Tuesday, June 20, 2017

satanism--it's imported, then festers, then become dominant and invincible within corrupt, hubristic society, in "Decline of the West," by Spengler....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, but not published (yet anyway), at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...e-to-fear.html

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Hoffman's Gross Lies And Mis-Conceptions On Christianity, Bible, Ethics, And Lending-At-Interest
(Apollonian, 20 Jun 17)

Good gravy, but Hoffman sure packs a lot of buzz-words within a short paragraph. For what happens is the inexorable CYCLE of history in which a successful civilization breeds up generations of corrupt and hubristic moralists, like Hoffman, who pretends to "good-evil" and Pelagian heresy. For there's no one who's good; all are sinners who need God's grace and mercy for salvation. Hoffman desperately wants to pretend he's good, and there's his first, basic problem--he's got this fixated inferiority complex.

For then we see the satanists and Jews, Jews most organized of satanists decisively entering and affecting the corrupt society and culture of hubris, Jews establishing their regime founded on central-banking which is literally legalized counterfeiting. See Mises.org for expo on central-banking.

For what is satanism?--it's making oneself God the creator, this by means of (extreme) SUBJECTIVISM, the idea that mind/consciousness creates reality, making oneself God. Judaism is most notable and dominating variation of satanism as Jews are COLLECTIVISTIC, they all co-operating ("group-think") upon selected subjectivistic and self-serving issues, Jews well-led, most cohesive, and absolutely invincible once they establish their central-bank criminal enterprise by which they literally buy and control everything and everybody, directly or indirectly.

Hoffman then starts lying as he talks about, "...allowing the mortal sin of renting money." But Hoffman knows nothing about money, its distinction w. "currency," or even economics in general; he merely wants to pretend he's good and someone else is "evil," like "situation ethics," another thing about which he knows or says nothing. For ethics is mere logic btwn ends and means. Thus as means are consistent w. ends, those means are "ethical," by definition, and if the means are not consistent, they're not ethical--it isn't rocket-science.

For Christ is truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), truth necessarily dependent on the objective, God-given reality, and the enemy is lies and lying based upon the subjectivist view of reality, reality to subjectivists being merely what they say ("midrash," according to Pharisees and Talmud).

So the pt. in ethics and reason is that human reason is necessary to distinguish the objective reality, hence truth, and the Bible is merely advisory, a work of literature which seeks to conveying lessons and observations. Hoffman doesn't understand or even define "usury," so how does he pretend to pontificate about "mortal sin" or lending at interest?

So we see Hoffman's GROSS problems for his entire philosophy, so mis-conceived, and expo on Bible, human reason, ethics, economics, "usury," and lending at interest. Hoffman knows NOTHING and his advice is worse than worthless--it's dis-info and lies all founded upon gross ignorance and the desperate pretension to "good-evil."

Monday, June 12, 2017

National socialist failure to seeing Judaism as satanism....

Hitler's Anti-Semitic Philosophy In Proper Context: Satanism
(Apollonian, 12 Jun 17)

Our dear saint and hero, Adolf Hitler, is much demonized by the traditional enemies of truth, satanists, led by Jews, and we see it's easily done as Hitler was killed (evidently, though there's some propaganda lately to the contrary) as the brave and noble forces he led (which weren't only German) were defeated in WWII. Thus now Jews never let-up w. their constant lies and lying, esp. as in case of holohoax (see Codoh.com, Ihr.org, and ZundelSite.org for expo), but which holohoax is evermore tiresome, analyzed, and exposed for what it really is, just more of the typical Jew lies used to cover the Jews' mass-murders of gentiles, including nowadays Palestinians and Arabs, not to mention the poor victims of Jew Bolsheviks of earlier 20th cent., European, but also Asian too, in China, Korea, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Surely the greatest tragedy of Hitler and WWII is the failure of human unity against Jews and satanism, esp. for Europe and America, as Christian culture failed in horrific corruption--at least for the practical culture, if not the essence in the abstract--which abstract still serves the anti-semitic purpose. For Christianity is always worship of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew and satanic lies (JOHN 8:44). And surely, problem then is Jews were isolated and what was fatally left-out of the cultural/sociologic analytical picture was the larger satanism of which Judaism is specific part, Judaism the most active and leading element. See Talmudical.BlogSpot.com, RevisionistReview.BlogSpot.com, and Come-and-hear.com.

For many people understood Jews are anti-Christs, but they didn't so well understand Jews as satanists, not well understanding what Christianity or satanism really are--a great fault of the "Vatican" teaching. Too many among gentiles seem to think Christianity is mere mysticism, of mystic-type "faithful" wishing--what the Roman Catholic vatican preaches to all too great an extent, unfortunately--an idea or notion which couldn't be further fm the real truth. For Holy Spirit is Reason allied and fortified w. Honesty and Integrity, most of all, loyalty, hence "faith," properly understood, mere part of that integrity.

For Christianity, as worship of truth, is actually the cultural, social, and psychologic foundation of Western civilization--which the "vatican" too easily, too often overlooks, along w. the rest of society. Another problem is vatican is too often, by far too many, considered same as, equivalent to the "Church," which it isn't at all, vatican merely being an officialdom and/or bureaucracy--which vatican is nowadays and for too long past, actually a malignant cancer, poisoning the minds of too many, as noted by the heroic reformer, Martin Luther.

And what is satanism?--it's basically extreme subjectivism by which mind/consciousness poses as source of reality, effectively making the subject to be God the creator--or practically the same thing. True, if this extreme subjectivism is kept and practiced merely for the individual, it's most often mere psychosis, as in way of narcissism or psychopathology. But if this subjectivism is practiced by a group or collective, and applied for practical purposes, then it can be EXTREMELY effective, as we see in case of Jews, who rule our present societies, especially by means of central-banking (see Mises.org). And don't forget, most effective, successful criminal gangs are precisely these sort of group-think subjectivists, thoroughly persuaded in and for their own righteousness.

So we see Hitler and his national-socialist philosophy failed grievously to incorporate and align w. that potentially powerful true Christian element and anti-satanic essence--which horrendous failure Jews and satanists exploited. Of course, the Christian establishment failed and continues to fail for rational definition, even basic understanding of its mortal enemy, satanism, this ignorance surely great key to Jew victory, Jews enabled then to pretend they were and are simply another expression of the original Mosaic conception given in the Torah, first five books of Old Test. But Jews/Judaism are negation and absolute opposite and rejection of original Mosaic conception as Christ pt'd out, as in Gosp.s of MARK, ch 7, and MATT, ch 15, "nullifying the law of God, making it of no effect." See also Talmudical.blogspot.com, RevisionistReview.blogspot.com, and Come-and-hear.com for Talmudic expo.

Thus Jews were able to escape the actual and accurate perception that they are satanists (extreme subjectivists, but of a collectivist sort), foremost liars, criminals, psychopaths, and mass-murderers which the German volk understood well enough, but the other countries, esp. USA and UK (Britain) failed to grasp, caught-up in the cultural hubris and "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. For Jew-controlled central-banking criminal enterprise (legalized counterfeiting, literally) was actually thriving in those two empires, USA and UK, and the propaganda and media, totally owned and controlled by Jews, was too thick and too rapid for the corrupt Christian establishment to defeat, despite heroic efforts of such as Father Charles Edward Coughlin.

Thus Hitler's national-socialist philosophy, such as it was, adequate politically and sociologically to great degree, failed for basic premises, being rather a pragmatic expression of Schopenhauer and Kantian "moralism," adopting the same sort of altruistic-type, collectivistic-oriented ethics (socialism), hence then, necessarily a subjectivistic metaphysics, clashing then w. the necessary Christian objectivity, foundation of truth (= Christ).

Thus Jews were able to exploit this horrendous and significant conflict of philosophy btwn Nat. Socialism and Christianity, Christianity too easily understood and expressed by its corrupt establishment as mere mysticism, Jews insisting they, as "atheists," were most rational, at least most "scientific." Thus we observe the continuing demonization of Hitler by Jews, though their stupid lies (like holohoax) wear evermore thin, tiresome, and even insulting to the intelligence of humanity.

Friday, June 9, 2017

satanic power(s) triumph once again, as in Brit. elections, Israeli attack against USS Liberty down "memory hole"....

Latest satanic Triumphs
(Apollonian, 9 Jun 17)

Well folks, satanists have done well, this day, the election in UK having gone according to plan, the Prime Minister (PM), May, having brilliantly sabotaged the (ruling, but now much weakened) party supposed to lead Britain OUT of the European Union (EU). See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uO0tJx9KPvY. Don't forget, satanists did brilliantly in France a couple weeks ago w. election of Macron over Le Pen.

The immediate goal is (a) cognitive dissonance (confusion), (b) leading to civil strife, (c) martial law, and culminating in (d) REMOVAL OF FREE I-NET, leading eventually to (e) population-reduction (genocide, suckers). Removal of I-net was/is, u'll note, explicit goal of the PM, May.

Meantime, note this is the anniversary (within a day or two) of the USS Liberty attack (1967) by Israel, but no one says anything, see https://consortiumnews.com/2017/05/2...e-uss-liberty/, least of all Mr. "America first" Trump, slave to and flunkey for Israel.

And so u see how the pretended opponents work hand-in-hand, the "globalists" on "left" vs. Israel and "neo-cons" of the pretended right?--both dominated by Jews, both always and only working for good of kike filth, heck w. the goyim, the goyim far tooooo stupid to understanding and uniting against it.

Remember, however, the Jews/satanists don't CAUSE the hubris, degeneration, and total corruption, they merely TAKE ADVANTAGE of it and work it all to their advantage and purposes, against the stupid goyim, the GOYIM ACTUALLY NEEDING DE-POPULATION and removal, Jews/satanists then only serving a necessary purpose and function.

And this infernal, satanic game works infallibly, so brilliantly, as LONG AS THE CENTRAL-BANKS continue issuing-out that funny-money, the fiat-currency (a), and (b) the evermore worthless currency is accepted by the stupid goons who make up so much of "the people," the stupid, brainless, OVER-POPULATED puke.

And the over-populated puke, our dear "people," will ONLY begin to changing their ways regarding this horrific cultural HUBRIS and satanism, (a) when so many of them have been killed-off, one way or another, and (b) when the currency finally collapses and is widely repudiated. Meantime, the only thing that can be done is the training and conditioning of the leadership cadre among the people for leadership of the remnant of survivors to this presently raging satanism.

The solution to problems isn't difficult: aside fm a true Christian (hence anti-semitic, anti-satanic) revival in general, (a) then more specifically, states-rights, featuring nullification and secession, and (b) real (commodity-based) money, like gold/silver.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

People are just toooooooooo brainlessly stupid--how we get fascism under satanic conditions, "Decline of the West," by Spengler....

Fascist Justification: People Are Toooooooooooooo Stupid, NEED Dictatorship
(Apollonian, 25 May 17)

Ho ho hoh oho, it would be funny if it weren't so pathetic: Twitter banned WND (WorldNetDaily.com) for linking Democrat official/operative w. Seth Rich case, see https://www.prisonplanet.com/twitter...rich-case.html. It's criminal collusion and conspiracy, and it's DIRECT effect of the criminal monopoly status of Twitter, following fm the monopoly/cartel of the central bank and "deep-state" powers behind it.

Duhhhhhh, what, huh?--say the brainless scum, called the "people," hoho ho oh ho. The stupid puke ("the people") are brought to think, geeeeee, but we need the central bank, don't we?--ho ho o ho ho. Hint: central-bank is a (a) monopoly, allowed to legally counterfeit the currency--replicate, nearly endlessly, currency units, which isn't real money, which real money would necessarily be commodity-based, hence finite in quantity, hence impossible to replicate.

(b) It, the central bank, IS A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, regardless it is legalized. For HOW can u legalize a fundamentally criminal enterprise? So naturally, this criminal enterprise is going to favor clients which persuade the people--the suckers--that we need a central-bank, that it's legitimate enterprise/operation.

So, as the people go along w. this central-banking criminality, the powers ("deep-state") consider, quite understandably, that the people tacitly approve the fascist state which now just so happens to be mass-murdering the people, even if by slow-kill methods, poison vaccines, poison prescription drugs, these enforced upon the people by the courts, poison GMO foods, poison, fluoridated water supplies, poison "chem-trails," and toxic radiation, both fm electro-magnetic sources and also nukes, etc.

That's why now, at this pt. ZOG (Zionist occupation...) must remove the free Internet, u see--can't let the people get informed, too dangerous, u see--"dangerous" for the ZOG deep state, that is, for sure.

Thus ZOG is sponsoring the false-flags and hoaxes, as the fake bombing lately in Manchester, Eng., doing all sorts of terrorism against people of the West, sponsoring liars like Ajax Jewns (InfoWars.com) to help "catapult" the propaganda and lies of Trump about "Islamic terrorism," etc. Ajax and Trump are on side of the "good" Jews, u see.

So the goal is "cognitive dissonance," as much confusion as possible, Trump complaining about "fake" news, but himself lying and denouncing "terrorism," which is exclusive product of West, CIA, MOSSAD, FBI, NATO, MI6, including then satellites like Saudis and Pakis, the "refugees" simply ANOTHER weapon used by ZOG deep-state by which, in England and Europe, as we see, the gov. works to suppress free-speech, etc.--same thing is going on now evermore here in Jew S A too.

People have to get wise. Only Jews are benefitting, fools. But it looks like things have to keep getting worse and worse for people and the survivors to start getting wise to things. People need the REAL Christianity, anti-satanic (Gosp. JOHN 8:44) and anti-semitic.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Behold Trump, flunkey, errand-boy, captive figure-head for satanic kike filth, working for war, suppression of the I-net--that's what's working, suckers....

Behold Trump: Captive, Hostage, Figure-Head, Errand-Boy, Flunkey For Kike satanic Filth
(Apollonian, 22 May 17)

Dumb brainless puke ("the people") of Jew S A are slowly beginning to realize what utterly impotent flunkey is Trump, the pretended "alpha male" and mafia don, now mere errand-boy for kike filth of Israel, going to Saudi to set-up for big, coming attack against Iran, evidently. No word about the murderous, illegal war Saudis are waging against neighboring Yemen.

Meantime, his kike son-in-law, Kushner, plots behind Trump's back, assisted by his whore of a wife, Ivanka, Trump's daughter.

And now we have George Soros, another kike, setting up for domestic disturbances, all this to justify declaring martial law and suppression of the free I-net.

For economic disaster is what's happening folks, even as we speak, and all this warfare and domestic rioting is what will complicate things, diverting attn. of the people, covering for the dictatorship we're steadily falling into. Republican neo-cons and Rinos say nothing and do nothing, u notice. Jeff Sessions the Attorney General says he wants to prosecute marijuana smokers.

Of course, NOTICE there's no talk in the Jews-media about the Seth Rich murder or cover-up, no talk about pizza-gate, or Clinton Foundation scandal, or the IRS scandal suppressing the T-party, or the arms to Mexican drug-cartels ATF scandal, or Obola's phony b.-certificate, and phony soc. sec. card--it's all been suppressed by Trump's kike handlers for whom he works. "America first"?--what a joke, u poor brainless fools.

Instead, what have u got?--24-7 lies and idiot crap about the "Russia-connection," ho ho ho ho ho--I kid u not, and the stupid, brainless fools of America just take it in, the dumb bastards. Now u see how satanism works and reigns supreme, Jews at the controls.

ONLY thing that will work, that can possibly work is a united anti-satanism, hence anti-semitism, behind and along w. the real, hence anti-semitic, Christianity, u poor, ignorant, cowardly scum--that and the decisive break-up of Jew S A by means of states-rights, nullification, and secession--and real money, gold and silver. Get a clue to saving ur idiot lives, fools.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The way satanist fascists work, censorship, suppression upon false premises....

Fascist Censorship Problem At Mises.Org
(Apollonian, 18 May 17)

I've a problem w. the Mises.org institute, specifically regarding the article blogs section fm which now I've been un-reasonably banned, censored, and suppressed, and I want to specifically bring this to attn. of Deist.

I've attempted to sending msgs to both the Mises.org site for general msgs, and I've also sent to McMaken, the person in charge of the article blogs section, and I get no response.

So what's happened is my general thesis, a serious, substantial thesis, carefully defined, for the the cultural malady of what I characterize as "satanism" is evidently being used as excuse and pretext for banning, censorship, and deliberate, fascist-style suppression.

Evidently, as there's no word fm McMaken, the pretext for this banning, censorship, and suppression is the so-called "religious" nature, the idea of "religion" being left as something un-defined and then supposedly anti-thetical and/or irrelevant to Mises.org, this "satanism" even to be understood as offensive.

But as I note in my discourse over several, even DOZENS of notes in several and numerous blogs and comments there at Mises.org, this "satanism" is ALWAYS used in a clinical, quite secular manner, namely extreme subjectivism, "satanism" being mere characterization. And I would submit my note at comments section, https://mises.org/blog/states-are-re...#disqus_thread, as illustrative case-in-pt., as it's there my following note was used as pretext for banning, censorship.

So I'm trying to bring this to people's attn., including now Deist, and pt. is my legitimate thesis is being outrageously censored and suppressed which ought not to happen for a supposedly "libertarian" -spirited site and organization as Mises.org. Rather, I think its most appropriate for pursuing discussion in very spirit I explicitly invoke in that comments thread, and indeed, other threads there too, at the site. Thanks for ur help in this matter.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Deep-state playing w. Trump, like cat w. mouse, Trump mere flunkey for Israel first....

satanists/Jews Still Aiming, Want To Kill Mighty I-Net
(Apollonian, 18 May 17)

Ho ho ho ho--today, 17 May 17 Hannity monologue (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00H-fGzz_3g), he says there are 5 groups aligned against Trump, media, Dems, Deep state, never trumpers, and neo-cons, but NOT KIKES, o ho ho ho ho--and that's all Trump cares about. But problem is kikes will sell him out--like they've done w. Mueller, former FBI head now appointed spec. prosecutor by the moron, Sessions, ho o ho ho ho. "Deep state" continues to play w. Trump and voters like cat w. mouse.

Additionally, it's reported Trump's son-in-law, Kushner, met w. Russkies, and didn't tell Trump. Finally, one last little tid-bit: remember Seth Rich, the DNC staffer shot in the back, but nothing taken fm him?--he evidently was leaking to Wikileaks. So was he killed for such leaking?--quite possibly--and now we see what Trump is up against, facing same fate as JFK. Regardless, Trump works for Israel and Jews first, never forget.

So the pt. is Trump can do nothing to very little, ONLY what his Jew/Israel controllers allow, and Jews/Israel are not going to sell-out their "deep-state," globalist partners. Trump is just a pawn, pathetic fool. What does deep-state AND Israel fear most?--the free I-net, and they're working to destroy it as serious information.

So deep-state is playing Trump like cat w. mouse, and the American people are being played too, evermore without leadership, Trump neutralized, compromised. But still, the simple, obvious observation is the SATANIC strangle-hold; if only enough Americans can grasp this satanism and how it's working--it isn't difficult.