Thursday, February 15, 2018

Hoffman the satanist begins as moralist, sooo dedicated, soooooo OBSESSED, so MAD and insane....

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Hoffman: The Mad Moralist, Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 15 Feb 18)

Hoffman writes, "In the long term it will require a moral revolution...." What?--"moral revolution"?--so what's "moral," Hoffman?--can u tell us?--is it just "good" = to "moral"? So then, what's "good"?--what's the definition?--what's the criterion that makes "good" what it is, distinct fm not-"good" or anything else?

And of course, Hoffman can't say what's "good" aside, no doubt, fm absurd circularities like "opposite of evil" (for what then is "evil"?)--he can't isolate any essence (for there is none). It's a lot like Hoffman is un-able to give a definitive source fm ancient texts for meaning of "usury," and he's too dis-honest to admit it.

For Hoffman won't admit simple truth: he cannot say what is "good"--for there is no such thing. And it's not coincidence that no one through entire hist. of philosophy has ever been able to definitively say what's "good" that applies in all instances.

For humans are necessarily creatures of will, though not perfectly "free," only God, by definition, having a perfectly free will. Thus humans can only do as they will, always following their will, and hence humans are necessarily self-interested, always have been, and always will be--necessarily--for such is their nature, creatures of will.

So what's "moral" if reality is determined, humans required by nature to follow their will--necessarily? How can humans be "moral," Hoffman, if anything they do is what they necessarily MUST do--as in the necessary following of will.

So "moral" only has real meaning as it is logical and rational, means always consistent w. ends, necessarily--though ends might be anything chosen by the subject.

For humans don't have to live if they don't want to, and if they want to live, they must heed to facts and truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6). So the greatest ethical virtue is consistency, logic, and reason, as those are only thing(s) compatible w. truth (= Christ) and capable of achieving end(s), the object of will.

And we see Hoffman makes "morality" into a kind of mysticism, not knowing or capable otherwise of saying what "morality" is--it's his IDOL (false God) which he pathetically pursues so pitiably, compulsively, mindlessly, always talking about it but never able to say what it is.

And it's this mystic, mindless obsession of Hoffman's regarding "morality" that makes him soooo satanically inclined w. hatred for humanity and sympathy for his Jew masters for whom he has such sympathetic connection, whom he serves so pathetically, always wordlessly begging them to acknowledge Hoffman's "moral" dedication--as if those Jew monsters of narcissist and obsessionate satanism and psychopathology would care about or acknowledge.

But that's ok, Hoffman, as u're PERFECT example of how NOT to be and precisely what to avoid, eh? Keep up ur great work, buddy, ho ho ho ho.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Hoffman confuses the history and circumstances for dear unc' Adolf, Germany--to try to make himself look "good," "moral," etc....

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Hoffman Is Clueless One, Regarding Dear Unc' Adolf, satanism, Central-Banking, Etc.
(Apollonian, 13 Feb 18)

Hoffman tells us in his article, here, "Hitler was almost always outfoxed...." But the real question is WHAT does our Pelagian heretic, Hoffman, pretending to being Christian, Christianity being worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), know about "foxiness"?--or anything?

For Hoffman certainly knows nothing about economics, or capitalism, or money and banking--which subjects he babbles about, as in his travesty of a book, "Usury in Christendom...," which "usury" Hoffman gives no definition or exposition for exact original meaning, failing to note "usury" actually has no definitive or specific understanding fm the ancient sources.

For Germany was essentially attacked by the Jew-led central-banking power (see for expo), Britain having made an offensive alliance w. Poland, Poland having threatened war w. Germany over German re-uniting w. German city of Danzig. It was Britain and France who first declared war upon Germany, never forget, beginning the second world war.

For Germany had lost WWI, never forget, only 21 yrs earlier, Germany then dis-armed for heavy weapons, the armed forces reduced to 100,000, the nation looted by the Allied criminals, the people literally starved by the Brit. blockade into signing the Versailles Treaty and enslavement. For the Western plutocratic satanists led by Jews and "bankers" had to continue to protect, cultivate, and subsidize their latest Bolshevik monster they'd created in Russia, having mass-murdered millions of Christians, Soviet Russia the proto-type and enforcer for world gov. dictatorship they were busily constructing.

And yes, Hoffman, life is very much war, humans being sinners, and regardless of "Neanderthals," it's well-known method of war to threaten retaliation in kind for whatever one may complain of one's enemies, like bombing of civilians.

So what's Hoffman's real object for this latest article of his?--just more of his usual moralistic virtue-signaling and one-upsmanship, pretending, like the Pelagian hereticalist he is, to knowing all about moralistic "virtue," lecturing others--like he evidently does for his own, poor, victimized children.

For it's Hoffman and hubris-filled Pelagianists like him who are the real problem of our present society consumed in satanism and satanic, extreme subjectivism, pretending to what doesn't exist, like child's "good-evil" and a perfectly "free" God-like will. Hitler was actually a great hero bravely fighting this horrific and ever-expanding satanism, and he was magnificent for naming and confronting the Jew.

But Hitler only failed for the larger cultural issue of satanism in general, founded in subjectivism, hubris, and moralism, for which Jews are the natural leaders, but themselves don't originate, only taking advantage and manipulating it, due to their natural and thematic superior collectivist cohesion and organization, for their own purposes--as we see in this day, having become masters by specific means of that amazing criminal enterprise of fiat-currency (legalized counterfeiting) and central-banking--which subject-matters Hoffman hasn't the slightest grasp or understanding.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Holohoax lies as political "religion" renders satanic society, fools; get a clue....

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Holohoax: Monument To Lies, Lying, Satanism
(Apollonian, 9 Feb 18)

Well Hoffman: this Faurisson affair (see above ref.) which u note for us is just another battle of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. satanic lies (JOHN 8:44). And the implicit premise is the objective (or "God-given") reality as necessary basis of truth vs. extreme subjectivism which holds the subject's mind/consciousness is creator of reality--satanism, by definition.

Thus we see Jews' "midrash" (interpretation) is basis of their subjectivism, and Jews are notable for their COLLECTIVE and organized subjectivism which they firmly "believe," and thus insist upon imposing upon everyone else.

For note subjectivism is also held by many gentiles--far more than there are Jews--as in case of "good-evil" delusion/fallacy/heresy (Pelagianism). But gentiles' subjectivism is more random, muddled, and disorganized, and gentiles, including the extreme subjectivists among them (satanists), are far less organized than Jews, the Jews being far more self-confident for their methodic application and cohesion.

Thus a far less numerous cadre of Jews, who are subjectivists by religion, is capable of leveraging and even dominating a far greater number of gentile subjectivists--who all then, together--are often capable of dominating the entire aggregate population of the entire society and culture, as we see nowadays in the world, the West, and USA.

And we see this domination of subjectivism especially in the way of fiat-currency and central-banking (see for expo, use their search-engine), by which real MONEY, commodity-based, hence not subject to counterfeiting, is now denied to the people by means of dictatorship, as by means of "legal-tender" laws which force the people to accepting fiat-currency as payment for goods and svcs.

And it's far more likely the word, "usury," refers to this fiat-currency system RATHER than merely to charging-of-interest. For it is the fiat-currency all by itself, regardless of charging-of-interest, which defrauds, despoils, and impoverishes the people. For as the fiat-currency is constantly issued forth ("inflation") the previous currency units necessarily LOSE VALUE--regardless of any charging-of-interest.

Thus we see these "central-bankers" are simply criminals engaged in LEGALIZED COUNTERFEITING by means of this fiat-currency. And note the central-bank is necessarily an exclusive MONOPOLY, for if everyone could legally counterfeit the currency the reduction-ad-absurdum is obvious.

Thus one sees the society/culture/economy dominated by these central-bank criminals is necessarily SATANIC, and the leading satanists are those who practice such extreme subjectivism as essence of their VERY RELIGION--"midrash."

Thus naturally, such satanic culture will insist upon lies and lying, like holohoax, as foremost religious precept to be imposed upon the over-populated fools, suckers, goons, morons, and various assorted scum who now make up much the bulk of the population within a degenerate society, that society having been previously built by more capable, competent, and honest citizenry who had insisted upon an objectively-oriented economy and real monetary system--which built the original civilization now being destroyed by the satanists as in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

So the poor deluded, befuddled, and defrauded victims and people of the civilization need to realize and face facts regarding this fiat-currency, central-banking scam, and criminal enterprise which is destroying them. Unfortunately, it really seems such popular awakening won't happen until more victims of satanism continue to pile-up, and things economic start to getting evermore un-comfortable. Holohoax lies and lying is mere symptom of larger cultural sickness and rot--SATANISM, built on extreme subjectivism and "midrash."

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Trump, Jew-friendly traitor, is just front for another faction of "deep-state" in blatant contempt of stupid goyim of Jew S A....

Traitor Trump, So Jew-Friendly, Never Fails To Show True Colors
(Apollonian, 31 Jan 18)

Trump, Jew-friendly traitor, is for amnesty for illegal aliens, and he does this to please the Jew deep-state; see . Note the people of USA, despite it being now Jew S A, are against any such amnesty by about 80 percent(!); see . And Trump knows this, but he's determined to spit in face of the people, and Trump does all this upon orders of his pay-masters, the Jews of Israel, evidently now the drivers of the "deep-state."

For note: "deep state" is Jews, these divided into factions, generally "good Jews vs. bad Jews," "left vs. right," "globalists" ("left") vs. "neo-con" Israel-first "rightists," including esp. the Judeo-Christians (JCs, see and for expo).

Remember 1956 and the Jew-Israeli, along w. Brit and French invasion and occupation of Suez Canal zone? (see )--and then Eisenhower ordered all of them to evacuate?--well, that was last time Jews of Israel were willing to take orders fm stupid goyim, eh?

And notice in Syria Jew S A continues to stay illegally in Syria (see ), without Congressional permission, and moreover, continues to illegally supply and back ISIS--why?--because the Israelis say so, obviously. It's "Israel first," as usual for Trump. And the stupid scum people of Jew S A are too cowardly, stupid, and ignorant to object in serious manner, the dumb, brainless puke.

Crux to all this stupidity and cowardice is ignorance about the central bank and its fiat currency which makes the stupid puke slaves, because gee whiz, they think and say, but there's not enough gold/silver to serve as sufficient money, the stupid, brainless puke are persuaded. So now the dumb scum ("the people") are enslaved w. currency, constantly "inflated" (it's all just legalized counterfeiting), the people constantly despoiled, the currency constantly losing value, and the stupid puke just can't figure it out.

So u see the simple problem?--we have stupid puke for people--not all of them, but wayyyyyyyyyyyy tooooo goddam many of the sons-of-bitches. And THERE'S NO SOLUTION to this problem--some of these dumb bastards just have to be killed. And that's now the great drama--HOW is this tragedy going to play out? Heavy doses of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH and honesty would help, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo, that's just tooooo simple, u see--we can't have that.

Stupid puke?--they just have to die, u see, BUT problem is lots of others will have to go too, evidently.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

satanic peak is hit w. institutionalization of criminality which now rules entire society--the central-bank....

Cultural Institutionalization Of Criminality, Ruled, Dominated Necessarily By Jews, Foremost Subjectivists/satanists
(Apollonian, 27 Jan 18)

Note in the determinist CYCLE of inexorable history and "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, the successful culture is "victorious," "prosperous," and generates then an over-population of progeny and offspring who didn't have to fight or work as hard as their forebears--as we see fm the Roman and American examples--an over-population of weaklings and inferiors (in so many cases) who wouldn't otherwise have survived on their own.

So these following generations fm original founders, producers, and fighters become evermore HUBRISTIC, corrupt, and degenerate, pretending now they're "good" and virtuous. And note the irony for observing the deterministic following generation inevitably pretending to "good" and a perfectly "free" will, all in spirit of hubris, hubris naturally inevitably arising fm that original victory, achievement and productivity of the founding generation(s).

Thus subjectivism being necessary foundation of "good" and perfectly "free" will, these not existing in verifiable reality as by means of science and sense-perception, subjectivism becomes the obsessionate ruling principle for everything, replacing objectivity and perceptible reality and in despite of all reason--reason being now rejected in favor of "good" and "morality."

And thus, soon enough, criminal fraud removes real money, commodity-based, hence gold-silver, in stead of dictatorship and criminal monopoly of CURRENCY (central-banking--see for expo) which is infinite in amount, nearly infinitely issued which then inexorably defrauds and despoils the citizenry and destroys economy and society--rendering the satanic society. For real MONEY, necessarily limited and finite in amount, unlike "currency," is actually quite abstract subject-matter not too easily understood by gullible following generations obsessed w. being "good."

Thus as satanism is most extreme subjectivism, subjectivism the foundation of satanism, making oneself God by means of consciousness/mentality being foundation for reality, hence perfectly "free" will and otherwise non-existent "good," satanists and most extreme subjectivists, hence Jews, necessarily, dominate and rule by means of their organization and cohesiveness leveraging the less committed and organized subjectivists, as among the goyim who tend to be more individualistic than Jews who are notoriously collectivistic and most organized.

Thus one observes the amazing phenomenon of small minority of Jews, masons, and satanists intimidating, ruling, and dominating much larger population of goyim who are simply dis-organized, corrupt, de-moralized, and infiltrated by cohorts and subjectivistic mignons of Jews and satanists now ruling and dominating the rest of the intimidated population.

Thus CRIMINALITY in way of central-banking inevitably comes to rule the economy, society, and culture, and the war of all against all is instituted, perpetual war for perpetual peace, the reduction-ad-absurdum, the culture of death--as we see presently in UN Agenda-21 and -2030 addendum, "population-reduction"--genocide as official gov. policy.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Judaism: Theory and Practice, Religion/philosophy and simple HISTORY....

Jew Criminality, Psychosis Analyzed, Plotted: Theory And Practice
(Apollonian, 24 Jan 18)

See Ken: root of Jews' criminality is their "religion" which makes them enemies of humanity, thus willing to run ANY criminal enterprise in their literal war against humanity--and all history and reality demonstrates this practical reality which is mere consequence of their abstract philosophy and "religion." Thus Hoffman's exposition ( of their filthy religion is SO useful; also don't forget site.

And again, then, note the very topmost, master, criminal enterprise is CENTRAL-BANKING (literally legalized counterfeiting), taking away real money and substituting and FORCING by means of dictatorship and "legal-tender" laws use of CURRENCY by which the people are defrauded, despoiled, and enslaved--not to mention exterminated. Thus it's useful to learn about this central-banking and hist. thereof in some detail as at

And again, all history and reality is demonstration in practical reality of these abstract facts (about religion and philosophy)--WHY it's so important to understand Jew religion which is actually satanism (literally) and subjectivism, basis of lies, lying, and liars--speaking subjectivistic wishful thinking and fiction, pretending this subjectivism is no worse than objectivity which Jews hold is no better than alternative subjectivity.

After such basic grounding as I give, above, note then ONLY thing to consider and understand are the psychologic, historical, sociologic circumstances by which Jews are brought in and used by gentiles, allowing Jews to now DOMINATE the society, dictating and organizing it all. Thus it's most useful and informative to understanding the CYCLIC process and nature of history, the hubris and degeneration of over-populated gentiles who first partake of satanism, but which is more individualist, random, and dis-organized, the stupid gentiles fighting one another--JEWS BRING IN ORGANIZATION to the Satanism, at first benefitting some of the stupid gentiles, but soon enough dominating absolutely.

Finally, there's so little hope gentiles can have for liberation fm this Jew/satanic hegemony (as we see now) that gentiles can only HOPE for top Jews falling-out among themselves--as may very well be the case as Trump was suddenly inserted in place of hitlery Clinton, the "rightist" Jews double-crossing the "leftist globalists." Thus is great for compilation of the numerous details regarding Jew criminality.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Problems of human condition: hubris, subjectivism, satanism, Jews....

Problem Of Human Condition: Hubris, Subjectivism, Satanism
(Apollonian, 19 Jan 18)

See Ken, the real problem is subjectivism, and the pretext is the obsession people have for being "good," like good little children desperate to sucking-up to mommy and daddy. And under-lying that fatal "good" fallacy/delusion is the fallacy/delusion of a perfectly "free" human will--which Buddhism defends, as I understand. It all makes u think about what's going on and about the human condition. For there's no possible "free" will to overcome that basic sinful nature of humanity regarding self-interest--a product of will, though not a perfectly "free," God-like will.

For if Buddhism says we have a perfectly "free" God-like will, then it says we're God, doesn't it?--and wouldn't u say that's a problem?

Thus we observe the CYCLIC problem, following fm the determinist condition of human over-population as we've striven to discuss, including satanism and how it operates, its nature and essence--thus the function of the Jews who work to set the people against one another, making use of lies, lying, and liars, for purpose (though they won't admit it, of course) of population-reduction. Thus Jews are best--at least well--understood according to determinist circumstances for their function in society and history.

Anyway, Ken: I hope now u can see how WELL determinism (hence purest, strict science) helps to understanding the place of Jews and Judaism, including the larger satanic circumstances. First, satanism (extreme subjectivism) sets in and festers among the goyim--THEN and only then, do the Jews arise and come into their own best element, gaining inexorable power and dominance for their supreme organization and COLLECTIVIZED subjectivism/satanism--an otherwise amazing thing, esp. for those who try defending them and who say, "but Jews are just a tiny percentage of the pop."

For if u remember: that satanic/subjectivist condition is what was TOTALLY left-out fm that lying Jew's exposition in ur last discussion w. him. It's not all Jews' fault, Ken--as the kike was attempting to lead people to thinking. For Jews can and could do nothing without the right circumstances, that beginning condition of satanism/subjectivism among the goyim scum.