Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Hoffman, so busy virtue-signaling, can't figure-out simplest inductive logic regarding the satanic culture we have....

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Does Hoffman Understand Simplest Inductive Logic And Method?
(Apollonian, 4 Oct 17)

Hoffman: what's ur problem?--I'll tell u what it is. Ur problem is u don't care about logic, and this is why u admonish ur good correspondents, and even call them names. Because ur good commenters here, above, are supplying u w. good conclusions and observations founded in the best INDUCTION and scientific method, which works by means of particulars moving then to general conclusion. So let me now go over the specifics:

(a) USA and West are entirely under a SATANIC regime, this regime founded solidly upon CENTRAL-BANKING (see for expo) which is literally legalized counterfeiting, having replaced real money, commodity-based, gold/silver being best, which can't be counterfeited, this real money now replaced w. "fiat"-CURRENCY which can be nearly infinitely replicated/proliferated ("inflation"), the currency previously existing now devalued by the evermore new currency being issued, the people now methodically despoiled, defrauded, and enslaved.

(b) Who then runs this overall SATANIC regime?--wouldn't it be the foremost Satanists?--those Satanists who make themselves co-equal w. God, whom u urself admit are "self-worshippers"? And while far more gentiles are Satanists (extreme subjectivists, holding consciousness the creator of reality), wouldn't the most organized, most cohesive Satanists naturally dominate against those gentile Satanists who are far more isolated fm one another, far less organized and cohesive, gentiles in fact dominated by foremost Satanists--like the masons are dominated by aforementioned far more organized, cohesive Satanists, masons taking orders therefrom?

(c) Who dominates the central-banking network?--isn't it these same foremost Satanists?--like Rothschilds and Sons of London, England for one, Moses Seif Israel Bank of Milan, Italy, for another?--not to mention the Rothschilds of Paris France? And who are the "Chairmen" of the US Federal Reserve?--aren't they of same foremost Satanists, like present-day Yellen, who followed Ben Bernanke?--who followed Alan Greenspan? etc.

(d) Who contributes 70% of national Democratic Party campaign funding?--isn't it these foremost Satanists?

(e) Doesn't Israeli terror-state get all raw NSA data without data being first screened fm American (USA) source?--doesn't this simple fact demonstrate absolute control, dominance, and mastery?--much like the mastery of the plantation owners of Haiti over their slaves?

So Hoffman why aren't these specific facts and observations significant for the INDUCTIVE CONCLUSION as to WHO it is at the top controlling, dominating, manipulating?--including for the relatively small-potatoes event recently in Las Vegas?

Given the proper inductive and scientific method, Hoffman, I'd say it's now ur obligation to DISPROVE that Jews aren't at the bottom of it all regarding latest Las Vegas incident--and ur good correspondents, above, are simply following logic and common sense and providing most excellent info for u--which u now reject as u merely want to flash cheap virtue-signaling to ur clients, the Jews, whom u imagine can ONLY be criticized by u as u imagine u occupy some kind of exalted position of the Pharisaic version of moralism.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Hoffman has it explained to him in simplest terms--but I have little hope the stupid shit can grasp, ho ho ho ho....

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satanism Is Subjectivism, Besets Culture, Society
(Apollonian, 20 Sep 17)

Hoffman: I suggest to u the program which is being pushed, in general, is satanism. So WHAT is satanism, exactly?--it's basically, at root, extreme subjectivism, the idea all reality is product of consciousness/mentality, thus making oneself God, the creator. Judaism then is just a collectivistic version/variation of this basic Satanism by which Jews cooperate upon practical goals, the Jews being most organized and best led towards ends of this GROUP-THINK process.

Christ (= truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) opposes this subjectivism/Satanism, by means of the implicit, God-given OBJECTIVE reality, the necessary criterion/basis for any "truth."

This basic philosophic/theologic dichotomy, objective vs. subjective, is at root of conflict NOT ONLY btwn Judaism vs. Christian, but the even more general satanism, there being MANY more gentile satanists than Jews, BUT Jews able to organize, direct, manipulate, and manage these Satanists towards particular ends and goals. The satanists then, in general, though still being a minority among all the people, are thus more capable, by means of Jew leadership, of intimidating and manipulating the people in general for political/cultural purposes.

Primary practical instrument for Satanists and Satanism is the CENTRAL-BANK (see for expo) by which CURRENCY, not real money, is forced upon the people, this currency then proliferated/replicated ("inflation") which steadily devalues the currency units previously issued, the people despoiled, defrauded, and steadily enslaved--as we see.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

satanism is sooooo in-ur-face now, Jew S A ought to change name to "satanism Inc."....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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Face Up To Spectre Of Satanism, Now Definitively Ruling
(Apollonian, 24 Aug 17)

Dr. Eowyn: u gotta finally figure-out the satanists have decisively taken-over, so what good Christians who worship truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) must do is (a) to note this fact regarding ascension of satanists, who push Agenda-21 and -30 genocide, and then (b) WHAT EXACTLY satanism is, which is extreme subjectivism, the idea that reality is creation of consciousness, the subject thus making himself God, the creator. (c) The only next step is to organize and make this extreme subjectivism to be COLLECTIVISTIC--"group think," but well-led, achieving such an amazing scam like central-banking, legalized counterfeiting (see for expo), by which these satanists own and control everything and practically everyone, paying them off w. CURRENCY, nearly infinitely proliferated, now substituted for real money.

First step for folks then is to realize and face this simple fact about satanism ascendant and dominant, then WHAT exactly it is--it really isn't difficult. Note Christianity explicitly opposes this satanism and subjectivism, Christ demonstrating the triumphant Resurrection of truth which cannot be killed--why?--because it's founded upon the God-given, objective reality, which cannot be killed or wished-away. And note by means of central-banking, satanists have bought-off all the establishment churches, Cath. and Prot. Thank the Lord for the I-net, instrument of the Holy Spirit

Saturday, August 19, 2017

satanists, "deep-state" so heavily, intensively, prominently, even DESPERATELY at work, it's almost rather funny, just begging for someone to pop their little bubble, ho ho oh ho ho....

Satanic "Deep State" Steadily, Busily, Intensively At Work To Terrorize People, Destroy Western Culture, Start War
(Apollonian, 19 Aug 17)

God almighty, but satanic "deep state" is BUSY--just ck the front page for today, still 19 Aug 17, w. all the latest headlines and click-bait topicalities (for the air-brain morons and "snow-flakes"), ho ho ho ho ho, extending esp. to the "sports" section too, don't forget--for all the "sports" junkies among the scum who are called, "the people." The last week's headlines were similar.

Note also Donald Trump is INTEGRAL part to all this satanic programming and psy-ops, including the latest psy-op at Charlottesville, Va., where the state of Va., including the satanic "deep-state," lured in people of general patriotism for preservation of the Confederate monuments and statues--AND THEN ordered a "stand-down" of police protection as they allowed and encouraged the "antifa" scum and thugs to literally beat-up and assault the rightists, patriots, and "white-nationalists." THIS IS STATE TERRORISM, suckers, and u brainless stupid scum out there, pretending to be "the people" of the nation need to get a clue, u dumb b*st*rds.

The people who suffered fm these assaults have excellent grounds for suing the state, the police, and the politicians involved, including the governor and the mayor of the city. Further, it's CONSPIRACY by G. Soros and the other satanists who contrived and organized all this mayhem and rioting (literally), and they should be arrested and prosecuted, which they won't be, and the poor dumb b*st*rds of the nation, "the people," have no leadership, certainly not any real Christian leadership or guidance, betrayed by Trump and other "neo-cons" and "Rinos." The poor, stupid, brainless scum of Jew S A, dumb puke.

So, looking at the headlines, as I noted, above, on the front page, we have, "White Supremacists Didn't Show Up In Boston, But These Awesome Signs Did." So all conservatives and "white nationalists" are now "supremacists"--such is the satanic "deep-state" treatment--get the picture?--it's "rocket-science," isn't it? Actually seems rather desperate measures by these scummy satanists, I must say, and incidentally, that headline is fm "Huffington Post," ho ho ho oho. What else is new?--ho ho ho oho.

Another headline, fm JewsWeek (ho oho ho) is "Boston Free Speech Rally Ends Early After 15K Counter-Protesters Drown It Out," trumpeting the idea that "conservatives" sponsored the event, but after the satanist "counter-protestors" showed up, the conservatives packed it in--all giving the obvious impression that the satanists rule, and truly they do when they control the central-bank, able to issue nearly infinite funding of the evermore worthless currency to be paid to the morons, scum, puke, filth, queers, suckers, and dumbasses.

FM the sports section we have this headline: "DeMarcus Cousins on Confederate statues: ‘Take all them motherf—ers down.'" And there were also headlines fm famous niggers, Lebron James and Kevin Durant. The satanic "deep-state" is fully deployed for intimidation/terror against the people, stimulating "impressions" among the dumbasses.

What do the white players think?--well, ck this fm Jew York Times, one of the white morons wants to sympathize w. the stupid niggers: It's precisely the white players who should be speaking-out about this moronic terror and intimidation, and many of them surely understand what's really going on, but they're toooooooooo goddam stupid and cowardly to say anything. Poor, dumb, brainless morons of Jew S A, as their filthy satanic-dominated culture continues to go steadily down the proverbial "drain."

So don't forget Trump COULDN'T be so stupid as to grasp EXACTLY what is happening and WHO is at work. Don't doubt Trump and Soros are old partners fm earlier on in their business careers: see And there are many other such stories one can easily search engine (but don't use Jewgle).

So note the satanic "deep-state" is engaged in manufacturing a little story-line and "narrative," or two or three, surely. Satanists want to keep their "leftist" "antifa" flunkies and thugs well-paid, well-rehearsed, and ever-ready for more work to be done--they've got nearly un-limited funds, don't forget. And as most people are stupid sons-of-bitches more interested in "bread-and-circuses," the "antifa" activity will surely stick in their minds for intimidation and terror. The thugs rioting will also serve as excuse/pretext for declaring martial-law when the time comes.

Such then is the satanic "deep-state" and how it works--AND TRUMP IS INTEGRAL PART in the playing-out, performance, and the inevitable synthetic "policy" that is being forged by his neo-con and Council-on-Foreign Relations picked officials, like Nicki Haley (at the United Nations) and McMasters at Nat. Security, all sponsored and approved by satanic "deep-state," suckers--try to getting a clue, u poor, stupid morons.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Philosophy, necessary implications, consequences of satanism should be faced, considered, suckers....

"Deep State" Is satanic State, In Death Spiral, Pushing Death Cult, Moralism Of Death
(Apollonian, 16 Aug 17)

Note the present "deep state" is the satanic state, Satanism being extreme subjectivism by which one makes oneself God. Thus "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, moves fm the corrupt and degenerate society, sated upon victory and prosperity, to (a) HUBRIS, and (b) then to outright satanism, this by means of the moralism of death, esp. altruism and Kantian-type "duty."

For as the greatest, most fundamental enemy of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) is the non-existent "good," necessarily built upon subjectivism, the evermore corrupt and hubristic society moves fm ever-greater hubris to outright pervasive satanism, built upon the moralism of death, altruism and Kantian "duty," necessarily and logically.

For observe the satanic empire necessarily deplores "racism," the determinist principle, and preservation of one's people, glorification of ancestors and culture, hence local gov. supremacy and states rights. Thus globalism deplores "racism."

Thus satanism (a) is a death cult, deplores race and "racism," hence humanity, reason, determinism, all in the name of subjective moralism, and (b) necessarily promotes the moralism of death, altruism, Kantian "duty," thus the elevation of mythical "nature" and "environment," or "earth," over humanity, hence individual freedom. Thus humanity and individual freedom are trashed in favor of "moralism" in general, but understood as subjectivistic moralism, satanic and in favor of death, including suicide, altruism, and Kantian "duty." Such then is the obligatory satanic death cult and moralism of death.

Thus note the satanic society is simply the logical continuation of the corruption of the ever-growing, evermore pervasive hubris of the degenerate society in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. The HUBRIS simply becomes evermore established, emphasized, and enforced in way of anti-racism, anti-human "environmentalism," and outright anti-rationalism, always in the name of "good" and moralism.

Thus the satanic society not only pushes the obligatory death cult as means of ever-greater political power among the master-minds at the top of the satanic society, but it pushes a veritable general culture and mentality/"spirit" of death-worship in way of moralism of death, by way of altruism and Kantian "duty," always including, for example, anti-racism. Child sacrifice and child-trafficking then are obligatory and necessarily ancillary functions to this satanic culture, spirit, and moralism of the general satanism, hence death-worship.

Thus we see present Jew S A, formerly USA, is "progressed" (or reduced) now to the satanic empire, not merely the occasionally hubristic empire in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Thus Jew S A is dominated by foremost satanists (subjectivists), especially the Jews and Israel, bombing the enemies of Israel, Jews, and satanism in general, always now in name of "moralism," including especially anti-racism, but also environmentalism, etc.

And the established Christian churches, for example, exalt the Jews and their satanic (subjectivist) principles, including holohoax, above all, pushing this death moralism against the people, as we see. Thus the practical, established "Christianity," dominated by Jews and satanists, always pushes subjectivism and "good" against and above the proper Christian principle of TRUTH (= Christ), even if they don't always admit it.

Such then is the "deep state" and its necessary satanic logic and program, having now gone far beyond mere HUBRIS of Spenglerian Western "decline," capitalizing upon the hubris of the corrupted people who crave only bread and circuses, led by proverbial noses and the "pied-piper" of moralism and "good," "good" a creature of subjectivism and the worst enemy of truth (= Christ).

Saturday, August 12, 2017

People need to make serious, honest effort to grasp role, function, place, purpose of Jews and satanists--they're not "evil"--they're rather a disease....

[Below essay by ap first submitted at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...rved-to.html.]

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Jews, Talmudists Leaders Of Satanic Death Cult
(Apollonian, 12 Aug 17)

Derek, above, at 1:36 am, actually brings-up a serious, genuine, and substantial problem/issue: how in heck did we ever get Jews?--or satanists?--what's their (Jews and satanist) real sociologic, biologic purpose, place, and function? I submit God inflicts Jews upon an over-populated, now corrupt gentile civilization in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Jews (and satanists, in general) function exactly as the great Plague did in Europe in middle of 14th cent. ("Black Plague").

What happens, as we see fm history, is the great Christian, new Renaissance civilization was soooo successful, productive and prosperous that a great, tremendous mass of population was generated, but which became too much for the circumstances of the culture which struggled to accommodate the great new masses of population. Thus God acts so as to "cull the herd," so to speak. Black Plague was one instance of this natural action of de-population. Jews and Satanism is another means of de-population.

Thus the honest Christian human observes the strict OBJECTIVE nature of reality, hence Christian TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), truth then being the simple observation and reflection of the God-given, hence objective reality. But as humanity becomes over-populated by the previously successful civilization, out-running the basic circumstances of actual living conditions, these humans tend to becoming vain, smug, pretentious, and smitten w. HUBRIS, the idea they've attained to Godly powers of creating reality. These over-populated humans lose their OBJECTIVITY, and become evermore subjectivistic, subjectivism being the idea that all reality is mere creation of consciousness/mentality. Satanism then, is extreme form of this subjectivism.

Thus as such widespread, extreme subjectivism is hubris, at first, it progresses to outright SATANISM as it becomes entrenched in the culture, as the culture begins to degenerate and "decline," according to Oswald Spengler, for thematic example. The Old Testament tells us about the great "Tower of Babel" situation and episode for one notable example.

Thus Jews are FOREMOST satanists and subjectivists, being the ultimate COLLECTIVISTIC subjectivists, engaged in most effective "group-think," Jews most cohesive, most highly organized, and best led, collectivistically aiming at total dominance of the corrupt and degenerate culture which is finally attained by means of that ultimate criminal enterprise of "central-banking" by which real money, commodity-based, is replaced by CURRENCY fraud, enforced by government and such as legal-tender laws--literally LEGALIZED COUNTERFEITING.

So Jews then lead the Satanist cultural element, steadily taking control of the entire culture, enslaving the population, as by means of debt, the culture now in precipitous, irreversible "decline," as we see, and by means of nearly endless "inflation" (replication/proliferation of the currency units), so that the people are eventually rendered totally impoverished, only Jews and their elite suck-alongs among gentiles enjoying any sort of wealth.

Hoffman well demonstrates the extreme subjectivism of the Jews, Jews working by means of "midrash" (interpretation) and "Oral Law Tradition," of and against the original Mosaic law (Torah), by which the law of God is made to be of "none effect," according to Christ (see Gosp.s MARK ch. 7, MATT ch. 15), which "interpretation" Christ vehemently repudiated.

So the present Christian/rationalist task is in education, such as it is possible and feasible, for preaching the OBJECTIVE reality and hence, TRUTH of Christ to the people against the regnant Satanist (subjectivistic) establishment of society as we see it's become, w. Jesuit pope, holohoax religion dominating, and "Israeli" Pharisaics leading the over-populated, corrupt, and beguiled people to perdition and suicide of Agenda-21 and, lately, -30 addendum, genocide and "population reduction." For Satanism is a death-cult, never forget, the people in their hubristic misery needing and wanting reduction in population, and constant warfare and in-fighting among the people being satanic political means-to-ends--DEATH and death-worship.

Friday, July 28, 2017

satanic society observed, described, caught red-handed, analyzed....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...f-parents.html

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The satanist Society Founded Upon Subjectivism, Criminality
(Apollonian, 29 July 17)

In reply to "Dakota," I'd pt. out that "survival of fittest" is simply a conclusion made fm scientific observations--it's way God created things, the natural law. Regarding "evolution," it only means biology conforms to prior physical conditions, and it all leaves God as the ultimate creator of everything, including the Darwinian predicates and evolutionary foundations. Remember in strict logic one cannot prove a universal negative, that there is no God.

"[P]ost Christian technocracy" is simply the form which prevailing satanism takes presently, satanism consisting at root of extreme subjectivism, subjectivism the idea that all reality is mere product of mind/consciousness, making oneself creator of reality, thus God. Note the prevailing satanism is simply a collectivized, organized application of this basic extreme subjectivism as I note and describe, the most powerful, culture-wide "group-think." Logically then, the satanists work to establish and thus preserve and enforce their monopoly. After all, "group-think" requires co-operation, and cannot stand dissent as it would negate the group-effort, by definition.

Note further the sociologic conditions: satanism needs only an active minority to intimidate the large mass of society which always consists of a large part of "non-committed" sector who "go-along" w. whatever seems to be fashionable and prevailing, the active opposition, like present-day Christians, itself a mere minority.

So satanism (extreme subjectivism) becomes a death-cult necessarily, all threats to their monopoly/hegemony squelched, removed, eliminated, and/or marginalized as happens in all criminal enterprises the top master-minds always suspicious of any others possibly double-crossing and conspiracies.

Note further, the crux to present satanic hegemony is the central-banking (see for expo) criminal-enterprise and monopoly which is literally legalized counterfeiting, "currency" substituted for real MONEY, commodity-based, hence w. "intrinsic" value, the currency enforced by means of legal-tender laws forcing people to accept their currency, which currency is then proliferated and replicated ("inflation") nearly endlessly by the monopolists at the top, needing only paper and ink, and nowadays computer entries, the currency thereby steadily devaluated as it is proliferated, the people defrauded, despoiled, impoverished, and yet forced to accept it all.

This central-banking is what gives the satanists their seemingly invincible power, owning and paying-off all politicians and judges, evermore able to assassinate all/any opposition, forcing even such as Ron Paul to be careful of what he or she says. Naturally, this corruption of "banking" (but actually just legalized counterfeiting, criminality) first occurs in an otherwise natural sort of society, but then necessarily works to evermore formalized dictatorship to preserve legitimacy of the criminal enterprise--for real MONEY, commodity-based, w. "intrinsic value," immediately resolves and removes the inflationary dictatorship--AS WE HAVE RIGHT NOW, PRESENTLY(!).

The other necessary note is that, following my above exposition, we see that breaking-up the monopolist, hegemonic monster of the absolute state dictatorship, the NULLIFICATION of corrupt federal laws, including the right of SECESSION, in favor of states and family/parental rights is necessary resort of a free people to preserve their lives and liberty.

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Dakota said...

The medical mafia form a "death cult" indeed with their "cut, burn and poison" treatments. They only care about the bottom line. Unborn infants, the disabled, frail aged etc. are all looked upon as a "burden" to society. It's an extension of the Darwinian philosophy of the "survival of the fittest" so central to the theory of evolution, which our secularist and post-Christian technocracy has increasingly adopted and incorporated into every area of "life." This bullying cult-ure thus embedded reveals the real deity it in essence worships one that cheapens life and undermines the rights of parents, children and families for the "greater good" of society as defined by the messianic God-State.
3:00 AM