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Ultimate satanic instrument of death: CURRENCY (which replaces real money)....

The Ultimate Satanic Instrument Of Death: CURRENCY (Which Replaces Real Money)
(Apollonian, 14 2017)

It's a pity people don't understand what they think they know all about, they see it (or think they do) every day--money. But money is a certain thing and no other, and the fake substitute, CURRENCY, is absolutely deadly--much more deadly in scale than a cobra's venom. Currency kills not only individual humans but entire societies and races of people, poor souls--all because they neglect to understand that important thing, money, for what it really is and does.

Thus money arises fm the basic, original BARTER, and it makes societies more efficient and productive. For traders will accept it, knowing it's valuable, knowing they can use it to exchange for something else they might need later--so business can be done aside fm mere bartering which requires the obligatory presence of the items to be traded. Thus money makes business and economic production more convenient and efficient.

Thus money begins as an item of trade itself within the market, no less than any other item of value to be traded and exchanged. But money is a special and convenient item that can be substituted for any other item to be traded so that instead of barter, exchanges can be made simply w. money, the further exchanges to be completed later. Thus money is a Medium-Of-Exchange for everything and anything of value to be traded, a substitute for whatever item one ultimately wants to obtain for what one first trades for the money.

And since money is finite (limited in quantity) and having its own ("intrinsic") value, it also is a store-of-value--it can be collected and stored to be used later for exchanging and trade. Finally, money--the real thing--is a unit of account by which one measures one's wealth and goods.

But CURRENCY is a deadly, horrible substitute for real money--which far too many people mistake for the real thing--money--but it isn't money--and it's DEADLY. For currency HAS NO VALUE of its own--as in the case of paper bills or notes as we see in this day. Hence the horrible truth is that currency is INFINITE (potentially, anyway) in quantity, unlike real money which is absolutely limited, like the best money, the precious metals, gold and silver.

Thus the foremost satanic criminals make use of CURRENCY, issuing larger and larger and ever-larger amounts of it, the latest issues ALWAYS de-valuing the earlier issues presently in circulation, a phenomenon known as "INFLATION." Thus the currency becomes evermore worthless w. every new issue of the currency, usually by means of "loans" by a "bank."

Note also, currency is deadly for one reason that it is forced upon the people for its acceptance--by means of "legal-tender" laws--so currency (and "inflation") is ALWAYS an instrument of dictatorship and oppression. Further, observe also, this currency is a MONOPOLY--only one group of people can issue it for obvious reasons. For if anyone and everyone issued their own currency, the reductio-ad-absurdum is obvious. Thus currency is actually COUNTERFEITING, hence a FRAUD and a criminal enterprise. Currency MUST be a monopoly for the obvious reason--the most sublime criminal enterprise--currency being simply a pretended, legalized counterfeiting.

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Hoffman never fails to demonstrate he's the very problem which he otherwise complains about--human stupidity, hubris, willful blindness....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...ensorship.html

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Roots Of Dictatorship: Central Banking, Pelagianism, Satanism
(Apollonian, 9 Dec 17)

Hoffman: here again we see u sympathizing w. a Jew, Herskovitz, lamenting his "ordeal." And we see neither of u troubles to analyze the real problem u pretend to suffer fm--which problem is the CENTRAL-BANK (see for expo), which is actually a legally instituted cartel/monopoly which literally issues the currency (NOT REAL MONEY) backed and enforced by means of legal-tender laws forcing the citizens to accept their fraud, the currency.

In short the problem is legalized COUNTERFEITING--the issuing of currency (in the place of real money), this currency not commodity-based, hence potentially infinite in quantity--like paper bills w. numbers printed on them, which numbers can potentially be nearly infinite.

So for a relatively static/limited/finite amount of goods/svcs, there's a nearly infinite amount of currency available for the supposed purchase of those goods. And w. the currency backed by the "legal-tender" laws, those goods are now totally controlled by the currency.

So note: the central-bank now effectively owns and controls everyone, a dictatorship and monopoly--the privately-owned central bank.

And u, Hoffman, don't even begin to grasping this dictatorship/monopoly which is at the bottom of everything else, which literally controls everything else about the economy and society.

So who and what is the real problem, Hoffman?--it's u and people like u who ignore this problem of dictatorship, fraud, criminal enterprise, and then, specifically, the central-bank at the heart of things in the corrupt society/economy.

The Jews, foremost Satanists, liars, criminals, ABSOLUTEY LOVE U, Hoffman, because u're a distraction/diversion, pushing anti-Christ Pelagianism, pretending to non-existent "good-evil," pushing ur lies and lying about "usury," not even capable of supplying a source for the definition of this usury for what it really, actually is. And u additionally push the further lies and lying about the lending of money, lying and insisting that it's a sin, even a "mortal" sin--which is a total lie.

So it's no wonder, is it?--that u so eagerly defend and sympathize w. Jews, the foremost liars, satanists, and anti-Christs. So Herskovitz's ordeal of censorship is mere consequence of such as ur horrific ignorance of central-banking in particular, not to mention the subject of money and economics and ur psychotic insistence about what u pretend is "usury" and "lending of money"--all of this stemming fm ur satanic insistence that u're "good" for doing all this--that there's such thing as "good" in the first place, the heresy of Pelagianism.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Psychotic, hereticalist, hypocrite, Hoffman cannot stop for self-righteousness, treason....

Below-copied by ap first submitted at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...sive-than.html

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Hoffman, The Hypocrite
(Apollonian, 1 Dec 17)

Once again, self-righteous, Pelagian heretic Hoffman tells the world he's the only one who can criticize Jews, the only one who lays the grounds for any acceptable criticism of Jews--this after he's spent much if not most of his career laying-out the grounds for problems w. Judaism, writing and editing books.

It doesn't occur to Hoffman that if u note Judaism/Talmudism is execrable, then by all logic it's perfectly correct to generalizing to those who so practice such Judaism/Talmudism--in same manner as execrating all child-molesting and those who pursue the practice of child-molesting, which is actually something which Hoffman just now got finished observing that Judaism justifies--child-molesting. Simply see his previous blog of only a couple days ago.

So if child-molesting is wrong, then same holds for the collectivist judgment upon all who make child-molesting a practice, including those who justify such child-molesting, as is held by Judaism, and hence Jews.

But as always, we see Hoffman has difficulty grasping simplest logic--why?--because he's tooooo busy and insistent upon virtue-signaling and pretending to defending Jews. And I'm sure Jews duly appreciate Hoffman's perversity for logic and self-righteousness.

But no, Hoffman, who is discredited is u, not capable of the simplest logic, pushing ur own disgusting self-righteousness, and additionally, committing TREASON, allowing Jews to continue their war against gentiles, disallowing gentiles to just retaliation. For who calls himself a Jew thus justifies and extols the Judaic practice, ipso facto.

And we see why Hoffman is held in such proper and justified contempt by gentiles and Christians for his self-righteous pretence Jews should not be judged in general and collectively--only the way Hoffman says is acceptable--which all perfectly plays into Jews' hands, as is obvious to anyone not so thoroughly corrupted and blinded w. such self-righteousness and Pelagian heresy, like Hoffman.

And Hoffman sooooooooooooo resents it when he's confronted w. his treason to gentiles and Christians--how dare they? he sputters and splutters. But Hoffman, we're doing u a favor pt-ing out the simplest logic and warning u of ur treason and hypocrisy. There's excellent reason and grounds for ur being held in such contempt which u so richly deserve--wake-up and get wise, buddy.

-------------------above by ap in response to below-copied by Hoffman---------------------------

Michael Hoffman said...
To CumExApostolatusOfficio

You are afflicted with the 1930s antisemitism meme wherein you engage in group libel as a supposed advancement of your cause. when in fact the libel discredits you.

Writing about “The Jews” is counter-productive and reprehensible. You say “The Jews” talk out of both sides of their mouths and “The Jews” herd humanity like animals.

This group libel is straight out of the Talmud. Why do you imitate the Talmudic mentality?

Generalizing about all Judaic persons without honorable exceptions being made, smacks of the Hitlerian notion of a biological taint in every “Jewish” person. Failure to distinguish between good and not very good Judaic persons is a grave act of self-sabotage — as well as sabotage of the movement to be free of Talmudic and Zionist tyranny.

It was a Judaic (Noam Chomsky) who invested the most time and energy in personally protesting and lobbying against my having been fired from my job as a reporter with the mainstream media.

What have you done for the Palestinians lately? It is Norman Finkelstein who has relentlessly campaigned to expose Israeli brutality, most recently with his superb new book, “Gaza—An Inquest.” Henry Herskovitz pickets a synagogue in Michigan every week. Alfred Lilienthal was another great friend to this writer and the Palestinians. There are many more I could mention.

Enough with the covert Nazi doctrine! It got the German people totally defeated and it will defeat us all if it ever gains cachet again. The Nazi doctrine is the mirror image of the rabbinic doctrine. If you are truly opposed to the Talmud, stop despising an entire group of people like the Orthodox rabbis despise and generalize about the goyim.
6:37 AM

--------------------Hoffman wrote above in response to below-copied---------------------------

CumExApostolatusOfficio said...
@Gordon Pratt: The Jews have their 'friends' on payroll because without them they'd have few to no friends at all. This is the result of decades, if not centuries, of talking out of both sides of their mouths and treating the rest of humanity rather like herd animals to be sent to the abbatoir as needed.
9:45 PM

Monday, November 27, 2017

Hoffman, Pelagianist heretic, demonstrates problem w. stupid "Christian" dumbasses....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...-americas.html

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Hoffman's Greatest Sin: Ignoring God's Reality
(Apollonian, 27 Nov 17)

Hoffman: the reason u're such a noxious, corrosive, and subversive influence in USA and West is demonstrated by ur statement, this article of urs, "[w]e state these facts out of love for all people, and in particular Judaic persons...."

For u fail for justice and simple truth that Jews are at war w. Christ (= Truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) and all humanity. War against humanity, hence lies and lying, hence "midrash," are the religion of Jews, aside fm war against God and truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6). And it's only justice and even necessity for the lives of gentiles and Christian humanity to respond to this Judaic war against humanity in justice and appropriate fashion.

A certain kind of "love" and respect for humanity in general are justified following Christ and St. Paul, but not any special sort of positive regard for Jews--for that would be against justice and honesty, hence Christ and truth.

So Jews must be resisted and exposed, MOST ACTIVELY--they are leaders of the present satanic counter-culture which continues to prevail and to presage most horrific prospects, as for gross massive genocide in accord w. their Agenda-2030.

Key to this satanic/Judaic culture is "midrash" SUBJECTIVISM by which reality and Torah are "interpreted" to whatever Jews want and say it is, thus MAKING THEMSELVES GOD, creator of reality--this in opposition to Christian TRUTH founded in the OBJECTIVE, God-given world.

And pretext to this satanism and subjectivism, first impressed upon the youth, is Pelagian heresy of "good-evil" against Christian teaching that humans are sinners in accord w. objective reality and truth which cannot be changed by a not perfectly human "free" will--for there is no "freedom" to change the basic sinful nature of humanity. Such is the basic, foundational difference btwn Christian and Talmudic/Judaic/satanist--the objective view vs. Jew/satanic subjectivism and "midrash."

Friday, November 10, 2017

Perfect, CLASSIC example of the moralist, virtue-signaling subjectivist, the first stage of satanism....

Here below-copied is absolutely perfect example of dialectic w. classic "liberal," virtue-signaler--THERE IS NO REASONING W. THIS PUKE--they can only be dealt with by means of force.  Observe the persistent elevation of moralism and virtue-signaling.  "Slavery" is the greatest "evil" imaginable, according to these stupid shits.

But the main pt. I want to emphasize is the satanic logic here demonstrated by our virtue-signaler, for whom moralism is the very highest value--by which all the rest of reality is skewed, twisted, and re-arranged.  "Good" is truly the worst enemy of Christ (= truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6).  And the progression goes fm that inferiority-complex by which one always strives to "prove" himself "good" (a), (b) to subjectivism, (c) to outright satanism in the more extreme cases.

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this all captured fm 9 Nov 17

Why is the South obsessed? Because they will never get over the fact they lost.

No no no no no, dumbass: 1860s was just a battle; SOUTH SECEDED, sucker, and WE'RE STILL SECEDED, u stupid piece-of-shit scum, ho ho ho o ho ho ho, and tomorrow is another day, dumb piece-of-shit filth,  ho ho ho ho--and now we only need a few more states to agree and ratify--see, sucker.

You're living in a fantasy. And are just proving my point about the South still being sore losers about losing the war and losing slavery. If the South ever gets the balls to try and "rise again" like they claim, the North will just beat it back down.
U dumb, brainless little bastard--and I even gave u a link to ck, u stupid piece-of-shit in ur idiot's star-wars costume, hoho ho ho ho--like anyone would take an ignorant puke like u seriously, eh?  Ho ho ho ho ho.  It's not a fantasy, stupid--SOUTH SECEDED, and nothing has changed.  Sure, north launched an illegal war of imperialist conquest, u dumb little bastard, but that didn't change secession, stupid little puke.  And we now live in an obvious Jew-dominated, Jew-world-order imperialist dictatorship, moron, and it will only take a few states fm the north to ratify the necessary facts and eventualities.  See

Apollonian Apollonius when I saw your comments you look like you're in drugs on YouTube and sound like a retarded kid.

Are you still here making an ass of yourself? Conquest? There was no conquest involved. The South was part of the US, it was a rebellion. The South attacked first, the North put down their rebellion. They feared Lincoln getting the support in the Houses to end slavery, that's why when Lincoln won the election they broke away. They knew his politics and hatred of slavery. We live in no such world, you people live in your own deluded world.

Ho ho ho ho, "general Kenobi," ho ho ho ho--u pretend someone else is an "ass"?--ho ho hoh o oho.  Sucker, what u need do is to figure-out the southern states were agencies for sovereign people who DELEGATED powers to the union which union was creation of the states as Jeff. and Calhoun observed, and is explicitly noted in Article VII of the Const.--look it up, dumb little ignorant piece-of-shit scum.  South did not "attack," moron; they simply evicted trespassers (at Ft. Sumter) in April, after duly notifying them, months before to leave.  So ur problem is obviously grasping what "sovereignty" is, ignorant little bastard.

You need to find some new material, and some grammar lessons. You sound like you're mentally disabled. Nowhere in the constitution did it give the states the right to attack federal property. They were traitors to the Union, plain and simple. And they got what they deserved.

Sovereignty IS NOT GIVEN by "constitution," u stupid, ignorant little bastard--the states and people existed BEFORE the union was made by sovereign people acting through states, u dumb, little shit, the union having only DELEGATED powers, which the people CONTROL, absolutely, as they and only they are sovereign, dumbass little punk scum, ho ho ho ho ho ho.  Grammar is perfectly good for ignorant, stupid shit like u, sucker, and if there's problem u need to say what, dumbass.  U're gonna get what u deserve, sucker, don't doubt, scum, little punk bastard.  Ho ho ho ho ho

Somebody is mad. Did questioning your mental stability trigger you? The states weren't even states before the Union. They were British colonies. Given your terrible grammar, rambling comments, and inane babble I'm surprised you have enough thought to know how to type. The Civil War was fought over the issue of slavery. Of poor dumb Southern yokels dying for their wealthy slaveowning leaders. And from your lack of intelligence, it seems they haven't changed a bit. If I "get" anything it won't be from a mentally disabled troll like yourself.

Ho ho oh ho ho oho, brainless little bastard: "union" didn't come about till 1788 when nine states ratified the Constitution.  Before the union of the Constitution was the Articles Confederation of states which was finally ratified in 1781--and they'd become states by then, suck-brains.  U're just ignorant of simple basic facts we see, eh?  What's problem w. grammar, little shit?--what are u even talking about, in ur little Star Wars uniform, eh?--ho o oho o ho ho ho.  And no, little shit-hole, the southern states seceded, and then the union illegally invaded, upon immediate pretext of Ft. Sumter, doing so upon general pretext of prevention of secession--it WAS NOT over "slavery" issue, dumbass, 4 of the un-seceded states staying in the union, Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware.  U're one mentally disabled, ignorant and inane, I'd say, but readers of these comments and decide for themselves, eh?

And nowhere in the constitution does it allow states to succeed. If the South really thought it was legal, their first argument would have been law, not attacking a federal fort, firing on federal troops, and taking a military installation. What did they think would happen? The Union didn't illegally invade, they invaded in response to a hostile action by the South. The South sealed its own doom by attacking Fort Sumter, which was established before the war. Read the letters of succession by these states-

Hey "idiot" moron who knows nothing about "grammar," ho o ho ho ho, it's s-e-c-e-d-e, not succeed, u brainless little bastard.  "First argument"?--what's to argue?--I discussed it above, moron--the issue is SOVEREIGNTY, which is the ultimate authority.  The Constitution was simply an agreement by which the sovereign people of the states made a compact among themselves, organized as states, the states then coming together in a "union" w. DELEGATED powers, ratified by the sovereign people of the states.  The sovereignty of the people of the states, as well as the states themselves ALREADY existed.  The states, acting as agencies of the sovereign people, then (1860-1) WITHDREW those delegated powers fm the union.  Union was actually an inferior entity made by the states through constitutional compact, the states acting for the sovereign people of the states.  Constitution did not make the states, the states keeping most of the powers, only those delegated by the people of states going to the union, the union having only delegated powers which used to be in the states.  Such then was and still is the constitutional compact theory, expressed by Jeff. and Calhoun.  U don't even know or understand this, obviously.

So the southern states seceded, the people having withdrawn delegated powers--yes, they admitted and noted it was for purpose of preserving slavery of otherwise worthless niggers.  But the north thereupon illegally, imperialistically invaded NOT over the issue of slavery which they happily abided in non-seceded Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware.  The north (Lincoln and Seward) rather asserted south had no right to secede--this is what the war was about.  Only in Sep. 1862 did Lincoln issue the "proclamation," an executive-order, which threatened to confiscate slave property if south did not re-enter union by Jan 1, 1863.  U don't understand the North's theory (Lincoln and Seward, following Joseph Story) of sovereignty by which they denied the southern states' (and people's) right to secede, Lincoln, Seward, and Story pretending there was the superior sovereignty of the whole people in aggregate which preceded the states and people thereof.

Further, the "proclamation" issued by Lincoln in Sep. 1862, confiscating the slave property, effective 1 Jan 1863, DID NOT affect slave status of those slaves in states, aforementioned, which remained in the union--or even in territory of the south which had been militarily occupied by northern forces, esp. in Louisiana, for example.  Slavery STILL existed until later when Congress itself acted.  U're just an ignorant little bastard whose purpose is to virtue-signal--all u're really interested in, not even understanding the basic issues, like issue of sovereignty.

My grammar is still better than yours. The South broke any right for sovereignty when they attacked a federal fort. Did you even read the articles I gave you? It's pretty apparent the South was only thinking of slavery and preserving it than any other "state rights". The North invaded when one of their forts was attacked, just as we went to war against the Axis when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Instead of debating it in a court of law, the South acted as the aggressor and the North responded appropriately as they would with any hostile force on their borders. All what was on Lincoln's mind was the issue of slavery. There's why the South left the Union when he was elected before he did anything. Before he made any issue over state sovereignty the South went ahead and left. Why? Because of Lincoln's opposition to slavery. Lincoln was simply gathering support to finally put an end to slavery. Something the South feared would happen if they remained in the Union. Your argument is null and void.

Dumb, brainless little bastard, just repeats same stupid lies.  U don't care about any facts; ur only purpose is to virtue-signal, that's all, like about "slavery."  U imagine ur idiot's pol.-correct moralism trumps the facts.

Issue is this: did the states, acting as agency of people, have right to secede, yes or no?--and I've given facts, above, scummy little moron.

You mean the fact the first states to secede listed slavery as their main reason for leaving? The fact the South attacked a federal fort and started a war rather than trying any kind of debate for their case of succession? The fact the Confederacy planned to invade Mexico in order to expand the number of slave states? The North didn't need to use military force to bring the South back into the Union. The North had the industry, the economic strength, control of the railroads, greater number of ports for sea trade, and was currently expanding into the West. It could have just waited for the South to crumble. It only invaded as a response to the South's aggression. And if the South didn't really care about slavery how come after the war they created laws to keep African Americans oppressed?

Shit-hole: so what slavery was "listed as...reason for leaving?"--question is did states, acting for sovereign people, have right to secede?--regardless the "reason," dumbass.  Are people sovereign?--yes or no?

Shit-hole: did union have anything but DELEGATED powers?--yes or no?--tell us

The bigger question is, did they have the right to keep people as property? Or attack a federal fort?

Ho ho ho oho hoo hoo ho--just as I noted above, ignorant little bastard, u can't stand on fact; u're all about virtue-signaling, ho ho ho ho ho

"Bigger question"?--how's that, suck-hole?--why is it "bigger"?--ho hoh oh oh o ohho

Because unlike you I can clearly see what the Civil War was about, slavery. And even today that's apparent with the South's racism and refusal to admit it.

Ignorant little bastard: that's called "begging the question," dumbass--WHY and HOW is "slavery" the "bigger question," u brainless little piece-of-shit?  And ck dictionary, ignorant scum, "racism" is virtue of loyalty to people, ancestors, culture, 5th of original Ten Commandments, "honor thy parentage (race)," dumbass--u're racist too as u're loyal to some race, fool.  And u LIE, flat-out, just repeating ur ignorance AFTER I pt'd out north illegally invaded while abiding 4 slave states--their pretext being not slavery, but dis-allowance of secession, stupid little shit.  I submit u've lost the debate here, u utterly ignorant, stupid, LYING little bastard.  U need to try to think-up something else.

Because it was the issue that really divided the North and South. So you're saying all of what the South did to blacks was justified? Boy, you really are a piece of work. And you have the nerve to call me ignorant. I'm loyal to humanity, not one specific race. That never works out. Those states all still contributed volunteers to the confederacy, they were still divided on the issue of slavery. The Union allowed them in simply so they wouldn't go over to the confederacy. Confederate states were also divided, Virginia being a major example. Learn your history.

U're just the typical scummy virtue-signaler pretending u're "moral," ho ho ho ho--while no one else is, eh?--ho ho o ho ho hoho--who's the "piece of work"?--ho ho ho ho.  Dipshit, niggers were enslaved first by their neighbor niggers in the jungles, then brought to the coast to be sold to slavers, little virtue-signaling Pharisee, hoho ho ho ho.  And what are American citizens today?--enslaved to the central-bank which forces (enslaves) people, by "legal-tender" laws to accept CURRENCY, not real (commodity-based) money, which fiat-currency is then replicated/proliferated ("inflation") nearly endlessly which devaluates the currency, defrauding the people, etc., see  South did nothing to niggers but put them to work to earn their livings, scum--like was done by everyone else.  Whites were enslaved as "indentured servants," dumbass.  And if u're not loyal to the race of ur ancestors u're just a scummy little traitor, given as we see, to the typical virtue-signaling borne of inferiority-complex--u're a racist in favor of the mixed/raped -race, stupid punk scum, an enemy of the white race, and I say death to little bastards like u who just want to pretend.  War was started by illegal invasion of northern psychopaths whose pretext was prevention of secession, stupid, just as I pt'd out, stupid, lying little bastard.

Oh and it just hit me, u're a goddammed queer too, aren't u?--scummy little bastard, piece-of-shit filth

So now you show you're as racist as any other southerner. And homophobic to boot. The South kept blacks enslaved and robbed them of their humanity. Treated them as property, and as sub-human for years to come. Earn their living? It was to fill the pockets of Southern slaveholders, nothing more. So I'm a traitor for calling out the injustice done to others? You white supremacists still have your heads up your asses after all these years. No wonder the South is still a shithole. African Americans overcame years of adversity and are still fighting strong to keep their rights. You neo-nazis are fighting to keep yourselves in poverty and ignorance. The war was started by people who wanted to hold onto their "right" to enslave others. The South deserved everything that they got. Their farms burned, their soldiers killed fighting for the cause of slavery. No wonder so much trailer trash lives in the South.

Read what I wrote, above, dumbass: "And ck dictionary, ignorant scum, "racism" is virtue of loyalty to people, ancestors, culture, 5th of original Ten Commandments, "honor thy parentage (race)," dumbass--u're racist too as u're loyal to some race, fool."  And u're just typical dumbass virtue-signaler, as we see, babbling stupid lies and propaganda.  War isn't over, shit-hole, and south seceded--we're STILL seceded, little virtue-signaling queer scum, hoh o ho ho ho.  Tell us queer: why is it u soooo desperately, obsessively strive to virtue-signal?--because of inferiority-complex, right?  But there is no "good-evil" in determined universe according to strict cause-effect, sucker, no perfectly "free" human will, all being sinners.  Go back to playing ur stupid games on vids, ho ho ho ho ho, ignorant scum

No. Racism has taken on an entirely different meaning. It stands for hate, ignorance and division. Propaganda? Like the propaganda you of the Right spew against other groups of people? Yeah, that's why we're liberals. We believe logically we can't keep dividing ourselves over something as trivial as race. While you wallow in your ignorance we are building civilization and breaking boundaries. The war is definitely over, you people just won't admit because you can't accept you lost. Why? Because I like it when you people look like idiots by wallowing in your hate. And you particularly with your poor grammar and your mentally disabled way of talking.

Ho hoho ho ho--u don't even begin to understand grammar, what it is, and what it's for, sucker, little brainless virtue-signaler w. the huge inferiority-complex who can't express himself in anything other than moronic platitudes he copies fm watching TV, hoho ho ho ho hoho.  We humans may hate, but at least we're honest, and it all comes fm a real experience--unlike a brainless little bastard queer punk like urself.  WHAT have I, personally, "lost"?--actually, I don't say I lost anything, sucker.  Rather, I consider I lucked-out having been born when I did under circumstances, hoh o ho o hoh oho.  And life is hard--and going to be harder--for a moronic, ignorant little bastard like urself, hoh o ho ho ho.  "Building civilization," u don't know meaning of the word, little virtue-signaling scum-ball, hohohh ohohoho.  "Mentally disabled"?--look at above entry in which u struggle to spell simple word, like "secede," ho ho ho ho ho ho.  Gad, but u're stupid little bastard, queer, moron, filled w. smug self-righteousness and gross moronic ignorance, hoh o ho ho ho ho ho

I understand it better than you do, as you show with every inane comment. I was lucky I wasn't born into whatever backwards family you came from. At least I have virtues, rather than sucking up whatever crap your Right-wing masters give you through FOX news or white supremacist hate sites on the internet. Oh and your constant use of "ho ho ho" just makes you sound mentally disabled. Is that the reason you lash out at others? Your need to feel superior? Those are the kind of people who are attracted to neo-nazis.

Shit-for-brains: do u think u've run-out of any arguments?  We're not impressed w. ur moronic virtue-signaling, sucker--do u have anything else?--like any facts?--ho hoh o ho ho ho.  U have NO virtues, sucker--all u do is spout phrases and platitudes hrd countless times, dumbass.  U're one with the blatant, obvious inferiority-complex, dumbass--that's why u're such intensive virtue-signaler, moron, ho ho ho ho ho

I've given you facts. The fact the Southern states said in their letters of succession that the threat of slavery ending was their primary reason for leaving. The fact the South lost any right to leave the Union by attacking a federal fort and starting a war. The fact that after the war the South chose to make life miserable for African Americans and still try to rather than getting their act together and fixing their depraved, poverty stricken, backwards states. You keep using "inferiority complex" as an insult without any context. If anything, your constant coming back here to spew insults is a sign of you having an inferiority complex. I have virtues, one being a firm opposition to baseless racism.

"The fact the South lost any right to leave the Union by attacking a federal fort and starting a war."  Foregoing statement of urs IS NOT A FACT, it's just ur opinion, idiot.  And we see U STILL can't spell S-E-C-E-D-E, u abysmally stupid piece-of-shit, ho ho ho ho ho ho.  If racism is "baseless" why was it made the 5th of original Ten commandments, "honor thy parentage (race)," dumb little queer mother-fucker?  hoh o ho ho ho.  I don't and couldn't have "inferiority-complex," like u do, moron, as I don't believe there's "free" human will--everything happens because that's only way it could happen, moron.  Gad, but u're a brainless little moron, queer scum, ho o oho ho ho ho ho

Attacking a federal military instalation does not help your case in leaving the Union. In just makes you an enemy aggressor. It was not made any such thing. Your BS interpretation to justify treating other people like garbage. Using religion to justify your injustice and hate does not hold water today. It puts you in the same boat as Islamic terrorists. And you're that brainless not to believe in free will? Boy, you Southerners get dumber and dumber every day. Every choice has an opposite. Humans make their own path. If there's no free will then what happened to the South was in your own logic the only way it could have happen. Therefore the North committed no wrong in kicking the South's ass.

U just keep babbling like the moron u're trained to be, pretending u're "good," hohoh o ho ho--better than southerners, right, little queer moron?  Hoho ho ho ho.  And yes, what happened to south, happened for certain reasons, for sure.  Humans are sinners, sucker, and there's nothing that can change that, but I don't care what u think, sucker--u can continue pretending u're "good," hoho ho ho, brainless little virtue-signaler w. HUGE inferiority-complex, hoho ho ho ho.  U can't figure-out North's "victory" was establishment of imperialist proto-world gov. now pushing Agenda-2030 "population-reduction" and genocide, scummy little bastard, hoh o ho ho ho

I don't need to pretend I'm better than those backwoods racists. It's a fact. So you're a religious nut as well. That explains a lot. Your ten commandments BS was a big tip off. Your inferiority complex is more apparent. Why else would you keep this up. You're wasting your life here trying to feel better by trolling on the internet. I love how you claim to be against imperialism yet think slavery was a good thing. The North's victory was due to factors like larger population, having control of the railroads, a larger navy, greater industry, a stronger economy, and was more adaptable in its military thinking. It was an inevitable victory because the South couldn't do the math and figure out the North was more advanced in every way. The South only got so far because most of the good generals went over to their side. But once the South's lack of any real industry and the major difference in numbers kicked in, and the North got generals like Grant and Sherman who exploited this gap, it was pretty one-sided. By the end the South didn't even have an army left to fight with. Also, the inclusion of African American regiments in the Union army helped turn the tide. They were very capable soldiers because they knew they were fighting for their peoples freedom. Another example of why the war was over slavery, blacks certainly didn't volunteer for the Confederacy's army.

Actually, ignorant little queer moron, if u ck works of Lochlain Seabrook (see books), u find only 200,000 niggers fought for north, while about 300,000 served for south, many armed and seeing actual combat, and when south decided to enlist blacks, they paid them same as whites of equal rank, while north paid blacks less than same rank whites, sucker.  And ignorant little bastard just babbles and asserts, giving no references.  Racism is virtue, sucker, but u'd prefer repeating platitudes like a parrot.  Slavery isn't "good" or "bad," moron--it was the way of life, as I explained.  U just keep losing these debate contests, pretending u're "better," hoo ho ho ho ho, brainless little virtue-signaler w. huge inferiority-complex, ho ho ho oho ho

Wrong. 186, 097 served in the Union army, even more were in the Navy. The South meanwhile only 200 black slaves were conscripted for the Confederate army towards the end of the war, and none saw combat. They were a last ditch effort on the South's part due to losing so many troops. Your friend Seabrook has no idea what he's talking about. And no surprise, he's a pro-South sympathizer. Meanwhile, in the Union army black soldiers saw fighting at Fort Wagner, Fort Pillow, and Chaffin's Farm. They were all volunteers. Also, your use of the n-word just shows the extent of your racism that clouds what little mind you have. Slavery is an immoral act, one of the worst crimes of humanity, and the enslavement of blacks in this country was one of the worst examples. Keep telling yourself that I'm "losing" these debates when you are forced to rely on the words of a Southern radical instead of actual history. Read a book for once, a real one.

What?--oh, okay, brainless, ignorant little virtue-signaler w. mile-wide inferiority-complex who cannot even spell the word, SECEDE, ho ho ho ho ho ho, as we've noted now at least couple times, hoho ho ho ho ho

Oh so you admit that you're wrong now. Good for you, you've grown a couple of brain cells.

No, queer scum: I simply consider it sufficient people can read and ck for themselves, dumbass little virtue-signaling punk who asserts but can't substantiate, much less spell, ho ho ho ho ho

Yeah right. You just ran out of anything viable to say in the face of real facts. I pity you.
Of course, little virtue-signaler, "pitying" others is part of ur stock-in-trade for inferiority-complex--u imagine thus u express some greater "virtue" of some sort which dumbass morons like urself think is significant and telling, ho ho ho ho.  Scum like u are always expressing "pity" and saying how "sad" things are, ho ho ho ho ho ho--u don't have the intelligence to grasp how everything u say and think is just platitudes and cliche' in the virtue-signaler's world-view.  And u have no facts at all, u just assert and declare, as I pt'd out earlier, like the typical virtue-signaling little ignorant moron u are, considering "moralism" always trumps facts.  People can read and judge for themselves, sucker, hoho ho ho ho ho ho

I just feel more pity for you now. No friends, spending all your time on the internet trolling a comment section. It is sad how your life is. At least I know what I say is the truth, and I'm satisfied with. I don't blind myself with petty racism and a need to feel superior to feel better. I think anyone who reads your comments is going to judge you as quite pathetic. I hope you'll come to realize how wrong you are about everything and find some happiness.

Ho ho ho ho, righto suckhole, ho ho ho--readers can judge for themselves, ho ho, ho ho

And again, they'll judge you to be a pitiful waste.

Ho ho ho ho, righto queer, ho ho ho ho

Friday, November 3, 2017

Ajax Jewns (, the gross, putrid, stinking, satanic "golem," before our eyes....

Horrific, Satanic Conspiracy Hiding In Plain Sight: Ajax Jewns (InfoWars), The Golem
(Apollonian, 3 Nov 17)

Well well, folks, notice the Las Vegas "shootings" went miserably awry--it was a false-flag hoax--see the Jew-tube vids of "Charles Walton," provided he doesn't get taken-down--at least on the Las Vegas shootings subject--he has total of over 4 thousand vids, and I don't want to vouch for the others. So ZOG then gave us this latest hoax in NYC w. the truck-driver guy who allegedly killed 8, but there are enough expose' vids on that hoax (see "Russian Vids" on Jew-tube) --but Ajax Jewns of dutifully pushes it, dutiful Jew flack as he is, the dumb, traitorous, hereticalist bastard scum--he's the "golem" for kike filth, without doubt.

Ajax of course, works w. Trump who lies and says he doesn't control the DOJ (Justice dept.)--see And indeed Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch (see Jew-tube) confirms Justice dept. is covering for hitlery and refusing to cooperate for their FOIA requests. For Trump takes instructions fm Jews/Israel, just like Jewns.

So now we see Trump co-operates for the false-flag and psy-ops hoaxes, like Las Vegas and now lately, NYC truck running-overs, total hoaxes (even if some people were actually killed as alleged by such as Robert David Steele (see Jew tube)). Trump also co-operates for the criminal invasions of Syria and the other countries on behalf of Israel fm whom he takes instructions, for whom he works--it's "Israel first," not America, the scummy, criminal liar--more people need to get hip.

But the interesting thing is Ajax Jewns who went into conniptions today (Friday, the 3rd of Nov) on his show about the Hollywood child-molesting, ranting, yelling, and raving as he regularly and habitually does--the guy is palpably psychotic. And it occurred to me he's LITERALLY the great "golem" which kikes have created and are inflicting upon people of the West, but then HOW could Jewns be greater golem than Trump? For Trump is going to get us into war for sake of Israel, esp. against Iran (a), and (b) he's going to CENSOR the I-net, or see to it's happening, also for Israel--this on pretext of war and civil un-rest which is being contrived w. the totally fabricated and concocted "terrorism" of the Islamics which they've deliberately imported into Jew S A. See .

But I was listening (today, 3 Nov) to this piece-of-filth, Jewns, babbling on and on about child-pornography and even the snuff films in his supremely inimitable manner--not even Trump out-does Jewns in this idiot, moronic self-righteousness. And it occurred to me the cause and cult of SATANISM is being pushed far more so by scum like Jewns, as he's precisely the sort of golem who would and could do this pushing of satanism. Note I'm not saying Jewns is deliberate satanist; he's simply a brainless, moronic dupe who genuinely believes he's "righteous" and "good," stupid, scummy Pharisee.

Remember: satanism is extreme subjectivism by which one pretends to godly powers of creation of reality, reality held as product of mentality/consciousness--the original pretext is always pretending to "good" and inferiority-complex by which one obsessively wishes for good, to being good.

I NEVER FORGET hitlery during the campaign, in one of her speeches, in 2016, puffing Jewns, in her way--and I KNEW something was up--the creation of the Jew-friendly golem in this scummy puke, Ajax Jewns (

Jewns is such a perfect, stinking fool, no less than Harvey Weinstein or anyone, pretending he's rich and famous due to his own great abilities and talent, the stupid puke--thus is he the perfect GOLEM, a satanic creature concocted by Jews--no less than Winston Churchill was, fighting Hitler and Germany, etc.

Trump surely understands he's traitor pushing Israel first, but Jewns is just stupid and self-righteous enough to actually believe in his idiot "righteousness," moronic as it obviously is. Don't forget the recent litigation Jewns went through w. his ex-wife, Jewns required to be psychologically examined, and diagnosed as serious narcissist, believing so fervently in hubristic "free" will as he does and ALWAYS talks about on his show--Jewns the perfect golem, truly.

So we see the gross, traitorous conspiracy in plain sight before our very faces--the twin golem figures of Trump and Ajax Jewns, pushing satanism and "Israel-first." God help Jew S A and the masses of its TV-addicted morons.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Now Hoffman desperately diverts to another subject to hide his incompetence and lying about "usury," central-banking, etc.,....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...ica-first.html

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hoffman's Research, Scholarship Is Flawed, Questionable
(Apollonian, 22 Oct 17)

Hoffman: we notice u cut-off and excluded commentary for ur previous blog article, putting-up this latest article on George W, for distraction. After all, we KNOW what the game is, right?--it's "good-Jew" vs. "bad-Jew," right? On the left there's the atheistical "globalists" pushing Agenda-21 and -30 genocide, versus the "right" Jews of Christian-Zionists, neo-cons, and Trump pushing Israel-First.

In fact, there's strong evidence Trump is himself Jew: see

So who and what's top power?--it's the central-bank (legalized counterfeiting) which substitutes CURRENCY for real (commodity-based) money, enabling the nearly endless proliferation/replication of this fraudulent currency, devaluating the currency previously existing ("inflation")--see for expo.

And it's this "central-banking" criminal imposition of funny-money CURRENCY which is the real "usury" referenced in Bible--NOT the mere loaning, whether of money or currency--which u fail to note in all ur incompetent exposition and "research," including ur book, "Usury...."

And the question is, Hoffman: what is ur ref. in Bible for "usury" being mere loaning of money?--u don't have one--and u lie when u tell people "usury" is loaning of money. So give us the citations fm the Bible which founds and underlies ur work and book--what's so difficult about this?