who agree upon basic premises and goals for their satanic goals, and don't forget they've ALREADY WON for establishment of their main, invincible weapon, CENTRAL-BANKING (US Federal Reserve Bank), literally legalized counterfeiting by which they simply print and nowadays digitalize otherwise worthless CURRENCY (not real commodity-based) money--see for best expo. Thus top satanist masterminds literally OWN and control all establishment politicians, judges, and everyone and everything w. masses of printed-up (and digitalized) currency--literally legalized counterfeiting which the morons (the "people") just can't understand w. their pea-sized brains, addicted to watching TV as they are.

Thus history is CYCLIC, in accord w. Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," and we Christian patriots can only hope to affect things when the serious economic ("hyper-inflation" of the currency) catastrophe begins--even then it won't be easy as satanists dominate for ability of dis-info. Life sucks, don't forget, and no one guarantees it was ever going to be easy thing contending against this satanic subjectivism by which people imagine they're "good" (which child's "good" doesn't exist) and that, collectivistically, they can be God.

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Unknown June 21, 2018 at 11:16 AM

I am believing that these crimes are too big to be pursued. People would rather believe that Debbie Wasserman is a good representative and Obama was a scandal-free President. These kids could all come forward and admit they are the ones in the photos and still no one would believe. I am so disillusioned that I find it hard to keep following these hoaxes. I'm amazed how few people still care about Rt 91 massacre.


Below essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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satanism, Subjectivism Is The Enemy, Never Forget
(Apollonian, 29 Jun 18)

Indeed: Democrats are outright satanic scum and filth, Jew world order TRAITORS, pure and simple. BUT don't think Trump is really any diff., Trump TOTALLY owned by these Jews, esp. Israel, working for Israeli terror state, illegally invading Syria, illegally involved in present invasion of Yemen, in w. 9/11 principal, Giuliani.

Who/what's behind present effort to censor I-net?--have u observed the MOSSAD agent, Vabner ("Lennie Pozner") continuing w. impunity to taking down damaging info of Fetzer's blogs, exposing Vabner?

Larger picture is Israel has every reason (a) to radical censoring of I-net, and (b) even to fomenting outright civil unrest and violence in Jew S A by means of their allies, the "leftist," "liberal" CFR (council on foreign relations), Tri-lateralists, et al.

Have u noticed supposed Trump-controlled DOJ (Justice dept.) CONTINUES to stonewall and refuse info to Congress?--who's behind that but Israeli terror-state and Jews?--who TOTALLY OWN Trump. Now u see why Trump does nothing--he's just another bought-and-paid-for flunky for Jews.

What's the real game behind everything else?--it's "good Jew" (Israel-first and "neo-cons") vs. "bad Jews" ("globalists" and "leftists"). Of course, for the leftists, it's other way round, though they know Jews are behind everything.

What's the operative scam behind everything else, the actual ENGINE to things?--it's the central-bank which puts-out nearly infinite CURRENCY (not real money, commodity-based, like gold/silver which is LIMITED in quantity).

But too many (over-populated) people are too stupid to understand infinite currency ALWAYS kills whatever culture/economy it infects, and we're seeing the last of Western culture, passing before our very eyes at hands of rampant satanism which is only thing under-lying this deadly, fatal central-bank scam, destroying and impoverishing the people.

For Western culture is in CYCLIC, last, "declining" stages, according to Oswald Spengler ("Decline of the West"). West produced prosperity, but also now an over-population of stupid, corrupt, hubris-ridden population which allowed the rise of this deadly central-bank scam now in hands of foremost satanists, Jews (see

Thus we must suffer, and in meantime re-institute REAL MONEY (hence gold/silver). Of course, don't forget observing of US Constitution and NULLIFICATION, according to Tenth Amendment, Jefferson, and Madison's original Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions--states are sovereign.

But under-lying everything must be BASIC CULTURE--the original Christianity which is absolutely anti-semitic, Christ = Truth (see Gosp. JOHN 14:6), against satanic lies. And what is "satanism"?--it's extreme subjectivism holding reality is created by human consciousness/mentality, making oneself God--esp. in false quest for non-existent "good-evil."

Jews then dominate the satanic, hubris-infused culture as Jews are most collectivistic, hence most ORGANIZED for their Satanism, making it most practical, hence most effective, hence absolutely RULING and dominant--as we see.

So just continue to preaching original Christian philosophy of TRUTH (= Christ) and honesty against satanic lies, lying, extreme subjectivism, and the culture of DEATH--esp. in way of racial loyalty to people and culture, in accord w. 5th of original Ten Commandments, "honor thy parentage (race)."


Below essay by ap first submitted at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

satanism: Culture Of Subjectivism And Death, Suckers
(Apollonian, 29 Jun 18)

Well now, just stop and think a bit: what ELSE would u advocate if u were SATANIST in a satanistic society? Thus satanists, qua satanism, demands the culture of death.

For note, the rational culture observes the objective reality, hence human nature of self-interest, hence individual freedom according to law and contract, hence property rights, etc. Satanism and satanists are necessarily against objective reality, u see--reality is only what THEY say (subjectivism).

For WHAT is satanism?--it's extreme subjectivism, idea reality is created by consciousness/mentality, making oneself God--satanism, by definition.

Thus Immanuel Kant, for example, laid the formal foundation on pretext of moralism. Everything (beginning in metaphysics) for Kant must be jury-rigged to enable "morality" and "moralism," otherwise non-existent idea of "good-evil," and for Kant, idea of DUTY, self-abnegation. Kant doesn't say WHY--he simply insists and declares this is necessary for morality.

So, u see, satanism is whatever u want to be true--like "good-evil" for Kant--or anything.

So now we see the satanists, in guise of "anti-fascists" demanding things and declaring we all must do as they say, because they say so.

Thus everyone else must commit suicide for these satanists, hence leftists and liberals, as they're the arbiters of moralism and morality--because they say so.

Hence racism (loyalty to one's people/culture/ancestors, in accord w. 5th of original Ten Commandments, "honor thy parentage [race]") is "evil" according to these satanists/leftists--because they say so, u see.

And boys don't have to be boys; they can be girls if they want--subjectivism, u see.

So I hope u see now the satanic state of things cultural and sociologic which things have reduced to--it can get worse (DEATH--ON LARGEST SCALE, SUCKERS--in accord w. Agenda-21 and -2030 addendum), and these satanists intend to seeing things DO get worse.

Who are foremost and most dedicated, experienced, insistent, obsessed satanists?--who share an amazing sort of psycho-pathology, yet one that's amazingly successful?--see and, also practice "midrash" (interpretation) of the "Oral Law Tradition" by which anything is true if they say so. They killed Jesus Christ (= TRUTH, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and actually brag about it. And note "truth" could ONLY exist in an objective reality--which they hate and are sworn to destroy--at least in theory, concept, mind, and profession--do u doubt it? Ho ho ho ho ho ho


Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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satanic Order And System MUST Be Understood
(Apollonian, 12 Jul 18)

Fetzer: the only thing that can happen w. Twitter (and others, including their satanic co-conspirators) is the FULL PENALTY to TREASON--but they don't think that will ever happen. And indeed, it isn't clear exactly when or how these criminals will be brought to account.

For only public executions serve as the necessary deterrent--the idea of SURE justice--which nowadays is mere joke to legions of over-populated, HUBRISTIC, satanic fools, scum, suckers, goons, and morons who now dominate the degenerate culture/society/economy in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

For as there's "strength in numbers," Twitter imagines they're just a few among many, many others who came long before them, the Central-bank (US Federal Reserve) having now been around for over 100 yrs, putting-out nearly INFINITE currency (not real money) which steadily drains away the value of the currency already circulating--it's how the process works--see for expo; use their search-engine.

Such INFINITE currency soon enough takes-over the entire culture, buying, owning, and controlling all politicians, judges, the Jews-media (including Twitter), EVERYBODY and everything--don't u get it? And anyone not going along is subject to assassination by crack-heads of "the mob" who can be bought amazingly cheap--even Ron Paul has to watch-out.

So the satanists of satanism (extreme subjectivism, holding reality is created by consciousness/mentality, making themselves God, the creator) inevitably come to dominate every mature and past-mature culture/civilization/society, all in accord w. the CYCLIC nature and course of history, the best expositor of this surely being Oswald Spengler, in "Decline of the West."

It's important to note then the SIMPLE philosophic (though it's false philosophy) nature of satanism (extreme subjectivism) which merely hides itself within a "religious" cloak, replete w. mumbo-jumbo and fancy, elaborate ceremonies--like in Kubrick's movie, "Eyes Wide Shut." The philosophy at root of satanism remains extremely simple--subjectivism, by which one makes oneself God.

And it's this satanism which dear Christianity, worship of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) was instituted to combat--for such satanism (see JOHN 8:44) can never be totally removed, it cropping up over and over, esp. as cultures and civilizations succeed and prosper--they inevitably produce HUBRIS among the people, and satanism arises over and again.

And even establishment "Christianity," Prot., Cat., Orthodox, all of them, itself has been taken-over by these modern satanists--as of the Vatican--as we see. So-called "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo) "evangelicals" are among greatest supporters of Israeli terror-state.

Finally, remember the satanists of the central-bank at the top can roll-out and produce, almost miraculously, practically ANY amount of currency--and this is what's happened w. Twitter and others--u want a million dollars?--no?--how about a billion? And if they don't play-along to doing as the institutionalized satanists demand, assassins will simply be hired--see how it works?--it's fool-proof long as the currency is still accepted by the people.

So it's ultimately this satanism u and "the people" are up against, Fetzer; u need to figure this all out--"Twitter" is mere particular manifestation. History teaches us the satanic system is fool-proof, and continues to work until it finally falls of its own weight, as in way of currency-collapse and hyper-inflation. Patriots can only help this process of eventual currency collapse along, in way of precipitating it and preparing and informing the people as it happens.


Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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Satanists Making Use Of MONOPOLY, Suckers
(Apollonian, 14 Jul 18)

Observe, Jew-tube now operates as in-ur-face MONOPOLY, saying it's their "private-property" when fact is Jew tube and their Google parent were first built by means of TAX-PAYER funds and gov. subsidies.

So this is fraud by Jew-tube, pretending they're private prop.--when they're actually, simply tax-payer funded UTILITY, obligated to the tax-payer and citizenry, and they're now defrauding the citizenry and tax-payers. Penalty is TREASON, and it is truly gruesome punishment--so it might take awhile before retribution is brought.

But note further, Big-Pharma, which is in business of killing people (and they know very well what they're doing) w. the deadly drugs and vaccines pushed by establishment medical monopoly, is COERCIVE monopoly by the various means, just like ALL the other monopolies--HOW do u KNOW this (about monopolization) for certain?--just look at the top MONOPOLY of them all, which has EXCLUSIVE right to issuing the currency (not real money), the central-bank, literally legalized counterfeiting of US Federal Reserve. See for definitive expo on central bank; use their search engine.

And as people observe, SOME of them understand that w. every new issue of wave after wave in this evermore nearly INFINITE ocean of "currency" that's evermore put-out, the newly issued currency DE-VALUES the currency that already exists in circulation. It's all called "inflation" for obvious reasons.

And HOW is it central-bank has right to ripping people off as their currency is devalued by the new issues of the new waves of currency?--see the fraudulent, criminal nature of legalized counterfeiting and central-banking? Just ask urself WHY is counterfeiting held to be a crime?

Thus this central-bank inevitably owns and controls EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY, beginning w. all politicians and judges, then the Jews-media, then public edjumacation--the central bank being the ULTIMATE monopoly which controls ALL the other monopolies--ALL of them without exception.

And the central-bank oligarchs are who and what are behind the drive to world dictatorship featuring GENOCIDE and mass-murder of Agenda-21 and -2030 (look it up, suckers)--see how it works.

For satanism is a death-cult by necessity and nature, and it's only satanic force that's ultimately behind such monopolistic criminal enterprise, founded upon central-banking, the central-bank giving satanists the means, providing the instrument/weapon--CURRENCY--taking away the protection for the people of real money, commodity-based, hence gold/silver, which is limited in amount and FINITE.

Satanists sucker the stupid goyim by telling them they need INFINITE currency which will rescue them when they run-out. And the stupid, brainless puke beleeeeeeeeeeeev it and go-along, imagining they're such brilliant advanced thinkers to have hit upon idea of INFINITE currency--for now it's replaced real money which is limited in amount, ho ho ho oho, the dumbasses are led to beleeeeeeeev, poor, stupid scum.

Brainless puke imagine "satanism" is mere "religion," but actually it's built upon SIMPLE philosophy, extreme subjectivism, the idea that reality is mere creation of mind/consciousness, these subjects now making themselves God, the creator.

The goons further cannot grasp that the topmost masterminds of satanism are the ones who share a COLLECTIVISTIC subjectivism and consciousness--no less than gangs of criminals. And these collectivistic subjectivists are most organized, cohesive, and "connected," extremely well-led, w. most effective and successful "group-think"--these are the Jews, suckers--see,, and And now u see why and how a small minority can leverage and manipulate larger numbers of fools, morons, suckers, and goons.

For observe the gentile satanists are notoriously dis-connected, individualistic, and isolated fm one another, whereas Jews are UNIVERSAL, organizing the goons and scum gentile satanists, giving them leadership and direction. Observe all the leading Bolsheviks were Jews--observe all the leading central-bankers are Jews or Jew lickspittles, serving the Jews and their satanistic God.

And be sure not to confusing and conflating "Jew" w. Judean--they're not same, Jew defined as followers of Pharisees who led only about 5% of Judeans at time of Christ, the middle-class party.

So try to getting a clue, morons: it's essential to knowing what exactly satanism is, at root--(extreme) subjectivism. And Christianity, the REAL thing, is worship of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence the OBJECTIVE reality, necessary basis of truth--see how it works? And now u see how and why Jews absolutely HATE Christianity, eh?

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