Saturday, July 14, 2018

Good gravy, but isn't it obvious satanists making use of simple MONOPOLY to dictate to stupid goyim goons and puke?....

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Satanists Making Use Of MONOPOLY, Suckers
(Apollonian, 14 Jul 18)

Observe, Jew-tube now operates as in-ur-face MONOPOLY, saying it's their "private-property" when fact is Jew tube and their Google parent were first built by means of TAX-PAYER funds and gov. subsidies.

So this is fraud by Jew-tube, pretending they're private prop.--when they're actually, simply tax-payer funded UTILITY, obligated to the tax-payer and citizenry, and they're now defrauding the citizenry and tax-payers. Penalty is TREASON, and it is truly gruesome punishment--so it might take awhile before retribution is brought.

But note further, Big-Pharma, which is in business of killing people (and they know very well what they're doing) w. the deadly drugs and vaccines pushed by establishment medical monopoly, is COERCIVE monopoly by the various means, just like ALL the other monopolies--HOW do u KNOW this (about monopolization) for certain?--just look at the top MONOPOLY of them all, which has EXCLUSIVE right to issuing the currency (not real money), the central-bank, literally legalized counterfeiting of US Federal Reserve. See for definitive expo on central bank; use their search engine.

And as people observe, SOME of them understand that w. every new issue of wave after wave in this evermore nearly INFINITE ocean of "currency" that's evermore put-out, the newly issued currency DE-VALUES the currency that already exists in circulation. It's all called "inflation" for obvious reasons.

And HOW is it central-bank has right to ripping people off as their currency is devalued by the new issues of the new waves of currency?--see the fraudulent, criminal nature of legalized counterfeiting and central-banking? Just ask urself WHY is counterfeiting held to be a crime?

Thus this central-bank inevitably owns and controls EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY, beginning w. all politicians and judges, then the Jews-media, then public edjumacation--the central bank being the ULTIMATE monopoly which controls ALL the other monopolies--ALL of them without exception.

And the central-bank oligarchs are who and what are behind the drive to world dictatorship featuring GENOCIDE and mass-murder of Agenda-21 and -2030 (look it up, suckers)--see how it works.

For satanism is a death-cult by necessity and nature, and it's only satanic force that's ultimately behind such monopolistic criminal enterprise, founded upon central-banking, the central-bank giving satanists the means, providing the instrument/weapon--CURRENCY--taking away the protection for the people of real money, commodity-based, hence gold/silver, which is limited in amount and FINITE.

Satanists sucker the stupid goyim by telling them they need INFINITE currency which will rescue them when they run-out. And the stupid, brainless puke beleeeeeeeeeeeev it and go-along, imagining they're such brilliant advanced thinkers to have hit upon idea of INFINITE currency--for now it's replaced real money which is limited in amount, ho ho ho oho, the dumbasses are led to beleeeeeeeev, poor, stupid scum.

Brainless puke imagine "satanism" is mere "religion," but actually it's built upon SIMPLE philosophy, extreme subjectivism, the idea that reality is mere creation of mind/consciousness, these subjects now making themselves God, the creator.

The goons further cannot grasp that the topmost masterminds of satanism are the ones who share a COLLECTIVISTIC subjectivism and consciousness--no less than gangs of criminals. And these collectivistic subjectivists are most organized, cohesive, and "connected," extremely well-led, w. most effective and successful "group-think"--these are the Jews, suckers--see,, and And now u see why and how a small minority can leverage and manipulate larger numbers of fools, morons, suckers, and goons.

For observe the gentile satanists are notoriously dis-connected, individualistic, and isolated fm one another, whereas Jews are UNIVERSAL, organizing the goons and scum gentile satanists, giving them leadership and direction. Observe all the leading Bolsheviks were Jews--observe all the leading central-bankers are Jews or Jew lickspittles, serving the Jews and their satanistic God.

And be sure not to confusing and conflating "Jew" w. Judean--they're not same, Jew defined as followers of Pharisees who led only about 5% of Judeans at time of Christ, the middle-class party.

So try to getting a clue, morons: it's essential to knowing what exactly satanism is, at root--(extreme) subjectivism. And Christianity, the REAL thing, is worship of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence the OBJECTIVE reality, necessary basis of truth--see how it works? And now u see how and why Jews absolutely HATE Christianity, eh?

Thursday, July 12, 2018

satanic system/order must be grasped--it has a practical basic component, central-bank, AND the abstract, psychologic, idealist component too....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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satanic Order And System MUST Be Understood
(Apollonian, 12 Jul 18)

Fetzer: the only thing that can happen w. Twitter (and others, including their satanic co-conspirators) is the FULL PENALTY to TREASON--but they don't think that will ever happen. And indeed, it isn't clear exactly when or how these criminals will be brought to account.

For only public executions serve as the necessary deterrent--the idea of SURE justice--which nowadays is mere joke to legions of over-populated, HUBRISTIC, satanic fools, scum, suckers, goons, and morons who now dominate the degenerate culture/society/economy in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

For as there's "strength in numbers," Twitter imagines they're just a few among many, many others who came long before them, the Central-bank (US Federal Reserve) having now been around for over 100 yrs, putting-out nearly INFINITE currency (not real money) which steadily drains away the value of the currency already circulating--it's how the process works--see for expo; use their search-engine.

Such INFINITE currency soon enough takes-over the entire culture, buying, owning, and controlling all politicians, judges, the Jews-media (including Twitter), EVERYBODY and everything--don't u get it? And anyone not going along is subject to assassination by crack-heads of "the mob" who can be bought amazingly cheap--even Ron Paul has to watch-out.

So the satanists of satanism (extreme subjectivism, holding reality is created by consciousness/mentality, making themselves God, the creator) inevitably come to dominate every mature and past-mature culture/civilization/society, all in accord w. the CYCLIC nature and course of history, the best expositor of this surely being Oswald Spengler, in "Decline of the West."

It's important to note then the SIMPLE philosophic (though it's false philosophy) nature of satanism (extreme subjectivism) which merely hides itself within a "religious" cloak, replete w. mumbo-jumbo and fancy, elaborate ceremonies--like in Kubrick's movie, "Eyes Wide Shut." The philosophy at root of satanism remains extremely simple--subjectivism, by which one makes oneself God.

And it's this satanism which dear Christianity, worship of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) was instituted to combat--for such satanism (see JOHN 8:44) can never be totally removed, it cropping up over and over, esp. as cultures and civilizations succeed and prosper--they inevitably produce HUBRIS among the people, and satanism arises over and again.

And even establishment "Christianity," Prot., Cat., Orthodox, all of them, itself has been taken-over by these modern satanists--as of the Vatican--as we see. So-called "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo) "evangelicals" are among greatest supporters of Israeli terror-state.

Finally, remember the satanists of the central-bank at the top can roll-out and produce, almost miraculously, practically ANY amount of currency--and this is what's happened w. Twitter and others--u want a million dollars?--no?--how about a billion? And if they don't play-along to doing as the institutionalized satanists demand, assassins will simply be hired--see how it works?--it's fool-proof long as the currency is still accepted by the people.

So it's ultimately this satanism u and "the people" are up against, Fetzer; u need to figure this all out--"Twitter" is mere particular manifestation. History teaches us the satanic system is fool-proof, and continues to work until it finally falls of its own weight, as in way of currency-collapse and hyper-inflation. Patriots can only help this process of eventual currency collapse along, in way of precipitating it and preparing and informing the people as it happens.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Of course we MUST have satanism and anarchy--how else to treat w. stupid, corrupt, hubristc scum called, "the people," vastly over-populated?....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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satanism Will Prevail Long As People Are Stupid, Worshipping Lies Like Central-Bank
(Apollonian, 11 Jul 18)

Sure, this all may be true, as the writer, Nolte, says, but don't doubt Trump himself is all in on it--or at least those Jews and neo-cons who control, fund, and finance him (Trump), like the Jew, Sheldon Adelson.

Keep the stupid goyim fighting one another is obvious and age-old stratagem, men against women, old vs. young, diff. races, etc.--extreme cog. dissonance. After all, the central bankers (see, use their search engine) own the Jews-media, all politicians and judges, everything and everybody.

And in a corrupt society in CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, fomenting such chaos and anarchy works, the stupid, over-populated puke, called "the people," overwhelmingly impelled by HUBRIS and eventually, like now, outright satanism--extreme subjectivism, mind/consciousness held as creator of reality, basis of non-existent "good-evil" and/or moralism-Pharisaism--whence stupid, brainless scum, like "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo) heretics say Christ was Jew.

Can anything be done?--only very little, like the real Christianity, hence ANTI-SEMITISM, Christ = truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against satanic lies (JOHN 8:44). For Christianity, the real thing, upholds OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality, necessary foundation for "truth," don't forget.

Meantime Satanists, led by Jews, will continue to prevail long as their central-bank, legalized counterfeiting scam, keeps pumping-out intrinsically worthless CURRENCY, not real money, and the over-populated goons and suckers keep accepting it as they do, the poor, brainless scum.

Monday, July 9, 2018

About 9/11: Jews essentially say, "sure we did it, gentile scum--and WHAT do u think u'll do about it, suckers?"--ho ho ho ho....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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Induction, Objectivity Indicts, CONVICTS Jews, Satanists
(Apollonian, 9 Jul 18)

This is another incredible, great article by Bollyn w. crushing, smashing, over-whelming INDUCTIVE evidence, which induction is stock science and legal investigation procedure. Gather the evidence, and now look at likely suspects--Jews, foremost criminals and satanists (see,, and

So what's next step?--kikes of Israel are OBVIOUSLY number one suspects--or at least among the topmost, eh?

So now, in science and logic, including for legal investigations, the LEAD SUSPECT MUST start "talking turkey" and begin explaining why they shouldn't be suspected and indicted (formally accused) and put-up for trial as culprits.

But is that even conceivable in this age of Jew dominance?--suspecting the kikes?--isn't that anti-semitism?--ho ho ho ho ho. And indeed, that's kike's only defense, isn't it? The over-whelming evidence pt.s to Jews, but no matter, u can't suspect or accuse Jews as that's anti-semitism, right? What a brilliant defense, eh?--ho ho ho ho ho.

But then again, isn't that just CONFIRMATION of the necessary and indicated accusation/indictment?--the FACT that Jews actually don't deny they're guilty, do they?--they just say u can't do it (suspect or accuse them) as it's anti-semitism. According to kikes, it's "immoral" to observe evidence and suspect and indict kikes--regardless the facts of reality, ho ho ho ho.

And when u stop to think about it all, we begin to realize the horrific TRUTH--kikes DID 9/11, and they essentially ADMIT IT in their back-handed way, don't they? "Sure, we did it, u scummy goyim, but what are u gonna do about, maggots?"--ho ho ho ho ho ho oho.

Cui Bono?--WHO BENEFITED fm 9/11, suckers?--it was Jews, wasn't it? Thus stupid goyim of Jew S A started wars against Jews' enemies, created refugees, and now they're invading Europe and West, eh?--Jews love it, don't they?

So HOW does this Jew criminality and dominance in-ur-face CONTINUE to prevail?--is it because it's a satanistic age, suffused in (extreme) subjectivism and moralism, the corrupt people pretending and insisting upon "moral" virtue above any other value, elevating moralism/Pharisaism above truth, facts, reality, honesty, integrity, and even life itself?

Thus as moralism/Pharisaism is necessarily founded upon SUBJECTIVISM, foundation is laid for satanism, which is simply extreme subjectivism, consciousness/mentality creating reality, making oneself God the creator--Jews being most adept, successful, organized, and "connected" collectivistic subjectivists, thus dominating the far more isolated, dis-connected, dis-organized subjectivists among stupid goyim.

Observe further, the Jew "midrash" (interpretation) ideal of Talmud which elevates subjectivism, the very method of Judaism by which they rule and dominate the moronic, corrupt, stupid goyim, and which such "midrash" and "Oral Law Tradition" Christ condemned in New Test. in the name of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), which truth has no meaning without the OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality.

So gentiles must re-capture the REAL Christianity, worship of truth (= Christ), above all, including the implicit, necessary anti-Semitism. And if u're not anti-Semitic, u ain't no Christian, sucker.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

satanic society, hist. era must be understood in terms of "theory" and "practical" effects, "theory" and psychology behind actual practice....

Below-copied by ap first submitted at comments,

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Theory And Practice Of ZOG Satanism And Dictatorship
(Apollonian, 7 Jul 18)

I. Practice--The Weapon/Instrument: The Central-Bank

Of course Jews-media is liars who lie, working for their masters and owners, the MONOPOLISTS who issue the CURRENCY (not real money) at the central bank of Jew S A, the US Federal Reserve Bank (the "fed")--see for expo; use their search engine.

So what's a dictatorship?--it's a MONOPOLY, right?--and what do u think the Fed is? Is it then any wonder this horrific monopoly gains evermore hold and control over everything, all politicians and judges for politics?--"big Pharma," the Jews-media; they have control of edjumacation--everything--how could they NOT control everything when they can put-out nearly ENDLESS currency?--financing anything and everything.

So that's their practical/existential weapon, the central bank, but then what is their weapon in theory, the abstract, psychologic, "ideologic"?--that would be the SATANIC mentality/consciousness

II: Ideology/psychology of Satanism

Necessarily and concomitant w. the practical/existential weapon of the central-bank is the ideologic/psychologic--that satanic mentality borne of HUBRIS, esp. when a culture and society becomes mature and established, the people of that culture now corrupt and hubristic--they want to pretend they're "good" and "morally virtuous"--even though there's no such thing as "good-evil" which philosophers have yearned for but NEVER discovered for solid criterion.

So the people are programmed by satanic masterminds at top fm the beginning and birth that they must be "good" and "politically-correct," etc., never discovering there's no such thing--that they don't have a perfectly "free" will, that they can't be "good" or "evil."

Thus the hubristic and now over-populated people fail to grasping reality must be accepted, and that they're not God, capable of changing this reality--that they don't have a perfectly "free" will.

Thus the corrupted culture in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler becomes so filled and dominated, suffused w. this gross HUBRIS, that the culture and society becomes SATANIC--all built upon (extreme) SUBJECTIVISM, idea that reality is product of consciousness/mentality--ESPECIALLY in way of "good-evil" and as propounded, for example, by Immanuel Kant; Bentham's Utilitarianism is another example.

Thus the satanists by means of this subjectivism imagine and BELEEEEEV now they're God, creator of reality, but it doesn't stop there, because the top satanists are and MUST BE collectivistic, colluding and co-operating upon a common expression of this satanist view, to making it practical and most effective--as in way of CENTRAL-BANKING, thus taking control of the whole society, exterminating any opposition, leveraging all the more isolated, "individualist" satanists among the population.

Thus u have Jews, the leading Satanists, most integrally "connected," organized, collectivistic subjectivists--doubt it?--see,, and to finding-out about Jew "midrash" (interpretation) by which they say Torah is only what they say it means--and which logic then extends to every aspect of reality, making themselves God.

Thus Jews rule, even though they're so few, out-numbered by goyim, yet they're far more ORGANIZED and "connected" by which such organization they absolutely DOMINATE the goyim.

And remember, Jews couldn't do all this cultural domination by themselves--they need the greater numbers of goyim helpers and less-organized satanists to help them and enforce their rule--look at the legion of "Judeo-Christian" goons and morons among goyim who support terror-state of Israel.

III. Conclusion

Thus the world, and the people need the real, anti-semitic Christianity as of Gosp. JOHN 8:44, Christ = TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (see Gosp. JOHN 14:6), which upholds the OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality (for how else is there such thing as truth?), hence the DETERMINED reality of absolute cause-effect, there being no perfectly "free" human will, and no "good-evil"--we're all sinners.

But now it looks like the satanists, led by Jews, presently control things, so disaster and catastrophe must take place, removing excess, over-populated goyim, victims of this satanism--and the survivors must take heed.

Thus humanity must REMOVE the central-banks and re-assert 10th Amendment of US Constitution and sovereignty of states, esp. in way of NULLIFICATION--there's no "good-evil" which is for children and dogs, and the real Christianity is vehicle of OBJECTIVITY of reality, hence necessarily anti-semitic (anti-satanic).

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

"Deep-state" is satanic, satanism, and ONLY serious Christian movement will have any real effect(s)....

Below-copied by ap first submitted at comments,

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Removing "Deep State" NOT NOT NOT Like Removing Bad Tooth
(Apollonian, 4 Jul 18)

"[K]ill the deep state"?--u mean remove Jews?--impossible for Trump, absolutely un-thinkable, inconceivable. Trump's very purpose is "Israel-first," above all, and nothing other--this has been known fm Trump's very first statements. Don't forget Trump's false-flag way back in April 2017 when he used pretext of "chem-attack" for bombing, Tomahawking Syria.

"[K]ill the deep state"?--then one must "kill" that engine of prosperity (ho ho ho ho ho), the central-bank, which churns-out nearly INFINITE "currency"--not real money which is necessarily FINITE (limited in amount--see for expo, use their search engine). Were Trump to even begin to imagining removal of central-bank, Jews-media, owned and operated by central-bank powers, would roast Trump un-endingly, there'd be false-flags, etc.

ONLY thing which will remove deep-state (hence Jews and their central-bank instrument) is the real, hence anti-semitic, Christianity (worship of TRUTH = Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6, affirming OBJECTIVE reality) by the presently over-populated goons, scum, filth, puke, morons, suckers, and TV-addicts among "the people," which is impossible without many, many, many of them being killed-off, which will require FAILURE of central-bank, thus HYPER-INFLATION, up-coming, soon enough.

Observe, just for example, foremost supporters of Israeli terror-state are the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) scum, liars, and heretics who say Christ was Jew, who are legion--who are notorious Trump-supporters. Jews control ENTIRE "Christian" establishment, Cat. and Prot.--all of them, without exception.

Don't forget Trump's buddy, Giuliani, Mayor of Jew York on 9/11. Jeff Sessions took MAJOR funds fm Israeli interests--that's why u have DOJ (Justice) actively stone-walling, Jew, Rod Rosenstein, stalling, subverting Congress--why hasn't hitlery been indicted?--think she ever will be?--hoho ho ho ho ho.

Central-bank is literally legalized counterfeiting, and the puke, called "people," cannot for the very life of them grasp diff. btwn "currency" and real money--never have, never will.

US Dollar and "petro-dollar" will only gradually give way to the new gold-backed Yuan (or any genuine money standard), so there will still be great struggle, turmoil, and disasters to keeping people terrorized, confused, ignorant, de-moralized, and mis-led.

Thus I keep telling folks, only the REAL Christianity will adequately guide the survivors of the people, and that means serious anti-semitism--anti-satanism, hence anti-subjectivism. And if u're NOT anti-semitic, u ain't no Christian, sucker. If u're not anti-semitic, u're just a satanist or dupe thereof. It's truth vs. lies; Christ vs. satanism; humanity vs. Jews, Jews leaders of satanists, satanism.

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Jim Fetzer July 4, 2018 at 8:54 AM

Yes. I voted for Bill twice and for Barack twice as well. When it came to Hillary, there was no real choice. We live and learn. I am optimistic that Trump will actually kill the Deep State. Major revelations from the DNC server out today, 4 July 2018! How appropriate!

BuelahMan July 3, 2018 at 3:35 AM

Allow me to point out that Fetzer was an Obama Maniac.
Fetzer was a Drumpfter.
B'Man warned everyone about both of them BEFORE they were sElected.
Who has discernment and who does not?

Friday, June 29, 2018

satanism (a) EXISTS, (b) is simple and easy to unnastan', (c) and it spits in ur very face, before ur very eyes, suckers--and only suicidal morons will fail to heed....

Below essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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satanism: Culture Of Subjectivism And Death, Suckers
(Apollonian, 29 Jun 18)

Well now, just stop and think a bit: what ELSE would u advocate if u were SATANIST in a satanistic society? Thus satanists, qua satanism, demands the culture of death.

For note, the rational culture observes the objective reality, hence human nature of self-interest, hence individual freedom according to law and contract, hence property rights, etc. Satanism and satanists are necessarily against objective reality, u see--reality is only what THEY say (subjectivism).

For WHAT is satanism?--it's extreme subjectivism, idea reality is created by consciousness/mentality, making oneself God--satanism, by definition.

Thus Immanuel Kant, for example, laid the formal foundation on pretext of moralism. Everything (beginning in metaphysics) for Kant must be jury-rigged to enable "morality" and "moralism," otherwise non-existent idea of "good-evil," and for Kant, idea of DUTY, self-abnegation. Kant doesn't say WHY--he simply insists and declares this is necessary for morality.

So, u see, satanism is whatever u want to be true--like "good-evil" for Kant--or anything.

So now we see the satanists, in guise of "anti-fascists" demanding things and declaring we all must do as they say, because they say so.

Thus everyone else must commit suicide for these satanists, hence leftists and liberals, as they're the arbiters of moralism and morality--because they say so.

Hence racism (loyalty to one's people/culture/ancestors, in accord w. 5th of original Ten Commandments, "honor thy parentage [race]") is "evil" according to these satanists/leftists--because they say so, u see.

And boys don't have to be boys; they can be girls if they want--subjectivism, u see.

So I hope u see now the satanic state of things cultural and sociologic which things have reduced to--it can get worse (DEATH--ON LARGEST SCALE, SUCKERS--in accord w. Agenda-21 and -2030 addendum), and these satanists intend to seeing things DO get worse.

Who are foremost and most dedicated, experienced, insistent, obsessed satanists?--who share an amazing sort of psycho-pathology, yet one that's amazingly successful?--see and, also practice "midrash" (interpretation) of the "Oral Law Tradition" by which anything is true if they say so. They killed Jesus Christ (= TRUTH, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and actually brag about it. And note "truth" could ONLY exist in an objective reality--which they hate and are sworn to destroy--at least in theory, concept, mind, and profession--do u doubt it? Ho ho ho ho ho ho